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  1. It's basically an upcoming PS5, mysterious spin off game that takes place in San Francisco. However, all there is thus far on show from Naughty Dog, is this concept art seen in the following presentation. It evolved from the previously confirmed, but scrapped 'Factions' mode.
  2. A fantastic job on Naughty Dog's behalf. 🙂
  3. Anyone expecting Silent Hill from Bloober Team last night, just consumed another plate of disappointingly bland chicken, so to speak. But this has more salt, so it doesn't taste too bad.
  4. I really didn't like what Capcom did to RE7 and Chris. Because Chris was beefed up looking in 5 and 6. In 7 when you see him get off the chopper and he talks to Ethan Winters, he looks absolutely nothing like Chris from when Roger Craig Smith played him. Total stupidity. But Capcom of course, listened to the outpouring of their backlash, as the guy playing him in RE8 sort of looks like the Chris model from 6, just older to reflect his current age, or at least his age at the time. At least he is more identifiable that way. But come on. How stupid was Capcom being to use the RE Engine as an excuse for what they label as photo realism? Even his showing up and all, felt so random. It's like they just needed a main character involved in the already separate plot, or they wouldn't think people would call it much of a RE game. It just isn't anyway. But I mean, even still...
  5. Personally, and this is a very unpopular opinion, but I always seen RE6 as being more along the lines of RE than 4 and 5, even if 4 and 5 are clearly the better games. Because in RE6, some sections have you in cities across the world, with zombies infesting the streets. 5 only had zombies briefly in the DLC, inside the catacombs. So 6 is definitely worth noting down. There is even a section where Leon is at a gun shop with these civilians, but they die trying to escape. Although, yeah. 6 is garbage in general. It's like an action flick, directed by a drunk Michael Bay. It's terrible. It is also a rip off of Gears of War 3.
  6. If you play the others though, 4 is a noticeably different type of game. But I honestly think that if people love 4, they should naturally love RE5 just as much. Yet many don't enjoy that one for some reason. They play exactly the same, however. And 5 stars Chris Redfield. Jill shows up. I think it's arguably better...
  7. Well, RE4 is usually the one that many fans say is the best. There's a lot of gamers who in fact started with 4 and couldn't get into the rest that were released beforehand, for being too outdated, or whatever. But I do find 4 is quite overrated. It's stupid how just about everything you kill in the game, then drops something. The older RE games were perhaps not known for their amazing writing, but they were still somewhat grounded in realism. For they didn't have enemies releasing items upon their demise. Nemesis was the only one, or the Mr. X tyrant.
  8. I still say Capcom is milking RE into the ground. Eventually, they will run out of games to remake, and then they'll probably decide to remake the first remake, as a third person shooter. Because the 2002 remake has fixed camera angles, and they could just make excuses about how nobody likes that perspective anymore. Which isn't true. But okay. Capcom would do it for the money, which is precisely why they remade 2 and 3, being honest. They should focus on doing new games like the Revelations side series, so we get new storylines, or ways to clear up the many plot threads that they have left in the air for going on many years by now. Not just constantly rehashing classic titles, because it's easier than coming up with something original.
  9. Companies should always have everything planned out first. The cost. The pay packs. The development schedule. Etc. If you don't have that, then you'll be lost.
  10. They didn't reveal anything about the RE8 story DLC. Just hinted at VR support coming in the future. Although they could show it during Summer Game Fest, which is set for next week.
  11. They published these spin off games, but did not create them, in-house. They leased out the license to whoever made the Rainbow Six Siege games for the 2012 game called Operation Raccoon City, and the result was a colossal failure. Fortunately, it wasn't canon anyway. That's just it. Why waste money on milking the name? If they're that loaded with cash, what was wrong with Capcom doing genuinely good side story games to attempt to clear up the plot points forgotten from a lot of the prior games? You know? Billy Coen vanished and whatnot. What happened to those characters we had introduced, such as Sheva and Josh? We'll probably never find out... I really do think their ideas have seen a decrease in quality, so remaking the games people made into a commercial success to begin with, makes for little effort on Capcom's part. But it's kind of annoying to see a company become so obsessed with banking off of our nostalgia. Grab a plate, while the food is still hot. You know? They just know the fanboys are so easily hyped up. It's kind of sad...
  12. Apparently, this happened to other games they worked on, and then they were never completed.
  13. Welp... Blue Box Game Studios may as well abandon Abandoned. 🤤 https://www.gamespot.com/articles/blue-box-dev-behind-ps5s-abandoned-misled-fans-solicited-business-deals-in-toxic-chatroom/1100-6504049/
  14. Capcom has occasionally done it as well. Umbrella Corps. Operation Raccoon City. M-Two who worked on RE3, are talentless, as they really made a mockery of the original from 1999...
