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  1. Has ever the power went out while you was playing a video game? How did you reacted? It has been happening to me multiple times (pretty sure more than 7) and I just was annoyed.
  2. The Grand Theft Auto V video game for PC I think. It was priced around $26-30 USD the time when I got it.
  3. I have learned how to defuse a bomb, how to shoot with an AK-47, AWP, M4, tactic and combat skills from CS:GO. Just kidding.
  4. There is no way for me to be able to purchase games at $80 price mark. That's pure greediness.
  5. Played some Counter Strike: Global Offensive matchmaking and won some matches. Had a toxic teammate in one of them.
  6. Keranov

    Post your specs

    That's some powerful PC there. How recently do you say it was? RX 580s were overpriced for a time.
  7. I have played Banished and the music in that game is very nice, at least in my opinion. It's very relaxing and chill.
  8. I don't really play Horror games but if you haven't played Outlast and Outlast 2 you should definitely try them. Amnesia also might worth the look.
  9. What are the video games you are planning to buy soon? I would like to get PUBG on the Steam Winter Sale at least on 40% discount. It's looking like a good game and really would like to try it.
  10. The first video game I have played on my PC was a Yu Gi Oh game. I have enjoyed it a lot back in the time. Before that I had some console where I was playing Mario on and a few other 8-bit games.
  11. I think that the only superhero video game I have played in my life is an old Spider Man back in the time. It was quite fun, though.
  12. I prefer the Survival mode over the Creative one. It's funnier to collect resources and explore the world, at least in my opinion.
  13. If I could see the statistics for Minecraft I would have more than 20000 hours as well in Counter Strike 1.6. There is also one MMORPG where I have spent more than 5000 hours in my opinion.
  14. Sometimes the online in Grand Theft Auto V takes so long to load just because it wants to. I hope that they will fix loading times in the next game.
  15. These days I play mainly Grand Theft Auto V Online, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and one mobile game - Clash of Clans. I might start Dead by Daylight again soon.
  16. The realism in PUBG is what makes me to prefer it over Fortnite. How much play time do you have in that game? I think to buy it soon.
  17. I started to play Grand Theft Auto V again and I saw that there is a new sumo mode called Sumo Remix. I find it quite fun to play and currently it gives double RP and money.
  18. It's very important to do it. All the dust in it can make the components run hotter which can lead to damage to the system or under-perform.
  19. I have this game and by what I have played I can say that it's a very good one. I definitely would recommend Black Flag. 🙂
  20. Not sure if this counts but as long as I hold my phone in my hand it's handheld, right? If it does - then I'm going to vote for mobile.
  21. Cosmetic micro-transactions shouldn't ruin the game experience. In Counter Strike: Global Offensive you can buy a lot of cosmetic items as skins but you can't buy skill (unless you are hacking).
  22. I have Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag and when I firstly got it I was playing it almost all the day for the next week. But now I haven't opened it for a month. I might finish it some time soon.
  23. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a very good role playing game. I never have played it but I might get it in the Steam Winter sale. People have very good reviews on it
  24. Hey Abd, welcome to VGR. I hope that you will enjoy the forum and contribute to the community. 🙂
  25. When I was playing Mount & Blade: Warband I was saving like every 15 minutes or so. I was really addicted to that video game and didn't want to lose anything.
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