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  1. Here's an example of why GameFAQs sucks... https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/292820-resident-evil-village/79858125 The thread transcended into bickering among the participants, to the point where there was pages of crap to sift through. My eyes started to hurt. After realising that things would never improve, I just gave up caring about being a member. Then I requested that my account be closed. Again! Yeah, I posted there in the past and I think I just went back because at least it's full of active discussions there. Around 95% of other gaming forums are dead today. 😒 It's a waste of time registering an account on there, because they either post flame bait, or nonsense that is probably for trolling reasons, or because they only like certain installments, giving their age. Because I seriously doubt many of these members even played the games released prior to 2005. It's not just in that thread either. They'll literally keep it up in any topic regarding any game, because they feel as if their opinion has to be the right one to go off of. And you're constantly going to be reading these dumb remarks like, "I don't like fixed camera angles!" and "Shinji Mikami was a wacko who went too far!" Seriously... No real Resident Evil fan even cares about that, because if anything, we miss those type of games. We also miss Shinji Mikami. There wouldn't have been a franchise without his input to begin with. They're not appreciative of him at all. Just like with Silent Hill, people talk about Hideo Kojima more than they do with Team Silent. But he only worked on one game, that ended up being cancelled. But they seem to enjoy praising him a lot more often than Team Silent for some reason. The people who made these games are rarely giving any acknowledgement. And that's sad... Anyway, that's the end of my 5 minutes of moaning. 😆
  2. I'd definitely add GameFAQs to the list. Oh, and 4chan. 😐
  3. Yeah. Surely, Capcom must be close to revealing something by now. It has been 8 months. I had gotten my hopes up too. 😄
  4. If it was going to be anything about RE, it would probably be for that battle royale thing they unveiled a year ago, or the story based DLC we are supposed to receive soon. 🤔 An actual announcement about a remake of RE4 would probably occur at a major gaming event, like E3, or at least the equivalent to whatever E3 represents. You know? Something on a larger scale, where they can set the Internet on fire. That's assuming Covid hasn't put a wrench in the works with anyone's plans. I don't think they would waste this opportunity on something as monumental as RE4 by revealing it in a minor update, as a lot of people are likely going to be sleeping at that time. That's no doubt going to be one of Capcom's largest games in many a year. So they're likely going to be careful about how they promote that one. Either way, I will only be in support of a remake of RE4 if they take it in a more horror like direction. Personally, I always hated how the original deviated the genre away from the roots, because they noticed shooting games like Call of Duty were the next big thing. So essentially, RE ended up being ruined, but I guess people also feel as if this change towards action oriented gameplay was vital to keep it alive. But whatever, huh? It still kind of wrecked the series to an extent, because it was from that point onwards, rapidly turning into a shoot and loot saga, with the misfortune of having minimal creepiness. Keep that out of our RE, please! 😜
  5. Then again, it could be for RE. https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1568354/Capcom-Countdown-end-time-TODAY-Street-Fighter-6-Resident-Evil-4-Remake-rumours/amp We have roughly 8 more hours to wait, to find out for sure. 😚
  6. It may not be for anything to do with RE. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/capcom-will-announce-street-fighter-6-on-monday-its-claimed/
  7. Something is going on with Capcom this upcoming Monday. But it's not known if this has anything to do with a RE game. It's quite possible it could be an announcement regarding the DLC for RE8, or something else unrelated to the series. https://www.capcom-games.com/countdown/
  8. Third person. I prefer to see the characters I am controlling.
  9. It depends. I think there's a few that are great in the game, like these enemies with the knives on their hands. But in general, it's not a game that is anywhere as atmospheric as the older titles. I think Revelations 2 did a better job of being creepy, despite being in third person. It's not a title many fans mention in the same breath, however.
  10. So if the remake of RE4 will be more horror in tone, I think some RE3.5-ish concepts will resurface, like that "Hook Man" idea they eventually didn't go with. But I'd definitely love a more creepy RE4, because as good as the original is, the game was not exactly renowned for being scary. In fact, the game had too much of a reliance on enemy numbers and things like evading boulders and pits. Hopefully they realize that's more annoying than fun.
  11. I think E3 isn't going ahead this year because of the surge in COVID-19 cases. There will be another major gaming event this summer, though, and it will probably be held online. But I think any DLC for RE8 will be revealed prior to June. That's not likely to be promoted, giving how it's nearly one year old.
