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  1. Sure, they may have malfunctioned a bit or given you a few troubles. But you are that one loved user that left and didn’t come back because you had found another love. Now, that console box is just laid there, jilted like a true ex-box.

    You must be getting the thrills with your new console though; I mean – everyone gets the thrills. But you don’t have to leave your former consoles rotting away, or worse, at the bottom of a trash bin. In the spirit of console-ation, you can keep the lights on for them, by trying to putting them to good use.

  2. Frank lampard is the best coach in the premier league this season. He has been consistent with the way he organise and field in some player. And they give him the result he wants, but not all the time. They lose some of match thou, but they are still the best 

  3. Premiership matches between bigger teams and small teams this days are  unpredictable, teams like Aston villa, Everton and some others are giving the bigger teams problem. They even defeated Liverpool, arsenal. People that are into bet don't win this days.

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