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  1. So here we are some 5 months later... and as predicted, no true RE fan even gives a flying frog's butt about this pitiful "remake" anymore. 😜 I thought the RE2 remake was actually a pile of trash as well. People generally say that RE3 sucks, but RE2 isn't really any better. It does not deserve a free pass whatsoever, but people are inclined to think it's some brilliant masterpiece. It truly isn't deserving of the praise it receives online. For I mean, you run like a jackass around like one bloody street at the beginning to get to the building, and there you go. You're at the police statio
  2. Well, I'll be watching Michael Does Life when he goes live.
  3. So far, Gamescom has been rather boring. Keep in mind though, this is only the first night. It will continue on until this Sunday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLHHhhQr7Ns Business needs to pick up soon. They could just be saving the best games to show off last. Well, I hope so at least. Just bring on Resident Evil Village already. :P
  4. I hope everybody on VGR is keeping themselves safe and happy during the pandemic! ;)
  5. Oh God, no. I watched four of them recently, and they don't need to return without Doug Bradley as Pinhead. 😞
  6. I was in a film like The Last of Us, as one of the Infected. It's called Redcon-1. It's about a girl who is bitten, but she is revealed to be immune to the virus. 😄
  7. I'd love to have an expansion game or full sequel. Due to how the game ended, I do think there's opportunities for Naughty Dog to expand on the series. However, if they did frequent entries like what Capcom does with Resident Evil, I fear they would gradually go downhill because of how quickly they could push them out. Naughty Dog are known for their exceptional quality. Capcom are able to offer greatness here and there. Don't count them out as a whole if they mess up here and there, because they can deliver. But sometimes, they get way too money hungry for their own good. https://metro.c
  8. OK, I have to gripe about something. You have a very outdated layout on here. You cannot edit posts or remove them yourself. You cannot preview a post before you submit it, and there's a lack of tags. 😞 Normally, I don't like to double post, but I was using the YouTube app on my phone, and it doesn't correctly add the proper link, but rather the shortened version. Anyway, here's the video I tried to post the last time, that I couldn't. All of my devices feel like they're being throttled too, as my laptop is an ancient piece of crap. Meh. 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04xZOG2
  9. I went back and played the last section the other day, somehow managing to avoid getting killed once. 😁 By the way, if you're a real fan of the series, you won't want to miss this channel. They post comprehensive videos about the games, explaining theories and so on. Of course, do not watch them if you've yet to finish any of the games. But I reckon this is one of the best videos on YouTube. https://youtube.com/v=watch04xZOG2cnTQ Getting links to work on here is a bloody pain. 😐
  10. Considering the length of the game, I'm not too disappointed that Naughty Dog has opted not to do DLC. Just out of interest, where is the spoiler tag on here?
  11. Well, the game is getting heat too because Neil Druckmann even confessed he lied about the promotional material involving a particular character. It could be branded as false advertising. If you don't know what I mean, look on YouTube. AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  12. It's like someone going around saying that the actor who plays Negan really does enjoy smashing people's heads in with Lucille. It's crazy people like that who make me hate online services. 🤧
  13. Ellie and Joel are ruling the UK charts this week. 😘 Do note that my review on YouTube includes spoilers. Just keep that in mind. 🤳 https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/06/uk_sales_charts_the_last_of_us_remastered_returns_amid_sequels_success
  14. Yeah, I did know. 🤭 But it's the whole game and the overall theme. Just what the good Neil Druckmann ordered. 🙃
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