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  1. Precisely. What will Capcom do when they cannot make any more crappy remakes? Remake the remake, and do it as another third person shooter? Seriously. If they ever touch the RE1 remake, I'll have to overcome my fear of flying, head to Japan, and infiltrate Capcom HQ. 😆 Of course, a lot of people forget that the Chronicles games were actually created as semi-remakes, so meh. But it just shows that they have nothing left, in terms of creativity. They feel awfully stifled. So I know that's why they are remaking so much shite, year after year. They really wouldn't be doing that if they had enough ideas going forward. But I mean, they add in throwaway villains in every game now, so it's obvious that they are just thinking up new ways of doing filler games. Also, I agree with this guy 110% here. Just who wrote the plot for RE8? It's trash, and makes no sense. 😑
  2. E3 was over 6 months ago. Where is that DLC, Capcom? 🤑
  3. The music in horror games now is almost non existant, along with the scares, because RE practically has none left. In RE1 on the GameCube, you heard faint music that was appropriate for the atmosphere. Now it's so quiet in RE games, you could hear a pin drop. And Silent Hill games didn't always have blaring music, but those games were always terrifying with the level of eerieness. Also, Akira's guitar work on "Theme of Laura" is nothing short of awe. But the idiots at Konami had to firstly go and disband Team Silent, then piss off Hideo Kojima many years later. Now the series is dead...
  4. I think the original RE remake is the scariest game in that series, and the only great remake Capcom made, because they added upon the original premise in a way that amazed both new and established fans. When Konami remade Silent Hill in 2009 as Shattered Memories, it was terrible.
  5. I've never played Fortnite, but I know that's likely why Capcom has all this dumb shit in their games now. Like that battle royale mode they were supposed to release alongside RE8. It got delayed ages ago, and I've yet to hear about it, along with whatever DLC they had planned for the base game.
  6. Some RE fans that I know, are highly hypocritical. In fact, the RE community is in my opinion, one of the worst online for backbiting and squabbles. Not that you guys are bad. But basically, I know this one guy, who is named twitter handle removed by mod on Twitter. About 4 years ago, this guy was renowned on YouTube for his angry rants on Capcom. He was mad that Capcom chose not to hire Alyson Court to reprise her role as Claire Redfield, for what ended up being a half-baked, development hell piece of crud, RE2 "remake" (more like a piss take). Apart from that, he said that Shinji Mikami should buy the rights to his creation. Yet it is Capcom's IP. 🙄 Anyway, he kept saying he would not purchase the game, prior to the actual annoucement at E3 in 2018. He even referred to RE7 supporters as being sell-outs. Although he did admit later on that there was things he said because he was upset, and it seems now every week or so, he posts crap on his community tab that he soon deletes, about his absence or lack of new content being linked to his mental health issues. Like, seriously. Why not just make one post about it instead of saying this every week? It makes somebody look like they're just looking for attention. He also said really stupid things like, "Capcom changed the series because his followers 'sent' Capcom his videos!" In your dreams, dude. 😪 Now he gets interviews on his channel with a lot of the people who did voice work in the older games, just because I told him during one of his ego trips that nobody involved with Capcom knew who he was. Kudos to him. But honestly, he is now another lapdog for Capcom, with a channel that has seen better days. So all that stuff he said years ago (in now deleted videos) didn't hold water. Plus, he gave the new RE movie 10/10 (even though I'm certain that 98% of the fanboys hate it) and acts all optimistic, and whatnot. I'm not convinced he changed his tune because he truly believes he means what he says. He changed because other YouTubers mocked him and goaded him into being like they are, so he took on board their criticism. After I defended him, he ended up siding with the people who were previously against him. And I'm not like that at all. I've always believed that rather than going with the flow, you should just be honest about your thoughts on a franchise you support, and not make excuses for a terrible entry, just because you think everybody else will get on their high horse if you're seen as the odd one out. 😐 But I find this is funny...
