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  1. On PC, it was some Yu-Gi-Oh video game. I don't remember which one exactly it was because I was very young back there.
  2. I usually watch some gameplay in YouTube and read about the game a little bit. If it sounds interesting to me I would probably purchase the video game.
  3. The first video game that came to my mind was Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I love to spend a few hours everyday shooting at people.
  4. As much armor as possible for me. I like to be tanky and not die easily to other players. In the games which I play there isn't a thing like armor weight.
  5. It depends on the game for me but mostly I prefer two handed weapons. In the MMORPG which I was playing before they were stronger and better for the class I was playing with.
  6. Played Mount & Blade: Warband. I have started it again a few days ago and got my kingdom on the map once again. It's fun to replay this game.
  7. Probably Banished at first time till I have learned how to play it. At the beginning, my population was always dying because of not having enough food, freezing to death, etc.
  8. I never have cheated there and would never do it. It's not fun to just walk around and have the aimbot killing people for you and then getting banned from a game you paid for to play.
  9. Nowadays I don't play a lot of survival games but back in the time I was playing Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved and Banished. The 3rd game was the hardest one for me to manage the resources there but after some time I mastered it.
  10. I think that there is already a thread about this one but still... I have learned how to manage things better and how to follow instructions easier from RPG games.
  11. I like war and medieval games so I'm going to choose historic games. But future themed video games are good for me too.
  12. I'm playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive everyday for a few hours. It's a competitive game and you can play it a lot.
  13. The bomb end in Dying Light could be something more. Instead, it's just a white screen and nothing more than that - no explosions and destruction showed.
  14. When was the last time when you spotted a player who is cheating in game? For me it was just 20 minutes ago. I was playing CS:GO and got matched versus an aim hacker.
  15. Hi there and welcome to the community! I agree that it looks amazing and indeed, it is. I'm sure that you will enjoy here. 🙂
  16. Welcome to the VGR forum, Stallone! Nice to meet you. I hope that you will enjoy here and have a great time posting around. 🙂
  17. Keranov

    PUBG Mobile

    Well, most of people who play it love the game. I never have tried it so I can't say but it's supposed to be just a mobile version of PUBG.
  18. That one looks like a nice video game to me. I was actually interested into the tittle and will probably purchase it at a sale.
  19. I had a lot of fun with Mount & Blade: Warband when I was playing it back in the time. Does anyone here know any games similar to this one? Would appreciate the recommendations.
  20. I prefer ranged fights because I have a good aim. In Counter Strike: Global Offensive I prefer the AWP and that's my favourite weapon there.
  21. I have used cheats for some time in Minecraft like kill aura, anti knockback, fly hack, trigger bot and things from that type. It was for fun only and didn't harm anyone.
  22. It happened to me again like a 2 weeks ago. I was in the middle of a competitive match in CS:GO and suddenly the power went out at around 12:40 PM. Bad luck.
  23. I can think of Players' Unknown Battlegrounds. NBA 2K18/19 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt right now. I would probably get all of them at Christmas and maybe something else too.
  24. I don't think that a video game has changed my life in some other way expect releasing the stress and having some fun while playing. I also have a lot of friends which I have met in-game. But generally - no.
  25. Don't be nervous and stay calm. When you get nervous you will most likely fail and under-perform. Well, it might not be true for everyone but this might help. Also, if the game allows it - you can pause it/open the options menu and leave the PC/console turned on and continue playing later from the same point.
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