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    Many people dream of games we play.Like.... if I play Sims a lot, I may dream about red bars turning green while I sleep.... or of falling blocks for Tetris.

  1.  Thanks for the teachings man, Btw i have been trying to install "mario teaches typing" and i find it more harder to install than other games can anyone help ?

  2. Not only for gaming a lot of things are harder to do in windows 10 and some features are just outright missing for some reason. I work tech support and noticed little things here and there which add up to a terrible UI experience.


    Wow old versions of tetris are so slow. The game boy version will always rein supreme in classic style while modern style has to go to puyo puyo Tetris or tetris 99.

  3. I've played this game before and its still pretty fun after 2 years. the community is really harsh though so i don't play multiplayer often. its worth checking out though

  4. I've sold some of my old PC games, as far as I know if its a really old game like say Half Life and is single player only I think the serial will work on multiple PCs. I think if it's a multi player game the serial will work only on one game that trys to get online.

  5. GoG has a huge Linux support. The only way to get the situation even better is to vote with your wallet. Buy games under linux and play them under linux to make the stats matter gor devs

  6. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, though it's more of a puzzle-solving game than an atmospheric mystery game.

    The Wolf Among Us felt great but it was also my first telltale game so it might be shrouded in bias because of that.

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