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  1. All franchises are at their best in their stage of infancy. Once they branch them out, they just end up milking it into the dirt. The original is a splendid example of art, but they know fans will buy it anyway. Would they even rehire Ashley and Troy?
  2. Money talks, I guess. 🤧 It's sad to see Naughty Dog going the route of Capcom, who have been going overboard with the Resident Evil franchise for years now. But I always felt as if Naughty Dog knew better than to mess up their baby. To make matters worse, I don't think we will be receiving a sequel to Days Gone either, unfortunately. https://youtu.be/MH9Ve6AehnQ
  3. Well, I think I would prefer to have a seminal reboot that continues the franchise, as opposed to a full on remake that takes us back to the beginning. Too often, companies get kind of lazy and think that nostalgia is the key to getting quick cash. But I hate that. It suggests they cannot come up with anything more original anymore.
  4. Yep. That's what I was getting at here as well. In most of the Silent Hill games, you get to find notes that yield references, but the plot is otherwise primarily its own thing. Save for the third game, which is intended to be a sequel to the original. In the RE universe though, the games originally had a common link with each sequel for many years, with Umbrella, the members of STARS, and whatnot, all being involved. But after RE4, the series became incredibly bizarre, and the games hardly feel connected anymore. But I think that Capcom doesn't care about any of that stuff anyway. The games still get that cash flowing in regardless. But generally speaking, the darn franchise is really convuluted now, and kind of silly in some manner. What do you think? Are you right into that fat merchant? He's so deliberately big, that it's just laughable when people like to say this is good for the longevity of the franchise. 🤓
  5. At least in the Silent Hill games, we normally got a new storyline and a new protagonist, practically each time. The advantage to that was it stayed fresh, but at the same time, it sort of withdrew from the faults of the previous entry. Well, sometimes anyway. Some of these sequels still had their bad points as well. In fact, Silent Hill 3 is more or less the only sequel that even delivered as a true sequel, as it was about Heather, the girl who was the baby at the end of the first game, adopted by Harry Mason. That same cult later killed Harry in his house if you remember, so that Heather would fall into their trap by venturing out to Silent Hill to try to avenge his murder. But the other games were primarily unrelated in terms of what was going on in them. OK. So the second game has a news piece concerning 4's antagonist, but you know what I mean. They were never really linked like actual sequels usually are. They were just their own thing, I guess you could say. The thing with Resident Evil though, is that the stories are supposed to be somewhat more interconnected, giving how Umbrella started doing all of these experiments and viruses, and so on and so forth. And yes, it's obviously more of a commercial franchise too, with the emphasis on action. But I swear, the plot now is so disjointed. Like, I am not even kidding here. Just about every game that Capcom makes now just makes an even bigger mess of the general timeline, because they end it in such a way that implies a continuation will occur, but then the next game is about something else entirely. It's as if they just make up stories that feature the main characters, just to like continue padding it out. You know? But it hardly even makes any sense anymore. Giving how it's a series that now has vampire women and fat merchants, which certainly rings true. Oh my Lord. But anyway, hopefully we will hear some important news this summer. Listen out for the sirens...
