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  1. Source - https://www.ign.com/articles/dc-universe-online-is-still-going-13-years-later-and-now-it-has-a-ps5-version?

    Who here has played DC Universe Online? I think I tried it on the Xbox One years ago, but I don't think I ever put much time into it. I know it was discontinued on the PS3, but still works on the PS4 and other current consoles. But, now there is a PS5 version of the game. 

    Is it worth playing this game after all of these years? I see the developer intends to keep updates coming for the game, at least according to the article above. So that's good news. And isn't it a free to play game these days? I might have to check it out again. 

  2. This looks interesting. Open Roads is a new narrative mystery thriller that stars Keri Russell and Kaitlyn Dever. It's about a mother (Russell) and her daughter (Dever) taking a road trip, all the while trying to find the truth about their family. This is one of those games where the choices you make should have an affect on the end game. 

    It was initially planned for a February release, but instead will be dropping tomorrow for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, Switch and PC of course. 

    It looks like it's going to be a short game, but might have some replayability based on the different choices you can make. 


  3. Who are some of your favorite supporting characters in video games that you'd love to see get their own video game? I could probably go crazy discussing how most of the characters in Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2 could easily star in their own video game. I'm assuming the next Red Dead will be a prequel, especially with RDR1 signaling the end of the wild west. I don't know if fans would want a RDR game without the wild west setting, it's part of its selling point. I'm sure you could set it in the future after RDR1, but it wouldn't be the same. 

    Anyway, to get back on subject, I think Charles Smith from RDR2 would be a great lead character for a future RDR. We could delve deeper into his future, or even his past and how he landed with Dutch and his gang. Plus, it seems fans really enjoy him as a character and I think seeing how he came to be, would be pretty cool. Of course, there's also Landon Rickets from the first game, who if I remember correctly, was one of the best shooters in the west. With Rickets I think they can delve earlier into the wild west, way before Dutch and his crew were ever a thing. But idk if fans would care for that. 

    That's just one game, and I'm sure I could go on and on, but I want to hear some of your ideas. What supporting or side characters deserve their own video game? 

  4. The Grandia: HD collection is finally out for the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Series X|S. It originally came out in 2019 for the Switch and PC, but now has finally landed on the rest of the current gen consoles. Has anyone purchased this collection? Either back in 2019 or today? It's priced $39.99 on all platforms. The collection includes the first two games in the Grandia JRPG series. 

    I've never played the Grandia series, is this the best way to play it today?


  5. Sworn is a new 1-4 player Co-op action rogue-like game that will release sometime in 2024. It's developed by the team at Windwalk Games. The gameplay reminds me of Hades a lot, but with co-op. So if it's anywhere near the quality of Hades, this could be a game of the year contender. 

    If you're interested in trying the game out early, you can sign up for the playtest on their Steam page here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1763250/SWORN/


  6. HappyFunland is a new Horror themed VR game for PSVR 2 and PCVR where you explore an abandoned theme park. To me it looks like an extended theme park ride with puzzle solving and some combat tacked on, but in VR. You can clearly see the Disney inspirations here, especially with the fact that the theme park has a mouse named Randy Rodent as their mascot, similar to Mickey Mouse and Disney. 

    This game looks to be more comedic than scary though, so it should be more of a fun ride than a scary trip. Also, I'm hearing it it's a short game, like 3 hours. 


  7. Source - https://www.gamespot.com/articles/resident-evil-9-could-be-an-open-world-game-report/1100-6522123/

    There are rumors about the next Resident Evil game, and it looks like it could turn out to be an open-world game. I don't know if I would be for an open world RE game, but I think it could work. A lot of the games have had decent sized levels, but I don't think any of them have gone full on open world just yet. Could an RE game work as an open world game? Supposedly the recent Dragon's Dogma 2 used the RE engine to handle the open world. They also say that the RE engine is being used for the Monster Hunter Wild game. 

    I think it could work, what about you? 

  8. Another leak has reportedly happened, and this time it looks to be for a new mobile Sonic game titled Sonic: Toys Party. It also looks to be heavily inspired by Fall Guys, as it shares a similar style of gameplay. But, I don't know if this is legit, even though most major gaming sites have picked it up, it doesn't seem real to me. Look at the title of the game along with the logo design. It looks very similar to the Toy Story logo, which won't fly with Disney if this happens to be real. But, with a leak, this all could be concept footage and changes will likely be made before the final release. 

    Anyway, you can check some of the reported gameplay out for yourself below: 

    You can read more about this news here - https://www.msn.com/en-my/news/techandscience/new-sonic-game-leaks-looks-like-fall-guys/ar-BB1kvhLI 

    I think the idea behind a Fall Guys inspired Sonic game could work if done right. And with it being a mobile game, I wonder if this will even see consoles or PC down the line. 

