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  1. Well, the game is getting heat too because Neil Druckmann even confessed he lied about the promotional material involving a particular character. It could be branded as false advertising. If you don't know what I mean, look on YouTube. AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  2. It's like someone going around saying that the actor who plays Negan really does enjoy smashing people's heads in with Lucille. It's crazy people like that who make me hate online services. 🤧
  3. Ellie and Joel are ruling the UK charts this week. 😘 Do note that my review on YouTube includes spoilers. Just keep that in mind. 🤳 https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/06/uk_sales_charts_the_last_of_us_remastered_returns_amid_sequels_success
  4. Yeah, I did know. 🤭 But it's the whole game and the overall theme. Just what the good Neil Druckmann ordered. 🙃
  5. You need a heart of gold to appreciate these games. While the second one let me down, I don't want to completely discredit Naughty Dog's work, like so many YouTubers are doing. It's a game that will hopefully not prevent further entries being produced for the PS5 era. I do feel some of the backlash from the fanbase is warranted, although as I said, Naughty Dog did make some questionable decisions. But all in all, there's a very gripping story on offer. In a way, this is the SJW community's wet dream of gaming. There's certainly something in this game for every SJW. LOL! The gameplay however, only received some minor new additions. Like, you can use rope to climb up to awkward catwalks to get passed. Other than that, it has a dodge feature, which is hard to get to grips with. The rest of it is mostly not too dissimilar to the original.
  6. Truthfully here, what did you think of this game? The graphics are sensational. The story though, is extremely depressing. There's nothing but violence throughout, and the heartbreaking story saddens me.
  7. Get ready, you very fine folks. It's going to start in about 10 more minutes. 😉
  8. The Silent Hill franchise is arguably the scariest video game franchise ever. Perhaps it's more terrifying than even Resident Evil. But while everybody was excited about P.T. way back in 2015, the game Silent Hills (on which it was based), was ultimately axed after Hideo Kojima's highly public fallen out with Konami, and then his departure from Konami followed soon thereafter. Over the years, fans have gotten very little in the way of rumours about a game that could follow up from 2012's Silent Hill: Downpour, until the industry insider "Dusk Golem" on Twitter started to broadcast more details, about the supposedly in development soft reboot, which is meant to be just that, apparently. It's not intended to be a remake at all. And he said it's also in a playable state. Then today, I just seen this placeholder on Amazon. Could it be that Konami is indeed planning to reveal a new game in the series at the PS5 event? Well, sit tight, as the event is actually going underway tonight, at 9 PM BST. 😱 https://gamerant.com/silent-hill-ps5-amazon/ What are some of your favourite moments from the series?
  9. Should the game be revealed tonight, I will start a more formal or official thread about it. Ta. 🙂
  10. I'm kind of warning up to the Blue Umbrella story now. At first though, it sounded like another God awful excuse to take the franchise nowhere meaningful. Like they had just pulled it out of their asses to milk the series and keep everyone guessing. Hopefully it's gonna be brought up again in RE8. It should be, if Chris is involved.
  11. I don't know, man. But I didn't think RE7 had bad writing, but the remake of RE3 does have some of the series' absolute worst phrases. Even RE2 had better dialogue and character exchanges. Not that RE2 is all that splendid either, quite frankly. I really like the fact that Alex Wesker (in the body of Natalia Korda) is apparently coming back for RE8. She hasn't been in a RE game for like, 5 years by this point. She is Albert Wesker's sister, and that name surely has to scream RE when you know your stuff. So her coming back makes me glad Capcom isn't ignoring her. She's going to really make things extremely terrifying. But yeah. I don't particularly like first person games. In fact, I hope we actually get to see Ethan Winters this time. He was never seen that well in RE7. I don't want this being repeated in RE8. Oh, and Chris isn't an "evil" villain. He may seem bad, but he's just paranoid from the years of seeing people he cared for, dying before his eyes. Capcom making him a battle hardened veteran and regularly being featured is why he's arguably the most iconic RE character. But oh yes... Chris' redesign in RE7 wasn't that hot. That has to change. There's even crazy rumours floating around that maybe he's not the real Chris anyway. It is possible to clone people in the games now. A clone of Ada Wong was one of the primary enemies in RE6. Chris even thought Carla ( the clone) was truly Ada, causing Leon to intervene. If you remember the early trailer Capcom showed off, they were seen pointing their handguns at each other.
  12. Dusk Golem seems adamantly sure Capcom will reveal RE8 soon. For me, this is Capcom's last chance to prove to us real fans, that this series can be restored to its old glory. If not, well... I have other games to enjoy. I hope first person isn't here to stay. For sequels, I would much prefer the basic third person view. For now anyway, Capcom is focusing on first person.
  13. Well, Capcom are done with RE3 now, so there's no "Clock Tower DLC" coming soon, or any of that speculated nonsense. They even said so. So anything Stephanie is working on cannot be RE3, but it could be something to do with that God awful spin off that came with RE3 (Resistance). I hope not.
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