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  1. It was annoying when they would plug merchandise for a series, such as gambling machines and skateboards, knowing that the franchise had been mostly an afterthought from Konami. Not to mention their passing tweets when the 20th anniversary came around. It was so hollow. Even Capcom gives more love for their games.
  2. I remember the backlash well, and they deserved it. They have let a beloved series go to waste. In fact, all of their franchises, more or less.
  3. I wonder if Capcom will announce Outrage. It was rumoured a while ago to be a timed release for the Nintendo Switch, and have Rebecca Chambers as the main character. Not heard anything more about it for months, as is the case for many titles that had been hinted at. It's just a boring time for any news. But maybe the Covid crisis has had an impact on things being delayed.
  4. I agree. The post Team Silent era kind of sucked for the series. Konami outsourced the games to developers that nobody had really heard of. Vatra Games? Really? They closed up shop long ago.
  5. One of their better known games is The Medium. I never played it. I never bought a PS5 or Xbox One. But it definitely has Silent Hill vibes throughout. I hope the franchise will be in good hands. 🤤
  6. Bloober Team are working with Konami now, so people think it's a done deal. 😲 https://www.tweaktown.com/news/85433/bloober-team-is-working-on-at-least-four-new-games/index.html The only thing about Bloober Team is that they usually did horror games in the past, but ones without any combat involved. And that's not any good. 😜
  7. Still absolutely nothing from Capcom about the RE8 DLC. I was looking forward to E3 because of other potential news about different games besides RE. A big let down.
  8. Remember this PlayStation horror game? The guy you play as meets a friendly little robot. Really good game for the time.
  9. I liked this review that he did about 4 years ago. You should watch his live streams. He's a cool guy.
  10. I hope they continue it. 2017 to 2022 is some gap.
  11. Nemesis is this guy. He made over the top (but honest) rant videos, several years ago. It's a long story. He didn't like Capcom for ruining the series, but some other YouTubers persuaded him to change up his ideas, and they were slagging him off in video responses. So he did. Then I got involved in the feud, and it was a real carry on. They flamed me on a live stream in 2019 and I said something about a woman they randomly mentioned. Got sent to court over it, as well. He even gave that crappy movie reboot a 10 out of 10 score. I'm no longer subscribed to him anyway. But yeah. He doesn't make content anywhere on the level that he did in 2017, anymore. It is sad, because if you knew about his old uploads, you would probably agree. Sometimes, I feel like nobody online even cares about my views on the RE series, besides you guys. Because I made a thread somewhere, pointing out how they copy other games. The replies I received so far, have little value. It's like they're trying to say, "You care too much!" Well... I guess I do.
  12. Not having E3 to watch this year, is a stinger.
  13. He now goes by the name, Brett Hood. He ended up like Nemesis, and others. Now they like these bad RE games. But meh. It happens...
  14. If Bethesda does a third game, it will be a day one purchase for me.
  15. [i]Clock Tower[/i] comes highly recommended. It's about a girl who is targeted by a killer referred to as "Scissorman" in a university. You don't really do any fighting. You explore the environment, inspecting items, and if he should so happen to come for you, then you have to run and hide.
  16. One thing that's good about Silent Hill is that they used different characters and stories each time, besides a few games like the prequel and third game being connected to the events of the original. But with the other games, you knew if it was a flop, that because it wasn't related to the primary story, you were confident they could rebound and do better next time. Konami were never confined to using only Harry Mason, or James Sunderland. With Resident Evil however, it's kind of different. The plot in RE games is apparently supposed to join together. But it honestly feels like Capcom is going nowhere with it. Then they introduced Ethan Winters, who you don't see the face of. But bringing in new characters is still a good idea, as it shows that Capcom isn't just relying on the legacy heroes all of the time. 🤑 At least reveal if the BSAA is really Umbrella in disguise. RE7 kind of hinted that the BSAA may not be who they say they are. So things like that absolutely needs to be explored, instead of just being hinted at so constantly. As for Silent Hill... Konami... SELL THE DAMN IP ALREADY! 🤢
  17. RE7 was a bit scary, and the baby section in RE8 is also notable. But most of the RE games Capcom has released after 4 were shooters, with "scary" creatures in them. But Revelations 2 was pretty good. It reminded me of the good old days before they went so bland with the run and gun approach. But they are kind of getting back on track, because RE3 was reminiscent of their survival horror roots. But since it's a remake, and they messed up a lot of aspects of the original, I give it a lot of hate. Silent Hill, however, was always creepy. Especially when you heard the siren and the place suddenly went from semi-ordinary to rusty, with gruesome backdrops. The story was engaging too. Heather Mason is one of the best female characters in survival horror history. When you watch that scene where she finds her father has been slain by Claudia Wolf, you feel like kicking her ass too. LOL. I actually feel sad talking about the series sometimes, because I feel like it's dumb to let a beloved IP go to rot. We're in the Series X and PS5 era now, but Konami decided to puss out of the business for the most part, and I know they seldomly make games anymore. Unless it's football, or something like that.
