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  1. You can hear Jackie Chan swearing in this, saying "Give me the effing keys!" 😆 You also see the late twin towers of the World Trade Center. 😟 And nude women, walking around in a drug lab. 😘
  2. I'm thinking about playing the Outbreak games properly, as I found they were awfully hard years ago, so I never got into them at the time. But one thing I like about them is that they are canonical, and play more or less just like the old, PlayStation era games. You have different scenarios, but some must be unlocked first. Originally, you had online gameplay available, but they closed the servers for that some decades ago. You can play as another rookie cop named Kevin. But in total, you have something like eight main playable characters, and secret 'skins' via cheat codes for using any of the NPC personnel too.
  3. I was actually in movies before. But now I rarely promote that status, as this Australian troll kept pestering me online over the last 5 years, and following me around websites. For the foreseeable future, I won't be adding anything to IMDb if I don't get any billing. That way, he is gonna be none the wiser about what I appear in. The jackass that he is. Not that I really gain any acting jobs now anyway. But you know how it is with losers that have a vendetta against you, despite being a total stranger across the other side of the world. It's sad. This guy is 36 as well, but he behaves like somebody way younger than his legitimate age. He's that obsessed with me, in fact, that I observed him editing tons of wikis pages I contributed to on Fandom, just to be 'tagged' to them via email updates. So he came back and started doing these attention whore stunts like messing up the pages, pretending to be other people I name dropped, adding production notes about things he has zero involvement with and never will, which is stalker-like, or leaving immature sounding guest comments with proxies. He's a real creepy son of a, you know what. Fortunately, Australia and New Zealand has enough good people, that they would dismiss his bogan butt if they found out about any of his childish carry on. He also has some bizarre YouTube channel with my user name, trying to get me to flag his nonsense by uploading embarrassing videos about me that he stole from channels I have since had terminated. I need to be careful what I post about online, due to him. Plus, I wanted to be an extra in local films shot in Edinburgh, but I was caught up in a pointless spat with multiple people for a long time, after some arrogant woman I never met kept saying things to people in charge of productions, behind my back. It really only serves to mess up one's life. That's a dumb way to treat a person, if you're just going to be considered as a "background extra" in one or more scenes. You're not even a part of the main cast. Sometimes, you end up 'blurred out' in the final cut, so IMDb may not even allow you to include an uncredited role to your page either. So all of this is just really dumb and shallow behaviour. But that's seriously sad, if idiots are trying to stop you being an extra in low budget pictures, because of a grudge, or something. It is rather ridiculous and to be honest, incredibly petty. It's also unprofessional. I'm sure there's a lot of actors in Hollywood that hate one another, but it's a business like any other, so you have to grind your teeth and get on with things. Right?
  4. Kind of like bouncers in a club, or on a movie set. 😀 https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/batgirl-production-crew-slated-after-26220842
  5. There was a rumour ages ago, that they were going to be selling their franchises to Microsoft. I don't know where they get this information. Was probably just somebody fanning the flames.
  6. Years ago, this was in a Comet store. 😁
  7. I think Konami are wasting their potential. They're doing nothing with the IP.
  8. I could see through someone getting banned if they had posted some choice language, specifically insulting certain users. But booting somebody for having heated opinions about a franchise is stupid. It suggests they don't appreciate criticism of that nature. It's not trolling, like they may think it is. Then again, they can do whatever they please with their own forums. It's their site, and they pay the hosting fees. But it just sets a bad example. Blooming typos.
  9. No sleepless nights, but Silent Hill 3 still haunts me. Remember the train part? 🤣
  10. As I was saying in the RE thread, I got booted from a forum. In fact, I had the page open on my other phone. This is the post I made. The title of the thread was, "Resident Evil has been completely destroyed!" Here's the post... *TEXT BEGINS HERE* At least, in my opinion... Ever since RE4 was released nearly 20 years ago, the story has been utter dog **** throughout the subsequent games. They basically had to release some crappy Wii based, on rails game to summarize how Umbrella ended, when we could have gotten a fully fledged game to reveal how that played out. They could have used fixed camera angles, to send that era out with a bang. But nah. It seems as if Capcom just couldn't be arsed caring. RE4 is just a run and gun game. It has some tricky enemies, but it's an adventure game at heart. And horror games should not really have vendors appearing to sell you arsenal. That's just so stupid. So that type of thing is disappointing. I'm a guy who likes to find things rather than being offered it via trading. I liked the older, far more creepy games. The old ones such as 0, CV, the first remake, etc. All were great, interesting games. The graphics were rather timeless looking too. You also had some truly intimidating creatures like Yawn the snake, the Crimson Head zombies, and the Lickers and the Hunters. You know? A lot of fans miss them. Then they kept up this action oriented garbage for years in games like 5 and the Revelations spin offs, and with RE6, they copied this game called Gears of War 3. You can, in both games, use a slide in a park, and it's very shooter-ish and bland. There was zombies in Leon's campaign, but it was pretty meh, to be honest. Now RE7 was so-so in my eyes, but it didn't feel like a RE game at all. Chris looked awful and the main hero "Ethan Winters" is never even shown in full. You also just run away a lot of the time. There was only really two types of enemies. That being a family, and these mould creatures that walk slowly towards you. Then with the latest one called Village, they essentially copied the gameplay and story from RE4, because apparently, people were saying 7 was too scary, or whatever. But you do the same things. You end up in a castle and a factory. It's very action heavy as well, and the bosses are so dumb. Everybody seems to have a soft spot for the tall vampire lady, but it's childish nonsense like this character which I cannot be bothered with. The other bosses are also so silly, I cannot take them seriously. A guy turns into a transformer looking thing. Plus, the two recent reimaginings that Capcom released had some noticeable issues. They cut out a lot of things. No crows. No spiders. Nemesis acted like a moron. Zombies served as bullet sponges. They changed the plot, and watered it down, and quite considerably into the bargain. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But yeah, I really do think Capcom has messed it up, and they cannot stop going back to Raccoon City for these mediums, like those horrible movies and Netflix shows. But in my eyes, they're just doing it as a cash grab. It really doesn't bode well for their creativity. Like, why bother? They already blew up the town. But they want to keep on milking the franchise's golden era, over and over again. So meh. It's such a chore trying to give a damn any longer.
