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  1. Even this guy got sick of the waiting and the guessing game, and he was just as keen as I was to know about the release schedule. I suggest you go subscribe to him.
  2. All we can do is wait for Crapcom to reveal something this summer. 😑
  3. Hell yeah! 😎 https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/the-last-of-us-part-2-ps5-ps4-new-games-release-report/
  4. And some of you were right. Nothing happened. They didn't say much at all. https://game.capcom.com/residentevil/sp/en/anniversary-message.html
  5. Eldincy on YouTube said that Capcom has a special update planned for today.
  6. Does anyone know what time Capcom is posting their message today?
  7. It's like a full-time job for me. I think some people care. Many don't even want to know. But if you're honest, that's all that should matter. 😊
  8. They're probably going to give us something about Lady Dimitrescu. You know? There's a lot of simps who took a liking to her during the promotional days, but she was actually in very little of the base game. So they could work a prequel story around her. Or maybe it will concern the villagers. I'm actually amazed that nobody knew about the whereabouts of that place. Like, you mean to tell me nobody seen that castle and the shacks from flying overhead. It's just a pretty ridiculous concept. Because in the older games, scientists used a lab hidden beneath the city to mask their experiments, and they crowdfunded all of this via their pharmaceutical supplies through commercial advertising. The story in RE8 and even RE4 and 5 makes no sense at all. They just wanted to be different by not basing the plot in a city any longer. They didn't want to be accused of doing the same thing again and again, so they didn't really think about how these bizarre changes would come across as unusual. Because any real fan knows this stuff is just too weird.
  9. Some say that Steam provides clues by updating the names of files. Often when this occurs, something is nearing its release schedule.
  10. Well, I think we could finally be getting that long awaited DLC news, at some point tomorrow. Capcom has something lined up, at least.
  11. I think Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is probably their only great RE related game from the last 15 or so years.
  12. Yeah, it's astonishing how fanboys on the Internet still defend Capcom after looking at proof, like this. They don't care. I do understand it, to an extent. Sometimes people like things just too much not to see the bad side of a company. But it really has cheapened their legacy. Why copy things if they know people will notice this? In general, I don't find the games today are good regardless. They seem to always be in too much of a hurry to crank out more games, so they just throw in a story that makes little sense, and that's something I think is gradually getting worse. To be honest, that's the whole point of their RE Engine. It's become a cheese manufacturing factory. Cheaply made games. But... oh yeah. People say they're loaded with cash over there.
  13. I uploaded this video... Do you agree that Capcom copies stuff? Beware, though. I forgot to turn down the sound on YouTube. So be wary of it being loud. But anyway, I provided a degree of evidence about how Capcom rips off other games.
  14. Yeah. I don't know how many people keep up with what Capcom is doing, but all they do is basically copy other people's franchises, unapologetically. They even lied about RE8 being more action oriented because RE7 was too scary, or whatever. As if a guy chasing you with a shovel around a house or whatever, is even terrifying. There were plenty of other scary games beforehand in the series long before RE7 or VR was a thing, going all the way back to 1996. Nobody complained about them being too frightening. This is just more crappy spiel coming from Capcom to fool those who are easily talked down to from these money hungry corporations. Hence why some disgruntled people like to refer to the company as Crapcom. But they do copy things... ALL OF THE TIME! I first noticed it with Resident Evil: Revelations 2, after I played through all of The Last of Us. But I didn't notice it sooner, because I didn't play the latter game in 2013 like most people did that year, and Capcom released their game in 2015. But yeah, man. After I played Naughty Dog's masterpiece in, um... 2017, I noticed Capcom were majorly ripping off that game. They have a DLC chapter set in the winter, where you hunt rabbits. The zombie type enemies on this island are just like the Infected. There's these huge things called Vulcanblubbers that are basically just like the Bloaters. The only difference being, is that they can launch fireballs from a distance, while the Bloaters fire spores at you when you're out of their reach, as the running enemies surround you and distract you. And you also use a work bench for upgrades, and you go to a dam, and Barry is a troubled father just like Joel, who meets a girl who is immune to a virus. You also have the ability to detect enemies through the walls. So yes. They definitely copied Naughty Dog, shamelessly. In Resident Evil 6, you are in a platoon just like in Gears of War 3. You have similar looking buildings in a war torn country, and you run and shoot at the same time with various NPC teammates, and later on in the game, you can make characters play on slides in a kid's park. Yeah, really. What a way to rip off, whoever does that series. Because you do the exact same things in that series. Duh! And it ain't even really a survival horror game either, so they spat in the face of every true RE fan who liked the atmospheric side to the games. Then with Resident Evil Village, they copied P.T. (which was that demo for Silent Hills) and they also copied their very own RE4. Because in RE4, you do the exact same objectives. Like, you go to a village, a lake, a castle and a factory. Only in RE8, the lake part is something that takes place after you leave the castle. But they definitely copied a lot of the ideas you see during your run in RE4. They just changed it around slightly in order to fool people. But believe me when I tell you, their creativity in this day of age sucks. The remakes are trash as well, and look nor play like the