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  1. I enjoy the game, the main criticism I have with Story mode is I am missing the sense of exploration that other 2D Mario games have. Looking for secret areas and every bonus coin. The levels are just sort of static Mario fun to me.

  2. I don't like this game i delete after a few hours of installing. The reason were. Lack of content and t here's a lots of bugs it's a Bethesda game, and there are no mods to fix anything and Lore has been reconnected pretty hard

  3. You should have to use barely any ammo on her.Burn her with every pipe and in the end stage time her coming out of the bodies and burn them, she’ll burn too.After the bodies are used up a few shotty shells or even a couple of explosive bolts or grenades will finish her off easy.

  4. Fortnite gets far more hate than it deserves because kids like it (It's free, has collectables, and online, why wouldn't they?), it's popular for people to stream, and winning is as much luck as skill. And for that, it's crucified and made the butt of so many jokes. I fail to see hoe it spawns this much vitriol.

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