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  1. Get this, The Florida governor DeSantis said he refuses to extradite Trump, who lives in Florida, to New York to face charges. And it is in Florida's constitution that the governor must extradite someone to face criminal charges. One dictator helping another, throwing the constitution of Florida out the window. MMMM, I need more butter on the popcorn. 

  2. On 6/28/2021 at 8:25 AM, Shagger said:

    The others are just an illustration of some of the enhanced visuals mods I've installed. They basically replace some of the textures and effects that are in the game with other textures and effects created by other people other than the game dev's. A mixture of Realistic LightingRealistic WaterThis Cites overhaulThis OTHER Cities overhaul3D Trees and PlantsTrees in Cities and a Flora Overhaul. They may be more at work than just those, but those are some of the good ones. I've installed other mods to improve the gameplay and immersion such as Rich Merchants so one doesn't have to wonder to town after town to sell of swag, a First Person Perspective overhaul that has the actions as they are in third person mode display in first person (This mod is great, but it does take some getting used to as by default the primary weapon is on the left with secondary on the right, but while dual wielding as I like to do, the weapons look like they've swapped around) mods that add Better NPC AIBetter Follower AI, more JewelleryWeapons and Armour options to the game.


    There's other things like new followers, questlines, character creation mods and alternate face/body textures, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, I think I may have offered enough for now. Like i said previously, please ask if there's something  you want to know

    I think the Skyrim SE on ps4 looks amazing so far. I see some cool mods for graphics, weather, flora, trees, mountains, and visual type mods I want to download. So it's worth it to increase the visuals? And it's pretty safe for the save files as long as the mods are compatible? What about the mod of faster leveling up, does that make the game too easy or is that a must get? I'm pretty sure I'll have lots more questions about what mods to get later like those dealing with magic and spells and enemies. There was one I saw where you can have animal companions. I want that one. I'm just worried going overboard with mods will crash the game. I'm definitely looking out for which ones are compatible together though. 

  3. Awesome! I'm happy!!!! It worked, I'm ready to rock and roll now in the game. I got the 100,000 ring of carry weight. I didn't know I was supposed to download the mod. I went to the shop at night time and it was locked, then I got arrested for trying to pick the lock LOL. And the store wasn't showing the ring so I fast forward the day 24 hours like 20 times and still didn't show up. Then I finally figured out I had to download the mod. Oh well, my first time. But I saw tons and tons of mods I can download. I didn't know it was that easy. Now I have to figure out which mods I want. I'm actually excited now. Thanks for the info!!!

  4. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this post! I had to go read the news! That orange stain is the 1st ex president to ever get criminally charged. You know all them turncoats are gonna obstruct as much as possible and incite violence. GOP is the Grand Obstruction Party. And no doubt republicans in congress will abuse their power to try and protect the blob of orange goo. Those people were talking about making a bill to protect trump so that no ex president can be charged for a crime. I expect them to now write that bill up. But Biden will veto it. Get your popcorn ready and watch the meltdown of the nazis. Expect the stores to sell out of tiki torches and pitch forks and popcorn. Trump is getting his plane fueled and ready in case he has to flea to Russia to kneel before Putin. Wonder how many times Trump will plea the 5th. He now has to raise money again to pay off justices to protect him. But let's hope he doesn't have his crony judges in Manhattan. This just might make Trump go completely bonkers like we haven't seen yet. No telling what a narcissistic nazi dictator will do with his back against the wall. Hope the fucker pees his pants when he realizes he isn't immune to the law. But who knows. Weasels always manage to find a way and he has the House republicans ready to sabotage the government and incite war to protect that traitor. But this is America and we shouldn't let the mob block the justice system from carrying out their sworn duties. We are the people of law and order. It is up to us real Americans to uphold the law, to protect democracy, and to protect people's rights. Republicans want to take that all away. 

  5. On 6/27/2021 at 2:13 PM, Shagger said:

    @StaceyPowers. I saw the other post you made concerning mossing the Playstation version of Skyrim. Sadly, modding on the PS4 version is limited compared to PC and even Xbox, but I found this article to help you get started. https://www.thegamer.com/skyrim-best-ps4-mods/

    I need to learn that cheat mod to increase my carry weight to 500,000. I'm literally stuck with a hundred pounds over weight and have to walk all the way to the nearest town to sell stuff cause I don't want to drop anything. 1st time I played Skyrim, I quit for this very reason. And I'm here again stuck. I want to keep playing the whole game this time around but I need to learn how I can increase my carry weight. 

    Has anyone had experience with PS4 mods for Skyrim? That graphics overhaul mod looks interesting too. I need help!!! What are the steps to mod specifically for Skyrim on ps4? Are the mods already available in the game and just download it? What about mods that aren't already in the game? 

  6. On 1/11/2023 at 12:27 PM, killamch89 said:

    You're forgetting about the Elder Scroll and Fallout series (particularly Skyrim and Fallout 4) - without the modding community, these games would just be mediocre games with some game-breaking bugs. Thanks to their modding communities, these mediocre Bethesda games have been turned into timeless hits.

    I absolutely agree with you about Skyrim. I don't understand the world of mods at all, but since I started playing Skyrim again I am seeing a shit load of bugs. The game is beautiful and interesting no doubt. I can't imagine how Skyrim would have stood the test of time if it weren't for its infamous mods. Fascinating concept right there. 