originals, unlike how they presented the 2002 remake. People only defend the RE2 remake's flaws because the original RE2 is the game that most real fans consider to be the best one. But when RE3 messed everything up as well, people only really complained incessantly about 3 and not so much 2 at all. How odd, huh? That's just stupid, in my opinion. And as I always say, they constantly go back to the year 1998 in the already convoluted storyline. We had that movie reboot about Raccoon City, right? Now this summer, we are getting an unrelated Netflix series about Raccoon City, where Wesker is now African American. It's always just rehashed ideas you get now from Capcom, but you will probably have noticed that you have a lot of shills and glacers online today who love to defend what Capcom does regardless. It's like talking to a group of slupers, because I reckon deep down, I think they know you're right. But it's apparently bad patter to go against Capcom, especially if you happen to have a YouTube channel specifically for gaming. You cannot say anything bad about companies, or it can fall back on you. Gamers with big YouTube channels are basically pipe squeezers and sheep. Even the people that watch their channels are sheep, just catering to a higher power because they're not able to be noticed otherwise. But I think the reality is that they know these games are not what they should be. Even after they messed up those remakes by changing the plot and leaving out a lot of enemies, and purposefully screwing up the B scenario, they still beg Capcom for more remakes of the classic titles, fully understanding that it's not going to be the same game at all. Like, they're definitely not true fans. Because if they were true fans, and they called for remakes, wouldn't they be wanting the games to be remade properly? You can still make them in third person, but you don't have to axe this, that, and the third. You know? Because let's be real. They're never going to use fixed camera angles anymore. That's just too outdated. But they still constantly mess up these games. Claire for example, doesn't even sound like she wants to find Chris. But anyway, you get my point.
  15. Well, it's true enough. If they had it in them, they would take the series forward and forget about going back to Raccoon City. They nuked it in 1999 in the original release of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Yet every so many years, we get both an original story set somewhere else, or we end up back in Raccoon City. It's really all because RE2 (1998) was the height of the franchise. But they really are just churning out the same things, with a different take on it each time. It's a way they can make money for new games, I guess. But these games usually come across as disappointing anyway.
  16. But they already covered the Raccoon City storyline numerous times. They've did remakes, Hollywood movies, animated tie-in films, various spin offs, etc. So it's just a case of the series being constantly milked dry.
  17. Has anyone noticed that Capcom keeps going back to 1998? I mean, they destroyed Raccoon City many years ago. But they're constantly going back to that time period, for different mediums. It is rather annoying, to be honest. There's a lot of characters they could revisit. But they prefer to bank off of nostalgia, by going back to the past.
  18. The Netflix live action series has a release date. 😏 https://www.theverge.com/2022/3/17/22982722/resident-evil-series-netflix-teaser-release-date That looks absolutely nothing like Albert Wesker, by the way. 🤪
  19. As much as I may not always like their methods, Capcom has been consistent with RE over the years, delivering games on a near annual basis at times. Give or take, they're definitely not leaving the franchise to rot worse than the zombies are. Or is it vampires now? Meanwhile... https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/03/silent-hill-trademark-renewal-hints-at-franchise-return That's not really anything new with Konami, unfortunately. Someone reported on this several years back. It's commonplace to update your own trademarks. That doesn't necessarily mean a new game is happening. Right? 🤔
  20. Well, I closed at least two accounts in the last 6 or so months on those forums. Once I delved into the nitty gritty, they just weren't interested in hearing anything I had to say. It's like when someone is being a sluper. Now a sluper is a person who gets drunk, but they're still kind of aware that they're making a fool of themselves. Yet they do it anyway. In a similar way, some RE fans know the new games are stupid and convoluted as all hell, with all of the nonsense that Capcom incorporated into the franchise, time and time again. But they let Capcom know they're happy with this direction regardless. For I mean, if you grew up playing the games in the 90s, or even the early to mid-noughties, you ought to know that they've been tarnishing the series for a long time by copying stuff and being lazy, and generally making a mockery of Shinji Mikami's work by half-baking everything to rush through the development stage. But you have these meat pullers online, that basically welcome everything that Capcom does. Plus, I think those developers at Capcom have selective reading as well. They said RE8 has more action because certain players stated that they felt as if RE7 was supposedly too scary. But that's a lie. They basically wanted to make RE8 exactly like RE4, because RE4 is the one that these fanboys praise the most, even though it's not really much of a horror game. Yet, really. A lot of these goats think that RE4 is the best thing since sliced bread. I've always considered RE4 to be vastly polarising. A lot of my hate for RE4 isn't because I think it's a bad game, because in general, it's great. It's just not as great as the older titles when it comes to being scary, and I see little need to state why that's the case. So Capcom knew what they were doing, and just said that rubbish to serve as a cover up. "Too scary" - my foot! You know? If they made a tennis game with Chris and Jill, and Nemesis was serving as the coach at the side of the court, these RE fanboys would probably still enjoy that. It's crazy to me. And I am a real RE fan. So that says a lot.
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