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  1. This is going to be such a huge help gaming on my couch with three cats! They are always going after my cords. This will help me keep them nice and neat. Can’t wait to stop focusing on where my cords are and actually focus on my game lol.
  2. I played CS:GO Competitive with my friends which don't have prime. And we got matched versus 3 cheaters in the enemy team just a few hours ago.
  3. For me it's Clash of Clans. I have been playing this game for a lot of years - maybe 4 or 5 with some pauses. But in general this is my favourite mobile game.
  4. Keranov


    I don't think that you can have a signature here. At least, I didn't find it when searching for. You can click on your profile picture (top right) and see how many posts you have made. You also can go to any topic you have posted and see below your avatar.
  5. Life of Boris is currently my favourite YouTube channel. He makes videos with top-notch quality and they are always fun to watch.
  6. Thank you for sharing that. I got the game and it seems like a fun one to play. Subnautica was also free before that. I wonder what the next game will be...
  7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Kingdom Come: Deliverance are pretty good RPGs to play. I still haven't played them but I'm planning to do so.
  8. Keranov


    When I get trollers, bad and boosted teammates, cheaters, people who are AFK, laggers I get mad. I feel like most of those people don't have a life and just want to ruin the fun of others with their trolling and cheats...
  9. I usually spend some good 2-3 hours in one piece when I start to play. Usually, the time is going in CS:GO, GTA V and sometimes Dead by Daylight.
  10. I'm also going to vote for Fallout. You can hardly survive with that atmosphere there. It might be easy when it's a game but things change completely when it turns out to be in real life.
  11. I have only a PC and I will list the games which I currently play - Grand Theft Auto V, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Dead by Daylight, Minecraft, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. I'm thinking also to hop in Rise & Shadow of the Tomb Raider and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  12. The first ever video game which I bought with my money on Steam was the old Counter Strike 1.6. I was still playing this game till last year.
  13. When I was younger I used to play Minecraft almost all the day. Then I switched to Counter Strike 1.6 and now the game which I play the most is CS:GO.
  14. I was at around 30-40% of the Grand Theft Auto V singleplayer story mode and I wanted to find out how to replay missions. Accidentally, it turned out that I have deleted my save file..
  15. Keranov

    Mya here

    Welcome to VGR, Mya! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? Like what video games you like to play, on what platforms, etc?
  16. That is what you cal a good deal... Anyway, did you manage to spend all of the money you received from the modder?
  17. When Agario came out I used to play a lot of it and it was very popular. It's still famous but not that much as before. I still play it from time to time.
  18. There are a lot of modders in GTA V Online and because of this reason it doesn't worth to purchase Shark Cards. And also, there is a small change for Rockstar to find about the dropped money from the cheater. But if they do - ban.
  19. I'm almost sure that you can get better at shooting only by practicing. In CS:GO the more you play, the better you get. But there you can also change the crosshair which can give you some advantage.
  20. I would vote for Fortnite. It's just an animated battle royale video game with a building element. Not sure why most people like it, probably because it's free to play...
  21. It was a lot of years back in the time, 8 if I remember right. The first video games that I felt in love with were Counter Strike 1.6 and Minecraft. At the time they were my favourite ones and I didn't play that much other games basically.
  22. Keranov

    AMD Build

    First to start off, what amount of money are you going to spend on the build and what are you going to use it for? Also, about the new products of AMD. It's true that you will get a lot of performance for much cheaper than now. If you could wait for them to get released it would be better.
  23. If I was going for a multi monitors setup I would get one big 4K monitor for gaming, a standard 1080P one for work or multitasking and another 1080P but 144hz for competitive shooting games.
  24. I think the best multiplayer experience for me are the Minecraft servers. I don't get mad because of bad teammates and sometimes cheaters as I do In CS:GO.
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