  9. Source - https://gamerant.com/ps-plus-bug-play-two-games-same-time/

    Has anyone encountered this bug on the PS4 or PS5? It seems to be a ongoing bug with PS Plus subscribers, as they are reportedly dealing with a bug that results in them playing multiple games at the same time. You can see the issue in the video below. This game was trying to play the Force Unleashed II through PlayStation Plus, but it ended up opening Sly Cooper Thieves in Time as well, resulting in two games being up. 

    It's being said that others have had similar bugs with PS Plus as of late. Those of you who have PS Plus, did this ever happen to you? 


  10. Source - https://gamerant.com/marvel-rivals-fps-netease-in-development/

    These are just rumors, so take it with a grain of salt. The rumors state that an unnamed studio in China posted a job listing on LinkedIn looking to hire employees for an upcoming AAA title. It's rumored to be a Marvel FPS game called Marvel Rivals. They say the listing could be a company known as NetEase, who have in the past worked on previous Marvel themed mobile games. It's said that this new game will release on PC, Mobile and Consoles. 

    Honestly, it would be kind of interesting to see what an Marvel FPS would be like. I was reminded of when DC did Gotham City Impostors on PC, and 360 (I think PS3 as well), which is a FPS style game in the world of DC/Batman. So I wonder if it would work similarly to that, being a online multiplayer FPS. 


  11. A new parkour style video game is coming out for the PS VR2, called STRIDE: Fates. It first released for the Metal Quest 2 & 3, but will be coming out on the PS VR2 next. There's currently no official release date was mentioned, but if you want to get your hands on it now, the Meta Quest would be your best bet. I assume 2024 it will release though, if not early 2025. You can view the trailer below. The gameplay looks pretty fast and smooth, so this should be a fun world to play in. 

  12. Hasbro’s head of game studios, Dan Ayoub was recently interviewed where he stated that there is a really cool D&D game in the works, and it's inspired by what Baldur's Gate 3 was able to do. In turn they want to make their next D&D follow what Baldur's Gate 3 did right. The genre seemed to get better with the release of Baldur's Gate and Hasbro wants to continue to capitalize on the genre. 

    And I'm sure fans of D&D would love to have more games in like with the quality Baldur's Gate put out there. 

    Source - https://exputer.com/news/games/hasbro-game-baldurs-gate-3-footsteps/

  13. Check out this new exclusive horror game to the PS5, Shines Over: The Damned. It doesn't look like much, but it is going for only $15, so I expect this to be a pretty short one. It just released for the PS5 late last week, but isn't getting great reviews. From what I can see, it's mostly a walking sim, where you solve puzzles. But there are also said to be platforming sections, but some reviewers are saying it's kind of clunky and annoying. 

    Has anyone tried it out yet? 


  14. Anyone here play Gunhead? It's been out for a while now on PC and PS5. Looks fairly decent from the gameplay, as it reminds me kind of a mix of Doom and Metroid. It's only $20 on steam/GOG and PS5. It's also a procedurally generated game, where levels constantly change. Not only that, but it's a somewhat sequel to the 2D sci-fi shooter called CRYPTARK. I've never played that, but from what I see it looks like it'd be fun. 

    Is this game worth checking out? Has anyone heard of it? 


  15. Bend Studio, the team behind the under-rated hit Days Gone, will be joining the live service game world with their upcoming game. It's been known for a while now that Bend Studio was working on a new IP, but it sounds like that new game could very well be another live service game. What that game is, is not yet known. It was recently revealed that Bend Studio was looking to hire a lead project manager for a yet to be detailed live service game. So far this is all that is know, but with the rate of failure for live service games as of late, I am not expecting this to be a massive hit, whatever it may be. 

    Source - https://gamerant.com/bend-studio-sony-playstation-live-service-game/

  16. Riven, the Sequel to Myst is getting the remake treatment. There was an announcement trailer recently posted teasing it. I hear it had to be remade from the ground up, as they lost the original game files or something. But, it's built under Unreal Engine 5 and will also work in VR. So that's cool. The trailer doesn't show much though, just says it's coming in 2024. You can find out more details on the new version here - https://cyan.com/2024/03/19/a-classic-reimagined-riven-set-for-2024-release-for-flatscreen-and-vr-platforms/


  17. Anyone looking forward to the upcoming somewhat open world action RPG Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn? The game is said to be dropping sometime in 2024 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC of course. You can check out the gameplay trailer below. The combat kinda looks odd to me, like it's a bit wonky, idk. Maybe it's just me. 


