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  1. Now that I think about it, Resident Evil Village has terrible writing. I mean, it flat out sucks. Not to mention that Resident Evil is STILL an action saga at heart, with snippets of horror. Despite all this crap that Capcom tells you, I recommend you just play them, knowing it's a flavor of the week thing now that won't hold up. The 2002 remake is a primary example of HOW you do a horror game, and a remake at that. Nothing even compares to that game for scares. Nothing. Except maybe Silent Hill.
  2. First person horror seems to be the norm now, but I can't say I'm keen on playing games where you don't see who you're playing as. I'm talking about you, Ethan Winters. 😁 I'll always prefer third person. It's kind of silly seeing other playable characters in cutscenes, yet not Ethan. Not to mention games where you mostly run around, or hide.
  3. Think of The Last of Us or Days Gone, but with co-op. It's on Windows, though, but I prefer console gaming. This just looks awesome! 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyYz8uo87I8 Should the video not be embedded, please repair this.
  4. I may watch A Quiet Place again, since the sequel has finally hit the cinemas.
  5. The mutant baby is the real star of Village. 👶 This game is by far the strangest addition to the franchise. I was a bit disappointed by it, but I do think the epilogue sets up another sequel to this game, as opposed to being connected to any titles fron the classic era. But I miss the old characters and whatever major storylines they could have been a part of. The series has some of the biggest plot threads of any long running franchise. 👨‍💻
  6. I'm trying to buy every top ten horror film in the US, since gross reports began in 1922. I have every number one film, apart from films that are still showing in cinemas, or ones considered to be lost. For example, many silent 1920s films are supposed to be gone forever. I use the Variety magazine records up to 1982, then the weekend box office after that year. As for my favourite films: I cannot say I really have any, but basically anything considered the best of all time, I'm going to have to say, belongs in this category. I tend to favour older films than recent ones, but I don't hate on everything modern.
  7. Well, I honestly hadn't seen this creep on any websites in many a year, prior to 2017. I contacted one of his family members on Facebook ages ago, but she denied it was him behind the abuse. I'll post the screenshots of the conversations we had later on, as they are stored on a USB stick. I'm also sure he deliberately posted with an IP address on the Horror Film Wiki earlier tonight from his ISP, Spark, thinking that he will never be reported. I received an email that someone edited the page for (REDACTED), which is a film I am in as a zombie. But as I was saying, he's a low class human, annoying, saddo of a stalker. He joined (REDACTED), as (REDACTED), but he just used somebody's name to be snide. This (REDACTED) is actually a random guy who recently retired as a blogger for a survival horror gaming coverage site called Rely on Horror. After that account was banned for spamming, he returned as (REDACTED) and posted normally, and identified me as (REDACTED) in a post, as many people on Resident Evil message boards know me very well as (REDACTED), and (REDACTED). My real name is actually (REDACTED). (REDACTED) is a character from the Alone in the Dark games. But because I told people I was an actor in (REDACTED) and had links and stuff posted everywhere, he followed to other forums using that (REDACTED) name and others, as well as coming to YouTube, Fandom, Wikipedia, and Internet Archive. This has never stopped in 4 whole years, with him bugging me every week and also making wiki pages about every individual associated with these low key film projects that I was either in, or supposed to be in. But it got worse after he obtained my address and my mate's address, and started harassing me during my PS4 streams. I seen him posting my address on another person's live stream a few months ago and threatening to reveal my friend's address too, so I wrote to Google and the video was removed. I knew this guy from about 2004, when he used the (REDACTED), (REDACTED). He ran (REDACTED), and was also on (REDACTED), possibly (REDACTED), and worked for Press Start to Play, and most definitely (REDACTED). Most of these forums are gone now, but that's where I definitely know him from. I think at the end of May, I'll just retire from forums, or adopt a completely new identity. Going dark on him is the only way to halt his pursuit of me online. But it's not just him either. Some actress called (REDACTED) had her friends denying me a part as a meaningless extra in local productions, then cried wolf about how I was harassing her. Yet it never once occurred to her that her saying things on purpose was the only reason she remotely got any contact from me over the past whenever.
