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  1. Somebody sober me up. I'm not joking here. Did Depeche Mode collaborate with Injustice? WTF man.  I heard a Depeche Mode song at the end of Injustice. OK now. What? WTF? Ok Ok, settle. Yep. Holy fucking shit. 

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    2. Reality vs Adventure

      Reality vs Adventure

      Strange; very strange. Injustice sucks but Depeche Mode brought it. Soon as I heard the voice of Dave Gahan tripped me out big time. I knew that voice. 

    3. Reality vs Adventure

      Reality vs Adventure

      I started playing Mortal Kombat and loved it. Netherrealm studios brought Depeche Mode to the table; awesome mother fuckers. Let's here some Depeche Mode in the new Mortal Kombat game. That will make me go insane. 

    4. Reality vs Adventure

      Reality vs Adventure

      Why do I love Depeche Mode? Every lyric is my life. Our souls are alike. Walking in my shoes. In your room. World in my eyes. Clean.........

  2. Screwy internet made me post this twice

    1. Shagger


      I'll take care of it.

  3. Where is @Crazycrab ??? 

    1. Reality vs Adventure

      Reality vs Adventure

      He’s growing mushrooms and said fuck the world 

  4. @StaceyPowers and @Shagger I think addiction vs compulsion is a good topic

    1. Shagger


      I agree, but this this is now moderation issue. Please say out of it for now.

  5. I clicked on an add Elastic Man on ufree games and I have to say it's quite interesting 🤪

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