  18. Anyone here play Undead Citadel yet? It's a VR game available on Steam right now and is supposed to be coming out on the Meta Quest 2/3. There is also said to be a version coming out for the PSVR 2. The gameplay looks pretty badass, having to combat a bunch of undead enemies. You can use a mix of weapons from swords, knives, bows and more. I'm saving up for a Meta Quest 3, so this is definitely going on my watchlist. 


  19. I may not be a fan of Elon Musk, but this is at least some good news. The Neuralink brain chip that Musk has introduced has recently been tested on a patient who is completely paralyzed from the neck down. The chip has given him the ability to play some games, like Chess and even Civilization. This is awesome news, as it could mean disabled individuals might have more options. I can imagine how rewarding it must feel for someone who is paralyzed to be able to control something. Whether it be a video game, or to operate a TV, or other devices. This could also be good for people who can't speak, or are completely unresponsive. 

    The man who had the Neuralink brain implant is Noland Arbaugh. He had a diving accident that resulted in him dislocating his C4-C5, which paralyzed from the neck down. So this could be another way for him to have some control in his life. He can still talk, but if this can result in playing video games and controlling other things that'd be awesome. It might get better over time to where he can control more advanced games. 

    More on this story can be found here - https://gizmodo.com/neuralink-livestreams-paralyzed-patient-playing-video-g-1851354012


  20. Source - https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2024/03/21/xbox-creates-one-of-a-kind-fallout-vault-box-in-celebration-of-upcoming-prime-video-series-fallout/



    This looks cool. Looks like Microsoft and Amazon Prime are doing a cool giveaway for a Fallout themed safe that can fit an Xbox One Series X and a controller. Not only can you win the safe, but the safe also includes a Fallout-themed Xbox Series X and Fallout themed controller. The giveaway is open now and ends April  7, 2024. If you want to enter, follow the link above. It involves the usual retweeting, following, etc to be entered for a chance to win. 

    There are also more images of the safe at the link above. I already entered, but I don't expect to win. 

  21. Doom is one of the most famous FPS games and was widely copied back in the day. There were many Doom clone games. I remember there being a Christmas themed Doom style game as well. But I imagine there was tons of obscure clones of the game. I know some people made their own versions of Doom too. Wasn't it like one of the the most pirated games ever? I just remember hearing about the game becoming shareware due to it, as pretty much every device ended up having a version of the game. 

    Anyway, Austin Eruption made a video dedicated to the lot of video games that tried to copy Doom, or at the very least replicate what it did best. Did you play any of the games mentioned in the video? Wolfenstein is one that comes to mind, and I also played Disrupter on PS1 back in the day. But I didn't play many Doom style games growing up. 


  22. The graphics in this one look stunning. Empire of the Ants is an upcoming real-time strategy game from Tower Five. It looks like the purpose of the game is to help guide your colony of ants to certain locations all the while dealing with obstacles and dangers. You can tell it was made with Unreal Engine 5, as the graphics look extremely realistic. I've always liked games where you play as something small, like an ant. There is no official release date yet, but it says it will arrive sometime this year. 

    I wonder if this is a remake of the game that released in 2000 on PC. 


  23. There is a new action MMORPG on the horizon with Chrono Odyssey from Npixel. It will release for the PC (Steam/Epic Games), PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. No mention of a release date yet, but I imagine it will be announced soon. Check out the trailer that was released during GDC, looks fairly decent, but the trailer is mostly cinematic, doesn't really show any gameplay. 

    You can find out more on the game here as well - https://chronoodyssey.com/#/


  24. NVIDIA recently showed off it's tech demo of its generative AI during the GTC AI conference. The new tech demo was titled Covert Protocol, and shows the Nvidia Ace technology in action on character faces in game. They partnered with Inworld AI to produce the demo. The tech is meant to bring digital characters to life with AI assisted animation. The facial work was assisted by Nvidia Audio2Face, while the speech was done with the help of Nvidia Riva automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech. As you can see in the video below, the results are a mixed bad.

    A cool thing about it, is that they're releasing the source code for free so anyone can play with it. So they could improve upon the animation, and other aspects of the AI. 

    Techraptor has an interesting article about it here: https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/nvidia-ai-demo-unwittingly-proves-that-human-voice-actors-artists-and-writers-are

    It discusses how this tech demo proves that real actors, artists and writers are irreplaceable in the world of gaming. Sure these AI tools will get better, but it will never be perfect enough to where it can replicate the passion behind the acting, writing, and the art. 


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