  15. Actually, the original game had 5 sequels, a reimagining of the first game, and a prequel. Only the first four games were developed by Team Silent, with each subsequent entry being outsourced to various development teams.
  16. I think it will be good in general, but I am largely sceptical that, yeah, it's still a cash grab. I don't really care for remakes, because they don't replace the originals. About the only remake that "did" was the 2002 remake, which is basically what the 1996 version couldn't be, because of hardware limitations of the era. But that was a choice for Shinji Mikami to do a remake, from the ground up. With Capcom, they had nobody holding them at gunpoint. It's the money they care about, first and foremost. Meanwhile, we could have gotten a good spin off game, which I'd quite frankly, take over a reimagining. The remake of RE3 was absolutely trashed from the moment they worked on it, because whoever developed it, just hadn't a clue what made the original so unique. To be honest, I will be surprised if I ever play that awful game ever again. And I wasn't overly impressed with RE2 either, as BOTH games were as guilty of omitting things. Not having Barry Burton save Jill in Raccoon City was dope, for a start. Feels like most of the pedestrian, ten a penny horror crap that companies make now for a cheap profit. Despite what anyone says, RE2's modern version doesn't hold a candle to the original. Yet if you look online for any reviews from the largest gaming giants, most fanboys say RE2 turned out to be magnificent, while dissing RE3. Hardly makes sense, though, giving how they are just as guilty for removing story aspects, and enemies. So it's kind of stupid to fault one game, rather than point out that they are both flawed. When RE4 arrives, don't be surprised if fanboys defend it to the bitter end. Because I know what they're like, as there's a forum I use for the franchise, called Biohaze. Some of the members are kind of the snobby type. They don't want you saying anything negative about the series, even if it's absolutely truthful. So I normally just don't say anything anymore.
  17. Yeah. A new Final Fantasy game, and RE4.
  18. Well... It was finally foo ken confirmed, for real! LOL. 😉 It is releasing on 24 March, 2023. 🤑 What do you think of the trailer from tonight's State of Play showcase, and how Leon Kennedy looks the same as he did in the reimagining of RE2? Oh, take my money, Capcom...
  19. Someone claims the schedule for tonight was already unveiled. And yep. RE8 and RE4 are listed! 🥸
  20. If you're in the UK, be sure to not miss the upcoming State of Play at 11 PM tonight. However, if you have work or education tomorrow morning, I'll understand if you have to go to bed. 😄
  21. I used to keep missing the cave in the forest, that is on the side of the cliff. It is easy to miss it. Then the level would start to loop. 😅
  22. Just remember, you can be excited, but don't get your expectations too high. Things can be spoke of via hearsay, and then not even be featured.
  23. To be honest, I think Sony is becoming overkill with these rumoured remakes. Because I don't know why it's so hard to give us a new storyline, after all of these years of the IP not being used except for lousy gambling machines and for promoting merchandise nobody really cares for. A company that does that because they have fallen from grace. But no. They want to remake Silent Hill 2, because that's the most popular entry. The one everybody is most familiar with. So it's a giving that fans will line up to buy it, and scoff at Pyramid Head in all his pixelated, PS5 glory. Personally, I would rather see a new, lower budget or even a high budget release of something entirely original, along the lines of what they did in the past, as opposed to rehashing an old storyline. Even if they change a lot, it still doesn't take away from the fact that instead of giving the long dormant franchise a new story, which they would deem risky, they want to go the easy, Hollywood horror route, and offer up a reimagining instead. Which the entertainment industry certainly has more than enough of already. I feel like it doesn't need to be remade. People may be excited about the game at first, but they're going to always make comparisons to the original when they alter so much. Because they do these remakes for the modern day gamers who refuse to invest in a PS2 (which is relatively easy to acquire on eBay). Got to be created in stunning HD, or they're simply not interested. I still don't get it with Naughty Dog either. Capcom, I do fully understand, because they're always being money grabbers. That will never change. But it's sad to see Naughty Dog and even Konami going the same route, assuming all of this hearsay online is remotely true about these titles. They could expand on the legacy and introduce new characters, new storylines, and just generally move the franchise forward in a meaningful way. They don't have the balls, so they're going back to the drawing board. It's more comfortable. Troy Baker basically is Joel. Ashley Johnson is Ellie. You can try to replace them with other actors, but it will never be the same. Enough said...
  24. Resident Evil 4 rumours have surfaced. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt.
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