  7. When it comes to recycling assets, I kind of spotted some stuff... If you look at the castle's big hall in RE8, with the stairs, it's basically similar to the house in RE7. There's even a similar courtyard. This is done so Capcom can add a new shell to the same location, to save money. From their point of view, it maybe makes sense that they would have to perhaps use at least some of the same logged areas, and redesign those somewhat. But if players start to notice this is a trend, they may feel that it's lazy. I'm not sure if I see it as laziness. More like a cost cutting practice. But I've grown not to like the tedious 'stalker' AI. I mean, it's just the same mechanic, really, and when there's a table in front of you, it's so obvious that this is the position where their attacks don't reach you. So maybe it's time they made a better stalker enemy, as these are definitely the ones that RE fans consider to be the most terrifying or bothersome to the player, so that is a legacy that they have to hold dear to them...
  8. Yeah. That's why I said The Evil Within games are much better than this first person crap that Capcom has wanted to put out in recent years, because the second game in that series has the same gameplay style as RE4, 5, etc, but all the atmosphere of games like the RE1 remake, and early survival horror titles in a general sense. And with an optional first person mode, it made the game feel unique, if only for fans of horror games who like games like Outlast, for example. Basically, it feels like how RE was before Capcom had it becoming so... "Hollywood", I guess you could say. LOL! 🤑 I also think Days Gone is so f*cking underrated. That's one of the best and longest games I've played in like MANY years. It was kind of glitch-o-rama when it initially came out, but I think they've patched it a lot since, making it more tolerable. And while it's supposed to be an action game, some parts are so intense and scary, like when you run into a horde by the highway. Like, I recall that fight at the cabin with the angry bear, kept you on your toes. Honestly, that game and The Last of Us Part II gave me faith in gaming again. Very amazing graphics, engaging gameplay, and stories that kept me entertained until the very end. Whereas these pedestrian RE games today can be finished in about 3 or so hours, for to unlock speed running achievements. And they aren't really that scary either. The only part in RE8 that was creepy I'd say, was when you had to avoid the mutant baby thing, and that section reminded me of P.T. so much. But the rest of it just sucked, because you were basically just living out a shallow copy of RE4. 😏
  9. This morning, I happened to look on Rely on Horror, a site that covers survival horror games. Then I seen a video for a new game called "Post Trauma". Sorry, my phone is being ass and I cannot highlight text to make titles show up in italic. Meh. But the point is... I see that indie devs still care about the old-school style of horror games. So Capcom, take note now! Maybe give people the option to have fixed, third or first person perspectives from the beginning. Huh? Makes a lot of sense to have choices available to us, right?
  10. I would love to have a great, story based co-op RE game, where every player has their own unique skill. Like, maybe one person is a medic and can prepare herbs. And another could be a weapons expert. If one person dies, it seriously impacts the game, although it's still possible to fulfill the mission. It's just more of a challenge. That way, you have a different kind of person on your team, with varied strengths and weaknesses. So that's an idea that could potentially work. But it's just getting Capcom to do proper online games that don't feel so pointless and incredibly lousy. 🤪
  11. I am getting used to first person, but I will always prefer third person. I don't even mind the fixed camera angles of the oldest games, but I cannot see Capcom going back to that retro style. It's sad too, as many famous horror games began that way, so people feel a connection to them. It wouldn't be so bad if we actually seen what Ethan Winters looks like, even in the cutscenes. They've showed us every other playable character, so it's stupid to "conceal" his face.