  18. I have never played MGS, but I am certain it wasn't ever supposed to have zombies. LOL.
  19. Personally, I first played Silent Hill in 2002 and found it to be unique and absolutely nothing like RE, despite the frequent comparisons people make between both franchises. My dad was still delivering newspapers back then, LOL. That's how I remember... I found it in one of those 'cash in hand' shops in my hometown of Edinburgh, but it was missing the manual. I also remember the site, Silent Hill Heaven. Yeah. Anybody who is old like me, will remember these old fan sites and Geocities, ProBoards, and all that. Today's Internet world just isn't as good with message boards being so quiet, but at least we have Fandom and Facebook nowadays. 2002 was a great year for me; I played the RE remake for the first time ever that autumn, and I still think that's way scarier than anything Capcom has made recently. It's just a pity the remakes of RE2 and 3 had to be so different from the originals. But one game owns all: The Last of Us. 😆
  20. I probably could. But it's always hard to know when the next threat is lingering. All new horror movies feel cheap. Somebody goes to investigate something. Then their pal surprises them, and it looks so forced for a jump scare reaction, that you cannot feel any emotional response other than, "Boo, ya just trying too hard!"
  21. I miss Lik Cheung as well. He was in a movie called Karado: The Hong Kong Flash. It was a number-one movie in the US during 1973, around the time these type of movies kicked off. But I don't know if he's still a living person. Lik Cheung was cast in a lot of poor quality, forgettable, Bruceploitation movies, sadly, but he was a heck of a fighter. Normally, they had an actor with a similar alias to Bruce Lee partnered with Lik Cheung, as they battled that huge guy named Bolo Yeung, before his JCVD fame took hold. In fact, when Lik was younger, he looked like Bruce Lee, but then he had an obvious resemblance to Jackie Chan. He may have retired from acting in films because they basically tried to make him come across as a rip off of Chan. Anybody else would have gotten fed up of that too. Unfortunately, no information is available for Lik Cheung online, as his IMDb entry only has his credits and stage names, with no other information listed. Hong Kong databases also have no major information on him as a person. He was also occasionally billed as Chang Nik, or Chang Li at times. He's likely glad to be away from the industry (if he is still alive).
  22. I only like the first three Silent Hill games and the prequel at a push. But I have to play it while looking at the guidebook, because you have to use mirrors to go into the alternative world. It's hard to remember where each room is. SH4 was way too hard to play in 2004. You were chased by a serial killer named Walter, and you had to revisit the same locations twice. Later on, Walter's victims returned as vengeful ghosts and you needed to find a special sword and rare bullets to stop them, as they were otherwise invincible. This made the game more annoying than enjoyable. There was too much backtracking as well. You could only save the game in Henry's sitting room, and you needed to constantly dump items in a box, but other games didn't have this gameplay. They never limited your carrying capacity. It was totally boring and hard in equal measures, too. But I did enjoy the storyline, as it was somewhat interesting. They had his victims as the enemies, like the twins he killed, were the running brown monsters with the faces. And your female neighbor eventually found her way alongside of you. RE is still good to play, but I think they'll keep making the games stray from the original storylines. You're better off just seeing the games now as their own self-contained stories, as essentially, I think that's how even Capcom views them today. They just bring up Umbrella a lot, so people get invested in the idea of Capcom going someplace with that idea. But, really. They're going to do so many games before we even get to see if the BSAA is Umbrella in disguise. It's like the carrot-donkey thing they're known for.
  23. Days Gone is nearly 3 years old already, as it was released on 26 April in the UK, way back in 2019. The weather was absolutely superb that season in Edinburgh, as I recall, just like in the game (sometimes). Where does the time go? 🥸
  24. #FoodForThought This has been one of the most boring years for me, gaming, or otherwise. Not only did I nearly lose my mum a month ago, I may have to save up five grand for a B.S. civil case, and then thereafter, to get the authorities in bogan land to deal with some Australian fruitcake. It just gets you thinking that it's all a waste of your time. 🤨 Games used to bring me joy. Now I normally complain a lot about how Resident Evil or Silent Hill or something isn't that good anymore. But why is that? Why did it all go downhill over the last two decades? Could it be, because... IT'S NOT GOOD! 😁
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