  8. Moderator Edit: Moving to Video Games as this is a trailer for a specific game.
  9. When he hides his fat hands with white gloves in his YouTube videos, despite not showing his face at all, I can tell he's not all right upstairs. 🙄
  10. I change my IP address with a VPN all of the time. But he edits these wiki pages anyway, so I won't be contributing anymore. He mostly spammed on (REDACTED) a couple of years ago, because whoever runs it, retired the moderators. He was well aware of this, so he targeted that forum specifically, posting disgusting images everywhere and making threats towards me, or saying I suck at life, and that I will never be successful at acting, among other things. Then he popped up now and again on other forums or movie databases, but he generally just lurks nowadays as he knows he'd be banned. However, he did recently come back to an autism forum I post on, bumping a thread where I was discussing a personal matter involving an ordeal I'm going through with former support workers. My mother thinks he has a grudge against me, going by his sheer determination to constantly rile me up. On websites where nobody is around to patrol for trolling, he keeps coming back to those ones in particular. But it's sad how this guy is over 30 and doing this cowardly BS in 2021. He also sometimes uses terms like, "We never stopped watching" to pass himself off as having back up, when it's probably just him that's doing this alone. I have known him since 2004, but I only started to undergo severe abuse from him starting in 2017. And I know his real name is (REDACTED), but when I looked him up on the (REDACTED) electoral rolls, I couldn't find his home address. This is the guy, here on YouTube, acting really crazy. I had to report some of his videos. I watched one months ago where a vehicle was driving towards my area, and he edited in some screeching, static like sounds, thinking that's supposed to be intimidating. In the description, he had put, "I'm only a drive away!" The ones where he is joking about the Pepsi commercials theme is because Pepsi was my family's dog's name, and he kept saying that I "kicked the dog" or something, because he was reading old posts of mine from somewhere. He signed up as (REDACTED) on (REDACTED) about a year ago, trying to cause trouble. I also used to find my amateur films on torrent sites, because he was messing up my IMDb page, spying on my YouTube content, and making custom posters for low budget films I appeared in. Only after I told IMDb's staff that they were fake and not officially the right posters, they did not remove all of them. YouTube link deleted
  11. I think so. I used to get people stopping me from being in films. I've definitely experienced a lot of hassle. Now there's this guy pestering me, while pretending to be a woman called (REDACTED). Link Removed
  12. I called the police in Australia before, and I was told I needed to file a report with my local (REDACTED) police first. Only after I did it three or more times due to his persistence, they only had a chat with me, claiming they could do nothing because he's overseas. Once, I got an IP address that wasn't a proxy, though, and it is linked to (REDACTED). When he found out I acquired this information from one of his Wikipedia edits, he boasted of how I had found my winning lottery numbers, or something. He isn't a fan of my acting. In fact, he kept posting on other forums in the past when he flooded them with spam, saying I suck at acting and that I use my "retard checks" to pay producers to be an extra in their films. Which I did do occasionally, but he's so invested in my business, that I think he also contacted some of those people to grass me up about publishing a movie on Internet Archive, or to tell them not to hire me. Well, I was suspicious about a few things that happened. Wherever I go online the most though, he's usually there. So maybe I should give up all of my current pseudonyms. Forever. There's a way to email the police in (REDACTED), but the catch is that you have to add an (REDACTED) state. If you're outside of (REDACTED), I cannot proceed with the report because they seemingly don't accept complaints from anyone who is international. But I do know his real name. The sad thing is, I have known this guy online since 2004, because he was a moderator on The Horror Is Alive, Capcom Europe, and other websites to do with Resident Evil. All of which I posted on, but it was years ago. To be honest, I may just delete my YouTube account now and only donate to users from now on. He's like a cockroach on that wiki too, so I think I will just outright abandon it. It's not at all useful anyway. They're probably not even appreciative of my contributions. The administrator doesn't even respond to complaints, and he would just sign up again if he got banned.
  13. So I've got this stalker, who I know from an old (REDACTED) site. He has bothered me on multiple forums and YouTube for going on years by this point, as well as being a nuisance on (REDACTED), and similar websites where I put my filmography. On a horror films wiki I use, he edits every page that I do, then eventually closes his accounts. Well, he soon comes back, basically repeating the cycle. He even revives pages where I was the last contributor, from about 2 years ago. This is all he ever does, day in and day out. But it's likely something he deliberately does, because it subscribes users to the pages they interact with, so he can receive emails when somebody else has edited the pages. This also applies to edits that were made with just an IP address. However, it seems really weird as to why someone would do that with pages they are likely not interested in at all. Other than to be an annoying cretin, what's the point to constantly doing that? I've reported him to the police already, but I'm not from Australia, so they don't do anything to help.
  14. This sounds better than RE8 (which IMO, is a very silly and pointless sequel). 🤑 By the way, please edit this post and embed this video. It never works for me. Moderator Edit: Edited the post to embed the video. Adding videos is just a simple case of copying and pasting the URL that YouTube gives you under the "share" tab. I wonder why you're having troubles. If the problem persists let either @Shagger or @DC know.