  12. Yeah. They really need to do better, instead of churning out the same sort of games. And to be honest, I feel as if Capcom could learn a lot from Bethesda with The Evil Within games. While the story in that series does not make much sense at first, the games are spot on with the atmospheric tone. When Ruvok is chasing you in that mansion, you genuinely feel scared. The enemies are more of a challenge, and there's a lot of puzzles. Some of the bosses are amazing too, like Laura or the Keeper. There's definitely a lot of Silent Hill vibes, as well as the RE4 style gameplay that most modern gamers seem to prefer, and the second game is more open world, so you can explore places in no particular order. And I actually enjoyed all of the characters, weapons, and so on. You know a game is great when you care about proceeding through it. The second game also has an optional first person mode, which was released via an update. That means you can, if you want to, change from third person to seeing things through the eyes of your character. But with Capcom, it's like it has to be one thing, or nothing at all. 🤫 I do look forward to seeing the new RE movie... 😁
  13. I filmed these home movies back in 2017. I'm the guy, called Paul Lee. What do you think of the plot, the silliness, and the costumes? 🙂
  14. Passion is a funny thing... I may not like what Capcom has done to the series, BUT it's that love for the classics that keeps you wanting more. However, I think they're just repeating too much for to gain sales, because they just don't know how to make changes that make sense. So in their eyes, they probably think it's safer to offer up familiarity. They even admitted that they get their ideas from Wikipedia. I'm not sure if anyone was aware of that, but somebody I know on Biohaze said that's what they do, business-wise. Because it's obvious that they likely hired a lot of new developers that had nothing to do with creating the older titles, so they go off of concepts they find on the Internet. You know? Written summaries from Wikipedia, which is a site that "anyone can edit" and no doubt, they also inspect art pieces. But you can tell they're failing. Not that new fans will notice. There's a lot of people who claim to be hardcore fans, yet they complain that they cannot comfortably play games like RE0 because of the camera angles and the outdated tank controls. Even though modern RE games are not that dissimilar to the style of the older games anyway, they'll act as if they are fans, but that's the first thing they use as an excuse. Uh, okay. Maybe 'get good' or something. But hey, I don't know... Speaking of which, Wesker's long term voice actor D.C. Douglas just got into hot water for leaking art of Wesker in the RE4 remake, and for fear of being sued by Capcom, he has since gone and closed his Twitter account. Maybe it will be resolved and he could open it back up before it gets outright erased. Remakes are not new stories, though. What little new stories they do come up with, I feel they are usually quite silly and disappointing. Because everything about RE8 is just stupid, if you're someone who truly remembers completing games like the [first] remake, the original RE2, CVX, and even RE4, which RE8 basically tries to copy. But RE8 is a blemish on all of those games. And to think that RE8 could actually win the 2021 'Game of the Year' award. It's an underwhelming game, to be honest. But I was curious about the DLC that Capcom said was coming for free. They brought it up briefly at E3, back in June. I've heard zip about it since. That could involve Rosemary Winters with super powers and government agents, or some nonsense revolving around the tall vampire lady, who was not really in much of the base game, despite the focus on her in their advertisements...
  15. No. It's in cinemas nationwide right now. I heard it's supposed to be more faithful to the games than Paul Anderson's line of Hollywood craziness. But it won't feel the same without the laser corridor, right? 😄
  16. Is anyone interested in seeing the new RE movie that releases today?
  17. 4 was the one that started the action heavy aspects of the franchise. Although all of them do have a lot of action oriented gameplay, to an extent. But it's almost like they just wanted to copy trends, and radically lower the horror, and they lied by saying RE8 was more action based, because 7 was apparently "too scary", when fans moaned for years to have Capcom go back to being true survival horror. So which is it? And no doubt this lying sadly, I reckon, will be continued...