  6. The game he did was basically just a demo, that was intended to hype up the real thing. However, the demo was never going to be a part of the eventual game. Just like the Maiden demo for RE8 is just to showcase the crappy gameplay, which we have already seen in better games over the years. Walking simulator, much? Anyway, we will NEVER know what the actual Silent Hills game was gonna end up being like, so I don't see why people on YouTube and whatnot, always have the need to say it "saved" the franchise, when the game got cancelled by Konami themselves. Therefore, it doesn't even apply here. Since that time, we've had to rely on random hearsay from users like Dusk Golem to give us something to debate over. Otherwise, the series is just essentially another dead franchise. One of many. These stories on the Internet about the series supposedly returning are inclined to get annoying, because until Konami actually reveals that a new game, or potentially two games, is in the pipeline, it's hard to maintain much hope. So Hideo Kojima, in all honesty, had zilch to do with the franchise becoming the household name it is in the world of survival horror. People just praised his butt because of his reputation with all of the other games he worked on beforehand, like the Metal Gear Solid franchise. But believe me when I say that Team Silent deserves to have all of the glory here. They worked their asses off to make these games special, and for Konami to eventually disband them in support of horror games becoming more about action, it's clear they just seen dollar signs in their eyes. Just like with Capcom today. In fact, Capcom has been doing this since like, 2005. Gradually, yet evidently. It's fine to like a person's work, but never give praise to anyone where that praise has little merit. You know? Konami had been releasing a lot of games in the series, way before Hideo Kojima started to work on a new installment. RE4 is basically overrated garbage. As a general game, it's not bad. But calling it a real RE game is just laughable. I've never personally felt the plot in that game nor the gameplay overall, was worth tossing over either. Especially since it doesn't even have anything to do with the lore established up to that point in time. All you do is shoot villagers and zealots. There's no major atmospheric moments. There's a couple, I guess. But it's just very platonic in nature. RE5 and 6 are worse, but RE6 did improve the control system. Really, though. RE8 looks to be doing the same precise thing. It's also set in a village with enemies featured throughout, that are not actually typically seen in any older RE titles. And there's a castle you visit, and the standard casual jump scares, exploration, a few easy as pish, simplistic puzzles, and a heavy emphasis on shooting and looting, as well as upgrading your equipment. It's just more of what they've been doing now, for years. It's not even innovative in any way, shape, or form. As a matter of fact, all these idiots online care more about, is how attractive Alcina, the lady vampire, is. Probably more than the actual gameplay and story. It just makes no sense. But like I said, Capcom knows that people support whatever games they make regardless of whether things make logical sense or not. Go watch the promotional stuff. All the producer does is shill about how beautiful and immersive the game is. But it hardly even looks that new. It's all just things he says a lot to get people excited for, what I suspect, will be a mediocre, and all around, convuluted experience. But that's just my opinions. Give or take, I've noticed that Capcom loves to milk this franchise into the ground.
  7. Another thing that people overlook, is that Hideo Kojima did not begin the series. So many people on the Internet give the man way too much praise. It was Team Silent who created the bulk of the franchise, but these developers then left during or after 2004. 😛
  8. Seeing as how they were already outsourcing the games after they split up Team Silent, I don't know why they've left the series alone for this long. My guess is that the bad blood between Konami and Hideo Kojima had to fizzle down first, which has taken quite a few years. But with how Capcom has handled the RE series, and the recognition they're getting nowadays, I thought Konami would have tried to do something to rebound. You know? Capitalize on what's happening in this genre. Yet I've never really considered Capcom and Konami to be rivals, nor do I get the frequent comparisons online. They're both a survival horror series, but they are drastically different. Some people say the genre is stale and has a limited fanbase. But I disagree. Horror games, if done right, can be fantastic with a 2021 take on it. However, I want two things to be ignored. That being remakes and first person. It's just that I like neither. A "soft reboot" is okay, because you can make something new without fully ignoring the legacy of that particular franchise. But doing remakes and whatnot, just feels lazy. It's like if there's already a story they can use, it's like they can sort of cheat their way through the development stages. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, this summer should be a hot one indeed!
  9. Well, RE4 is set in a village too, yet that game really doesn't have bugger all to do with the story established in any of the previous games. Other than the fact Leon returned, of course. But he was so different in terms of his general personality. To me, Leon in RE4 was nothing like how Leon was in RE2. Vampire type enemies don't really belong in the series, if I have to be honest. This is why some people think this game is going to be incredibly obscure. Not to mention, RE4 is receiving a remake. A remake! It's not just another port, like they have been doing for years upon years by this point. RE4 doesn't need a remake. And the original RE4 is a long game. They will probably remove stuff from the original RE4 to save time and money, or to half-bake everything. RE4 from 2005 is considered to be a large game, so Capcom has to pull their weight to make that remake turn out reasonably good. If they cut a lot of content or alter the plot too much, as they're known to do, then nobody will be happy. And me personally, I don't particularly care about seeing any further remakes at all. It just shows that they are stuck on ideas, and so they just choose to rehash their previous titles, as it's easier to recreate something by switching up a few things.
  10. Yes, Capcom. I'm sure even a kid knows you have to shoot those red barrels to make them explode! 🤭
  11. The new merchant ("The Duke") looks incredibly silly. That type of thing doesn't really belong in a franchise, that we all know is meant to involve disasters revolving around science. Right? What does this game have to do with the general lore, established up to this point in time? Likely, not a great deal. 🤑
  12. I don't think Konami could really remaster the first game, giving how old it is. But I don't really care about remakes either. They reimagined the first game's story before, with this game called Shattered Memories. It did not feel like a proper entry, by any means. You had to run away from the monsters, yet they easily caught you. If a reboot were to occur, nobody would particularly notice, and it would feel like a sequel. Nearly every game in the series had its own story anyway. So I think that's better. Remakes to me are not necessary.
