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  1. As we get more powerful video cards the 4K gaming is getting more popular. Is anyone here into 4K gaming? What is the experience to play on that resolution compared to 1080P? I have never played any video game on 4K because I don't think I need that level of details. I'm completely fine with 1080P gaming and PC parts are more expensive where I live compared to the USA.
  2. I think that mid 2019 will be the perfect time for the Playstation 5 to be released. I never have owned a PS console because I don't feel the console gaming is for me. It's just the perspective of a PC gamer.
  3. Some games have downloadable content (DLC) which usually you can get if you pay for it. When you are purchasing a new game do you buy it with all the extra DLC? I never have bought any of these things. I think that it's making the video game too expensive for me.
  4. When you play shooting and competitive games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch or something else a high refresh rate monitor helps a lot. Do you have one? If so, which model? If you don't have - would you like to get one in the future? I don't have a high refresh rate monitor mainly because I don't play CS:GO professional and this type of monitors are expensive in my country.
  5. Keranov


    I remember that Unturned was one of my favourite games which I was playing before a lot of time. I downloaded it again yesterday and I'm currently building my new house. Is anyone else here playing Unturned? Do you like the game? How good are you at it?
  6. I have been playing some quiz games on a disk before when I was like 8-9 years old. I don't remember scratching them. Anyway, now all of my games are bought digitally and I don't have this type of problem.
  7. Keranov

    PUBG Mobile

    PUBG Mobile is currently one of the most famous mobile games which you can download. Do you play it? What are your thoughts on the mobile version? I don't play PUBG Mobile but I think that I will get the PC version. Still not quite sure because I don''t really like Battle Royale games.
  8. I don't really watch E-Sport at all and I don't have a favourite team. When I watch professional gameplay I just look for some compilations in YouTube.
  9. The only game that I play competitive right now is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I want to reach The Global Elite rank which is the highest one. But won't be so easy with all the hackers and trollers around there. Also, I don't have any special equipment for competitive playing.
  10. Are there any The Walking Dead fans around here? I'm a pretty big fan of all The Walking Dead games but never really played them. Instead, I have watched how my favourite YouTuber plays the games. Now I'm waiting for episode 2 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season to come which is going to be on 26 September.
  11. Not sure if these ones are counted as stealth games but I would recommend playing the Assassin's Creed series. I have played only IV Black Flag and it's a good game.
  12. Keranov

    World of Warcraft?

    I would play World of Warcraft if it wasn't with a monthly subscription. I prefer to buy the game once and to be mine forever. But generally, MMORPG is my favourite genre and I really enjoy playing that type of games.
  13. I always have preferred to get my video games digitally. I have a good internet speed and it's taking me around 2 hours to download 30-40 GB. It's cheaper for me to buy them online because of the sales in Steam and we don't have any stores for physical copies around. I also don't have a CD drive for them.
  14. I usually don't watch how pros play games but I just watch random moments in YouTube compilations. If I find a good tactic which I like I might use it when I play.
  15. There are a lot of good exclusives which are available only for PS4. Do you think that it's worth to buy the console only for those exclusives and would you do that? Personally, I think that it might worth it and I would do that if I had the required funds.
  16. Yep, Goat Simulator counts! I remember that I have watched a lot of videos about this game and really enjoyed them.
  17. The endings of The Walking Dead games are always very emotional and sad. Also in TWD you usually have to choose who to kill. That's very sad.
  18. One of the most iconic weapons from CS 1.6 arrived in CS:GO but a silenced version. It's not available currently in the competitive matchmaking but you can play with it in deathmach and offline. Here you can watch a video about it:
  19. I think it depends on the game. For Counter Strike: Global Offensive the average income of a player is around $3000 and $20000 per month.
  20. I don't remember the exact name of the quest but it was in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. I failed over 15 times in a single quest and I finally gave up and decided to check it in YouTube. At the end it was very simple...
  21. Sometimes when I get bad teammates in Counter Strike: Global Offensive I get very mad. But I forget about that after 10-15 minutes and everything is back to normal.
  22. I just got the item for free while playing and it was just realized in the same day so I managed to sell it for 4 euros. I know some people who have sold items which they got for free for more than $300. I think it just depends on luck.
  23. Is anyone here playing any simulator games? Building, truck, car, plane, or something else? I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 from time to time and it's a very relaxing game. There are some people who just troll in the online servers but it's not very often. What other games would you recommend?
  24. In Europe there is a thing called ACTA which was about to make the piracy illegal. There were protests here and the government chose to not sign it. It's completely safe here to pirate things as long as it's for home use only.
  25. I think that it's a new game which was announced during E3. Here you can watch a video about it. Looks similar to Left 4 Dead 2.
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