  18. Long rant ahead... *WARNING* I basically decided to stop caring about the franchise due to online trolls, and overall, Capcom's mismanagement of certain games and characters. And, well, personal issues has made me just not care any longer, since life is short. For a number of years, I feel like Capcom hasn't been fully honest with their fans. For instance, they stole art work for the games, and were legally threatened. And by the way, they ripped off a bunch of movies and games, for RE7 especially, which didn't really feel like a RE game anyway. The Molded look so basic, because Capcom just wanted a new creature design that was plain easy to make on the screen. They just wanted to copy Outlast type games as well, and probably due to the fact that Silent Hills was cancelled into the bargain, they wanted to change over to the first person perspective. Yet everybody praised it. Although personally, it was strictly okay to me, but nothing like the classic games. Even RE6 (which I know many fans dislike) is more of a RE game than 7 is, because it had zombies, and many returning characters were featured. Perhaps a critical failure, but more in line with what RE used to provide than with 7, and especially 8. Plus, the C-Virus makes you think of the T and G-Viruses, because of the name. But yep. It could also remind you of COVID-19, so oops. RE8 (aka Village) is not necessarily so crap, I would not recommend it. But it's very underwhelming as a RE game. Feels mostly like an action game with Chris at least looking like Chris (instead of that lame new actor they got for the ending scene and DLC in RE7), but now he is making dumb, headstrong decisions and concealing info from Ethan Winters (the faceless new "face" of RE) just to pad out the story, and the bosses are laughable, even for RE standards. Like, a mutant baby, vampires, a robot, and a living doll are your antagonists this time around. Like, yeah, okay. RE4 had ogres and a pirate midget, and there was also a statue based on the pirate that somehow activates, and you have to run away, and the two games are similar, because of a village, a castle and a merchant being present. Now in my opinion, new RE Games are simply not terrifying. RE entries 1, 2, 3, 0, CV and the early spin offs had atmosphere and a good story. The new games hardly have any music or that same feeling of dread and eeriness. The game practically has a shopping system in it so you can go all Rambo on everything. So that's not even scary. If you have enough cash at hand, it's a breeze to survive, when all you need to do is find the Duke or the Merchant, and flog them treasures. And nostalgia often hurts this series; I honestly don't know how many times Capcom has revisited Raccoon City and the year 1998. Even that upcoming movie is going back to that year, as if Capcom does not have the balls to move to another era. Like, come on. Move things ahead, and stop doing remakes that suck, because you leave out enemies like the spiders and the crows, half bake it, and rush them out. And I cannot say a RE4 remake even interests me, because that game wrecked the survival horror genre to a degree, and if they remake it, people will soon notice all the missing stuff, because I know Capcom will change up the whole game, potentially ruining it. But I'm not really a guy who can proclaim to loving RE4, but it's still an impressive enough game. It's just nothing like the older ones. But Candy Stick has failed to persuade people otherwise... Now for the RE2 and 3 remakes, the story should have been identical to the older games, and the 2002 remake was way more faithful. Why leave out Barry, for example? Wasn't he supposed to save Jill and Carlos!? 😞 Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a noted rip off of The Last of Us, because of the first Bloater fight. You even leave via a window after it ends. Except that huge hulking thing is called a Vulcanblubber, that launches fire rather than fungal spores. But it's just the same boss battle, really. And they also copied the father-daughter theme, and there's a winter section where you shoot rabbits. So um, yeah. Nobody can deny that Capcom did not copy Naughty Dog's ideas. That's just stupid, and suggests they lack any originality anymore. However, this kind of rant normally falls on deaf eyes on places like GameFAQs, and they'll come at people all guns blazing if you say s*** about games they appreciate. My mouse is wonky.
  19. I prefer games with storylines. This is what survival horror delivers so well. Even if gamers say gameplay matters way more, I think I have to maintain interest through the plot, as well as enjoy what I am playing.
  20. Konami, get your act together. I miss visiting Silent Hill. 😄
  21. Ah. I just needed a reason to tune into it. 😄 To be honest, I found the event pretty boring. But at least there's Tokyo Game Show that is going to be happening right at the end of September. Likely, it will run into the first week of October. Or maybe there will be upcoming State of Play events that will reveal something big, like this game. Even if it is just an indie game, fans are still keen to learn more. Anyway, I just need a good enough reason to get myself a PS5.
  22. Well, Gamescom ends tonight. Maybe we aren't going to see anything about this game until at a later date.
  23. I believe Doug Bradley hates the ones he is not in. I don't blame him.
  24. I think at first, it is a trailer, but then the opening level may be playable. I believe they have a site that covers their plan. https://www.blueboxgamestudios.com/
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