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  1. Whenever it comes to buying games, there are mainly 2 ways. Which one do you prefer to use? To purchase your games physically on a disk from a store or to download them from platforms like Steam, Origin, uPlay, etc? I always have preferred to get my video games digitally, mostly from Steam. I have a good download speed and usually there are sales which would save me some money. Physical copies also take space in your room and this is something which I don't like too.
  2. Have you ever received an official ban from a game? Or maybe from servers for the game? If so, what was the game and how long was you banned? What was the reason? The only bans I have ever had were about swearing in Counter Strike 1.6 servers back in the time. I got really mad and started to curse which resulted into several one-day long bans. Not really a big think.
  3. I play a lot of Counter Strike: Global Offensive matchmaking and there are tons of people who are just trolling. Just the last match we lost because of a person like this. Basically, hitting teammates, not buying any weapons or not dropping one when someone doesn't have money to purchase himself a gun. There are also people who just die and then tell the enemy where our team is on the map. I believe that if everyone start playing normal we would have a much better gaming experience in CS:GO.
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