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  1. Im changing all the time and looking for games in other genres. I still consider myself a new gamer because I'm trying everything out. I've found a love for beautiful open worlds, also psychological horror. I'm having fun with cartoonish games like remastered Destroy All Humans; 

    I want it all

  2. 53 minutes ago, The Blackangel said:

    For $100 I jumped from the bed of one truck to the bed of another going 70mph with only a football helmet for protection. 

    That was beyond idiocy.

    Damn!!! Crazy mother fucker!!! I never really had a real officiated dare, just your average playing dodgeball with knives! 

  3. I'm definitely a realist and I see the fake wizard before even walking the yellow brick road. I spit on the road. That makes me a realist. My whole name is realty vs adventure. It's my whole theme. My glass of half full and half empty is exactly reality vs adventure. It's a struggle between optimism and pessimism. Cynicism vs stoicism. 

  4. My heart is bleeding so much because I want new little buddies to love; but how can I when my country lives in uncertainty. Start a family and say fuck off to the world, or start a family thinking I'll leave them to fight a war. And my little buddies will think I abandoned them or I'm dead when I go off to war against my own countrymen. It's a sad state every way you look at it. This election is the only thing stopping me from getting a pet. I want to be ready to defend my country against republican traitors. I'm not getting political, this is my whole truth holding me back from getting new pets. How can I express myself when politics is a real thing affecting lives? Am I supposed to just start a new conversation in the politics section? But why when I'm honestly replying to a topic? 

  5. On 3/26/2024 at 7:33 PM, killamch89 said:

    An open-world RE game could absolutely work. We have Dead By Daylight as a primary example. Days Gone is another example of a zombie-filled open-world game that was pretty successful.

    Hmmm, do you think an open world RE would become Days Gone? I imagine an open world RE would be similar to the Evil Within series. Well, half open world I think. To test the waters. I highly doubt they will go full on open world. 

  6. Put it this way, the only way I’ll ever play an RE game again is if it goes open world. For me, the series lost its baddangadang. RE7 was the last I played and it was really scary and no doubt I loved the horror. It was amazing. But where does RE go from that success? I will never sit through another RE game simply because of their run around puzzles. I’m done with it. I hate their puzzles. Not to diss RE, I’m dissing puzzles. It’s not for me. But Ironically, I played RE DLC where a prisoner was bed chained and the puzzle was how to escape. That was fucking amazing. But of course, it was DLC and not the main game. I guess I don’t really hate puzzles, I just hate useless puzzles which RE was always about. Open world it and see what happens. I would be more interested in that. And if you don’t, give us pure life or death puzzles like trying to escape a bed, being fed nasty soup, probably made of human remains. Yeah, if you don’t bring that kind of puzzle, then I’m done with you. 


  7. I don't understand. What kind of 'dark patterns' are they talking about? Loot boxes is one thing, but 'dark patterns' is an entirely different ball game. First off, if the kid has autism, then they can pick up patterns on just about anything, so that is a personal health issue. Besides loot boxes, what exactly can be addicting in algorithms? It's a video game. I'm just not seeing it. Every single game I've played, I just don't see 'dark patterns.' Are the parents crazy or something? Who exactly is suing? Are they those far right freaks that hate pink candy and pink pop tarts thinking it turns people gay? Beware, the USA is full of crazies who are hyper paranoid. Be careful, your music may have subliminal messages too. Bwahahahaha. 


  8. 13 minutes ago, killamch89 said:

    I also never understood why Saints Row went the route of turning into a supernatural game with Saints Row IV. If I'm being honest, even though I liked some of the abilities, it kind of turned me away from Saints Row as a series.

    It's pure fantasy on the streets. They said, fuck reality. Things are so fucked up, let's mock a somber society. I will always love Saints Row for that, which few saw it. 

  9. 12 minutes ago, killamch89 said:

    Unfortunately, Saints Row has been completely destroyed reputation-wise by subsequent failed launches. Drivr and others have been out of commission for decades so they don't really have any competition.

    Yeah, Saints Row is amazing entertainment and reaches beyond GTA in its satire, but the developer is now gone which leaves Rockstar on a high horse that doesn't buck. 

  10. Last RE I played was 7; it was good and it terrified me. But I'm all burnt out of the chasing you games and running around for puzzles. That is the direction RE has taken and always has been. Chases and run around puzzles. If they stopped with their little puzzles, and had a progressive game where you keep moving forward, they would have the best horror game. But I'm done with RE. 

  11. Us humans have fell in love with technology. We worship technology. Our brains think fast and require fast information. We are seduced by technology. Everything you want on demand. At what cost? Are we saying goodbye to organic hosts? Does technology entertainment us more than organic humans? 

  12. Those are some pretty terrible games reading the description of them. The one I'd go with that's the most idiotic game that never should have been made is Super Columbine Massacre. What the hell were they thinking? It's like if they made a video game today called Super Uvalde Massacre. Uvalde is a recent school shooting where police proved to be cowards and let the kids die. It's like some idiot would make the game where a parent has to escape the cowardly cops to rescue their child. I'm surprised Alex Jones' game didn't make that list since it's all about ki11ing your political opponents.

    I don't know about any game that wouldn't cut it today. On one hand you have free speech rights to make a game, on the other hand a bunch of fanatics want to ban everything they don't like that goes against their religion or political views. So it's all up in the air at this point. You ain't seen nothin yet.  


  13. Religion isn't necessary for anything. It's just people pounding their chest thinking they are morally superior while they always call for blood. It belittles human intelligence, rationality, science and progression. Put it this way, when the world fell into the Dark Ages, it was because of religion and all the sciences, philosophy, art were oppressed from humans. Then what followed was a rebirth period or the Renaissance and look at all the great things that were accomplished. Then after the Renaissance was the Enlightenment period, known as the age of reason, where there was great emphasis on science and human ethics/individuality/rationality. Religion takes all those things away. It takes away rationality and critical thinking, takes away science and technology and healthcare, takes away philosophy and human rights, takes away the arts, takes away liberty and individuality, takes away independence/freedom of mind, it takes away the natural evolution and progression of humanity. Religion is easily infiltrated by power seekers and authoritarians who exploit religion for sinister purposes. 

  14. 11 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

    If you want to permanently make the horse yours, all you have to do is put your saddle on it after you break it. That instantly puts you at level 1 bonding with the horse, which makes it as much yours as any horse you would get at the stables.

    That right there is great input. Sometimes things in the gaming experience is lost for one reason or another from not paying attention, or forgetting, or confusion, or whatever. But I vividly recall being able to put your saddle on a horse when you want. My experience though, trying to tame a horse, I am distanced from my old mount and things just go haywire from there once I have a new mount, which prevents me from saving it. 

  15. On 3/8/2024 at 8:10 PM, killamch89 said:

    Ubisoft have the cloud streaming rights to Call Of Duty for the next 15 years. I didn't even remember this happened - I'm not sure what Microsoft gains from this deal either. Maybe they plan to acquire Ubisoft in the near future and this is just a way to start the process.

    I haven’t even thought of that where Microsoft may have Ubisoft in their sights. Red flags. If Microsoft wants to accumulate Ubisoft, then we would have no doubts at all that Microsoft is seeking a monopoly, which they got away with a monopoly lawsuit twice now. 

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