  12. I'm not trying to be racist, but I don't see the point in this, when Jill is American, as is Leon. Why so triggered? Sorry for being behind in my ethnicity distinguishing. 😙
  13. Shoot. Shoot like there's no tomorrow. You can also crush their heads by pressing R2 if they're stunned. I hope this news article I found, is accurate. https://www.ign.com/articles/resident-evil-4-remake-new-details-changes-report
  14. So I have been playing RE6 the last few days. I'm surprised that game didn't kill the whole franchise. All you do 98% of the time is shoot various terrorists that are infected. There's no resemblance to survival horror anywhere in that game, despite Leon's campaign including zombies. But it does have some cool moments, if you like action stuff. Those BSAA soldiers usually just stand there, though. The most useless NPC squadron in gaming. LOL.
  15. I wish I knew, quite frankly. The article said nothing. But it is Capcom. They probably just paid her a ton of their money. I think the makers of other games could attempt to sue them too. But there is some things you can copy that you cannot copyright, even if it is obviously copying. It would have to be more precise. Like if an enemy looked the same rather than just behaving the same, that is a different matter entirely. I gave several examples already. In fact, I was talking to a guy I know on the phone recently who was spot on. He agreed that they just look at whatever is trending, and decide to steal ideas, and that is how the industry operates if you are working among money grabbers. It has cheapened their legacy. Shinji Mikami surely doesn't support this garbage. Also, the lies about RE8 being another action focused entry in the series, because 7 was reportedly "too scary" for players in VR, or something, is a very odd thing to say. But that's a lame excuse. Really, very lame. Survival horror games are supposed to be scary. Duh. So why they said that, no idea. You can tell they knew RE8 was a copy of RE4, and they knew RE8 would not be seen as being anything other than action horror.
  16. So I just finished watching RE: Woke Raccoon City (not it's actual title, of course). I think they did a good job being faithful in some regards, and messed up in other ways. Really liked the orphanage scenes and the mansion. But the two plots run concurrently. Some things I didn't like was that Wesker didn't have his sunglasses... until Ada shows up in the mid-credits scene. Also, they replaced Barry with Richard Aiken, who was in the games, but as a member of the STARS Bravo Team. Oh, dear...
  17. Remember Capcom's legal issues from last year? 💣 Well... https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2022-02-08-capcom-lawsuit-over-stolen-resident-evil-photos-resolved
  18. I came across Welcome to Raccoon City yesterday. Since I needed it for my top ten horror movies collection, I decided to purchase it. Not that I cared much for the Paul Anderson movies of the past. Has anyone seen it yet? Why is Jill now Hispanic? 🤪
  19. I will remain a fan of RE. But I don't want them messing it up anymore. To be honest, though, I think The Last of Us is a better series, despite only having two titles. You can tell Naughty Dog doesn't half-bake their products. Imagine if Capcom took 7 years to develop an open world RE masterpiece. But they won't. That's too ambitious, when their aim is to release new games annually, or at least every other second year.
  20. Truth be told, I was considering giving up talking about RE, maybe on the 14th. I'll make that my last day. I reckon I won't stick to it. But one reason I think I ought to quit, is that I think a lot of people on the Internet don't even support the older titles, and only like RE4 onwards, or RE7. So me posting the same old statements is like beating a dead horse. Plus, I don't like donating to this one particular guy on YouTube anymore. When I donate on YouTube, I don't feel appreciated much now. And I don't really play a wide range of games either. Also had loads of personal issues. But I can't talk about that.
  21. The only good parts in those Wii games was the behind the scenes scenarios where you got to see how Umbrella was defeated. But it was on rails, so meh. Since that time, Capcom has just kept on dropping hints about Umbrella being back, so fans of the old ones will think they'll go somewhere with that, which is something they'll keep you waiting to see so you'll keep buying games for to hopefully see how this will unfold. But to me, I think it's a tactic they use to drag it on forever. At least, I believe so. That, and they will also just keep remaking stuff.
  22. Their first attempt at a "remake" was when a CV section was included in the sequel to The Umbrella Chronicles, entitled The Darkside Chronicles. But it was more bland in comparison to the original, because it had funny parts, and the story was different. Of course, they're surely going to put in more effort for a proper remake to go underway. But that was honestly terrible. Take a look.
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