  13. Since the Game Awards is set to happen tomorrow, and Capcom said there's supposed to be an update about Resident Evil Village this winter, I hope the release date gets formally revealed soon. That hack indicated that it's April. Well, that makes sense, giving the fact that the awful RE3 remake was out in April this year. Anyway, there's also a slim chance that the Silent Hill reboot will be getting revealed as well, since there's been rumours about it up the ass all year round. Then recently, they started talking about how Hideo Kojima is apparently working on Silent Hills again, even though he fell out with Konami years ago. Isn't that just absurd, or what?
  14. If we aren't getting spoiler heavy trailers up the butt, we have another problem where hackers are revealing important plot aspects, months before games are due to launch. Which is worse? Will there ever be an end to this madness? We just want great games to play. No frills. 😪
  15. Does anybody here think that Revelations 2 completely copied the game called The Last of Us by Naughty Dog? OK. Allow me to explain... - There's an immune girl who throws bricks. - Barry resembles Joel. - Barry is like a surrogate father to Natalia Korda. - The crafting system is similar. - Enemies and boss fights look identical. - You can see enemies through walls. - There's a similar winter portion of the game, where you hunt rabbits. To me, RE8 is probably a glorified filler game so they can cut and paste assets into the trashy RE4 remake. Let's be honest. Capcom loves to cut corners. That game doesn't need a remake. It's already available pretty much everywhere. You can even play RE4 on mobile devices. So what's the point in doing a remake? They'd just end up cutting out tons of enemies, plus a lot more. RE4 is a long game, so they likely will leave out a lot. Sorry, but I just cannot see it being anything other than a total waste of good resources. After that, they're likely going to do a CVX remake as a cash grab as well, which is what they should have been doing anyway. CV was released in 2000, after all. But I guess it's because CVX is not as popular as RE4 is. However, CV is the real sequel to RE2, so Capcom, this doesn't make any sense whatsoever. They just did RE3 on the PlayStation due to Capcom being contracted to make three Sony RE titles, not including Survivor, which is a side story game. That doesn't count.
  16. Like, I wouldn't say it's not possible, but zombies are pretty much just the base threat. Zombies on the other hand, basically peaked when they transformed into Crimson Heads. Surprisingly, they were only adapted as 'super enemies' in the first remake, and as famous and scary as they are considered as today, I am amazed at how Capcom seems to have all but overlooked them since 2002. But it's also probably just a case that they keep on changing the enemy types in each sequel anyway. Capcom usually prefers to add in stronger variations of something we've faced before, as opposed to offering up new enemies. Kind of like when they had those Hunters in Revelations that you could hardly see. They were just like any other Hunter, really, except these ones were not easily noticeable, especially in a snowy region for example. However, that was an interesting twist. They also did the same thing with the Molded where we got a slightly harder variation to face as Chris, but I still say they were the more lazily designed of Capcom's current additions to the franchise. Well, I mean, they all just for the most part at least, look identical.
  17. There's now a live action series in the works too, which may in fact be linked to the plot of the first game. Capcom certainly enjoys padding out the story. 😉
  18. Just the same, I can predict Chris getting a DLC side story that explains why he is acting how he is. After all, he's the most popular character, in a sense. But he is also getting old. He will probably die or retire at some point in the series. However, his story with Jill kind of seems unfinished to me.
  19. When they put in the trailer, "His story is coming to a close", do you think they meant Ethan or Chris?
  20. I'd love to know where the upcoming CGI series falls in terms of the timeline, because Claire looked like she was wearing her Revelations 2 attire. Although I cannot imagine it's set before RE6. The last movie must have been set in 2013 (even if it was never confirmed). Vendetta, that is. I think RE8 having a merchant indicates this will be a more action heavy entry than 7 was. But if the enemies are tougher, that may compensate for this. RE4 and 5 and also 6 were heavily criticised for being too heavy on the action. They were like cheesy Hollywood blockbusters. But RE4 did have tense moments. Remember the coal carts in the mines?
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