  11. It was a mini rant, consisting of four paragraphs. Didn't even flame anybody. They deleted the thread afterwards as well. I am giving up forums soon anyway. In 2022, they are almost obsolete. Time to get off that sinking ship, me thinks. Plus, RE fanboys are just toffee noses anyway. They just wanna keep letting Capcom know it is okay to screw up the franchise. Yet they don't care.
  12. This is too funny. 🤪 About one hour ago, I made a thread about RE on pcgamer.com and was quickly banned. What did I say? No major gaming site wants to know your honest, personal viewpoints. You must be a shill like they are, or it's basically cheerio.
  13. It's for the adult industry, so it covers escorting and the like.
  14. Another site that is a blessing or a curse is adultwork.com. Sometimes, you will meet a nice woman. Other times, it's not worth the hassle to look through pages of fake accounts and hard nuts.
  15. Mortal Kombat from 1995. It has some amazing fights and the special effects are still incredible. But do not bother with the second movie. It's terrible.
  16. They could very well be remastering this... https://www.gamingbible.co.uk/news/resident-evil-outbreak-remaster-could-be-happening-20220223.amp.html
  17. Dino Crisis. Onimusha. Why has Capcom left them to rot?
  18. Well, I don't think there's many artefacts to discover. Maybe in the new Uncharted movie, perhaps. But not on 4chan. 😆
  19. I don't know. They backed themselves into a corner after killing off Umbrella prematurely. Even then, they couldn't keep doing zombie games forever. But these days, it kind of feels like they just make things up as they go along. Like how they linked Miranda to Spencer, so there could be a connection to the plot throughout the older games. However, The Evil Within 2 is actually scary and had an update where Bethesda added in an optional first person mode. But you could still play it in third person, as it was not compulsory. But I even felt the story and the gameplay in general was better than anything in RE8, and also the majority of the RE games since 2009. But nobody seems to support that game... I think finding that commercial appeal is important too. So they have to tread carefully because a legacy series should try new things. But I think most fans who played the old ones will agree that they've drifted way off course with the fantasy elements. The really early games were more scientific based, or like a cool homage to George Romero. Now they've got vibes of the classic Hammer days. LOL!
  20. They must have ran into issues. 8 months with no update. Besides, the base game is nearly a year old. I have never touched it again since I finished it last May. It's probably going to have prequel stories anyway. Likely something about Lady Dimitrescu. So that stuff about Chris and the former BSAA agents going to Europe, is probably on hold. I had more enjoyment with Days Gone in 2019, quite honestly.
  21. Here's an example of why GameFAQs sucks... https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/292820-resident-evil-village/79858125 The thread transcended into bickering among the participants, to the point where there was pages of crap to sift through. My eyes started to hurt. After realising that things would never improve, I just gave up caring about being a member. Then I requested that my account be closed. Again! Yeah, I posted there in the past and I think I just went back because at least it's full of active discussions there. Around 95% of other gaming forums are dead today. 😒 It's a waste of time registering an account on there, because they either post flame bait, or nonsense that is probably for trolling reasons, or because they only like certain installments, giving their age. Because I seriously doubt many of these members even played the games released prior to 2005. It's not just in that thread either. They'll literally keep it up in any topic regarding any game, because they feel as if their opinion has to be the right one to go off of. And you're constantly going to be reading these dumb remarks like, "I don't like fixed camera angles!" and "Shinji Mikami was a wacko who went too far!" Seriously... No real Resident Evil fan even cares about that, because if anything, we miss those type of games. We also miss Shinji Mikami. There wouldn't have been a franchise without his input to begin with. They're not appreciative of him at all. Just like with Silent Hill, people talk about Hideo Kojima more than they do with Team Silent. But he only worked on one game, that ended up being cancelled. But they seem to enjoy praising him a lot more often than Team Silent for some reason. The people who made these games are rarely giving any acknowledgement. And that's sad... Anyway, that's the end of my 5 minutes of moaning. 😆
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