  15. Clock Tower is awesome. I remember playing it in 2004 and I loved the cheesy dialogue. It was like playing a slasher film, because you didn't know the identity of your stalker, Scissorman. But when you did uncover the secrets, it came as a shock. You couldn't retaliate with firearms. One of the sequels had a guy helping you who was a cop or a detective, however. Zombies busted into a hospital, and you had to quickly shoot all of them. It was funny, because it felt out of place a little in a game that saw you running away, or hiding most of the time...
  16. Oh, man. All jokes aside, I want to talk about RE8 for a bit... Today, I watched somebody playing the game for about one hour. And I swear, it's literally not even really like any Resident Evil game of the past at all. In fact, there's hardly any link to RE7 either, despite the fact that Ethan Winters is the main character, and his wife returns, and obviously Chris Redfield is shoehorned in again. They never explain bugger all about the story. You just like, play through the adventure, and it's hard to understand any of it. The dialogue is like, so bad. I know that's something the series is pretty much renowned for, but it's not even done in a good way like the original game is. It's just flat out bad. And the enemies are like, some of the weirdest antagonists ever, in a Tim Burton wannabe game. Like, if you thought Alexia Ashford was a strange villain, wait until you see the roster of enemies this game has to offer you. It's hard to stomach.
  17. Well, if you were in charge of developing RE9 starring Rosemary Winters (perhaps), what enemies would you be likely to want to have included? Aliens? Mummies? Dinosaurs? :) The reviews are now in, for RE8 aka Village. Now as I so often like to say, it's a good enough horror game in general. But is it really supposed to be RE? Nah. I guess it's an odd fit. The reason I asked this though, is because I think the entire series makes no sense any longer, when it comes to the enemy types. We may as well have fun and get creative. LMAO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsi5RjXWuq4
  18. Including the Wii shooters, the Gun Survivor ones, Outbreaks 1 and 2, the Revelations games, animated movies and so much more, yeah, it's a mess... Another problem is that one story seems to create more plot threads, that Capcom never seems to bother continuing. By the next game, they are doing something vastly different, that in turn seems to create a bigger mess. And it's just like, oh my God. And even if they involve characters like Chris Redfield, I think that's just something they like to do for fan service, really. I won't ever stop being a fan to an extent, but the story matters to me so much, and even Capcom just doesn't know what the hell to do anymore. That's why I am now a low key fan. After April is over, I will be focusing on other facets of my life. Resident Evil will mostly be a good memory.
  19. The game seems very creepy and challenging, and it's out in just over a week. I like that you cannot just shoot everything carelessly like you do in games such as RE4, etc. There's actually a smarter way of going about things. Like you can place a mine on the ground and hope that the werewolf looking things will go near it. Unfortunately, the gameplay seems like it's nothing new. I think it's mostly the same mechanics as the other RE Engine based games we have gotten from Capcom since 2017. Somebody starts following you around in certain areas, that you have to run away from. There's a car you have to hop inside. You find the same type of things again. However, the atmosphere seems too quiet. In games like Code: Veronica, we had eerie piano music being heard in the palace, as you were exploring the environment. In this game, you could let one rip and the whole world could hear you breaking wind on the air. LOL. Silence isn't always golden, you know. And is it just me, or does the colouring in the textures look a bit washed out? The story on the other hand, hardly feels connected to the other games, apart from RE7, obviously. There is definitely a link there, since Ethan Winters and his wife Mia, come back. But having Chris returning and showing off the Umbrella logo on a little pillar maybe one time so that people get excited over nothing special, hardly qualifies as much of a connection with the prior titles, in my opinion. But Capcom likes to do that a lot. A tiny reference for the sake of rubbing salt in our wounds. I am glad that the Duke knows the merchant from RE4. Finally, Capcom. You acknowledged that he is a character we all miss dearly. Well, not so much myself. I didn't like him that much. LMAO. Maybe they are supposed to be cousins. "What are ya selling?" The last thing I want to point out, is that the multiplayer game that was intended to launch with it, has been delayed to June. But oh well. It didn't look all that impressive anyway.
  20. Can I have my name changed to Candy Stick? I would rather give up my current alias. Been getting pestered and would prefer to use a new nickname online.
  21. "Man's love of money is the root of all evil!" So said a very smart person once. 🤑 I would rather have a remake in a distant year. Like, say 2035. That way, they can build up a series, going off of what they have established up to this point. Or at least make the franchise into a trilogy. All good things come in threes, after all. Yes?
  22. Ooh. That reminds me. 😅 https://youtu.be/ZAno6eOPhYE
  23. Australia has great bands as well. I discovered them through the YouTube channel nzoz1982, etc. I am in Scotland, so I know that many of them didn't even chart in the UK.
  24. Anyone like the Chills, Coconut Rough, Split Enz, DD Smash, and groups like that? 😃
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