  7. I’m giving Skyrim another chance and I pushed myself to progress a little in the game. I don’t know what kind set I had 1st time I played the game. Now I have found the beauty and magestic quality of the game. This time around even the graphics look better. I honestly don’t know what happened. But I have a new respect for the game. Seems like a pretty big game too. Guess I am going to be occupied with it for some time. 

    On 3/25/2023 at 1:49 PM, The Blackangel said:


    I wouldn't. If you love the original FF7, you're going to want to opt out on it. At least that's what @Rain Dew tells me. She's a FF7 nut and says the remake is vomit inducing.

    Looks like the original FF7 is a fan favorite. I wouldn’t mind playing the original, although I’m a sucker for graphics and the remake looks pretty good. But nothing usually beats the originals. 

  8. FsFhRMaWwAAnUzC.jpg.b84c928b870b9e838a1fc7e81087210f.jpg



    Time to catch up and break down the past week what has happened since trump said he was going to be arrested. 1ST of all, nice show. This was all planned out for trump to put the spot light on himself at a time he holds his 1st presidential rally in Waco, Tx. Trump the TV con man grifter earned something like $1.5 million dollars from his supporters a couple days ago. This act was a beautiful Walk of Shame. Here is your present trump. 


    Trump has incited violence against the 1st black Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg who is investigating Trump by posting a picture of himself with a baseball bat next to Bragg and refers to him as an animal. 



    Now after trump has attacked the DA, Bragg received a death threat in a letter sent to him saying, "I am going to kill you." With a powder substance along with the letter. Trump has told his supporters to 'take the nation back.' And there will be 'death and destruction' and at Waco rally trump said if he were re-elected, there will be retribution, "Either the deep state destroys America or we destroy the deep state." He's basically saying he will destroy any and all opposition just like a dictator would say. And let's not forget he is saying this intentionally at Waco Tx where that sight was chosen to amplify his base of conspirators, far right extremists, anti government extremists, and religious extremists and Waco is symbolic to those nut jobs.


    Now, even republicans in congress are abusing their power to pretty much protect criminality by interfering with the investigation. They have now sent two letters to Alvin Bragg. And they have called for the imprisonment of Alvin Bragg. And get this one, republican congress members are now talking about a bill that would ban an ex president from being prosecuted for a crime either on the state level or the federal level for any reason all so they can protect one man. All so they can protect one of their own from prosecution. And they claim to be the party of law and order when they want a bill to protect criminal behavior. Remember when trump said he could 'shoot someone in the middle of 5th avenue and not lose any voters?' Republicans want to allow him to do just that by trying to make it law that an ex president can never be charged for a crime. Republicans are the New Nazi Party. There are no doubts anymore. This really is the 1930's nazi Germany taking place in America. Republicans have lost all morality as well as their minds. 

    Let trump continue to build another case for himself by inciting violence against a prosecutor. If it were anyone else, we would have been thrown in jail already for trying to obstruct an investigation and threatening the DA. But instead, congress wants to make a bill banning trump from any legal ramifications. Trump is a joke, I get that. The part I take serious, is that our congress has lost their fucking minds too. 

  9. I was just remembering out of the blue a show that used to come on when I was a kid and I think it was Super Toy Run. I only remember the end parts where they would go on a shopping spree with a cart and toss as many toys you can in your cart at Toys R Us I assume. I really don't remember throwing whatever toy you wanted in the cart; I only remember the tons and tons of Nintendo games they would always focus on. At least that's what I focused on I guess. I used to think they were sooooo lucky having a pile of games. Like hundreds of them. At least in my mind it was hundreds. Did you ever watch any of the shows? Man, the 80's was the best decade there ever was for kids. Although this show extended into the 90's, so what. 80's was the bomb. Can't find a good video of the tons and tons of Nintendo games kids would always ransack. But believe me, it was as I say it was. 



  10. 23 minutes ago, Techno said:


    Well looks like misinformation was spread yet again.

    Of course it's fake. The guy has different colored ties on. lololol. This is exactly how trump wants to be treated though. He even told his advisers today that he wants to be handcuffed. He wants to make a show of it and be portrayed as a crucified orange Jesus. This whole thing is nothing but a political stunt for trump to try and increase his poll numbers and rile people up to get the media talking about him again. Remember the boy who cried wolf? That's gonna be trump. He will claim he will be arrested next month, 6 months from now, and again a year from now. Then when they finally come to arrest him, nobody will believe it. Nobody will protect him. Nobody will donate money. Cause he is crying wolf. Remember, nobody said anything about arresting trump. He said this himself. He said he had insider information. Nobody else said a thing. It's all trump for a political show. This is who the guy has been all along. He thinks his life and our lives is a show. He had it all planned. He had a go fund me account set up. He had a rally planned in Waco, Tx on the 30th anniversary of a cult stand off with police by David Karesh. He said he wants to be handcuffed. He told people to protest and take the nation back. It's all a stunt!!! But I had a great spectacle of this and seeing pics of the clown arrested suits him too perfectly. Well done work! Trump is no more than a joke. I remember when trump told the police to don't be nice when placing people into police cars and don't protect their heads. Exactly what I'm thinking. When trump gets arrested for real, the cops need to slam his head on the roof before tossing the cheese mold into the back. 

  11. Who knows right? Dictators obsessively talk about how bad crime is, so they always look for a scapegoat to blame. They will attack games, music, tv, culture, people, anything and everything to paint themselves as the only savior. I wouldn't be surprised the day they start making laws banning violent video games. To protect the kids right? They are banning books. Teachers and librarians can go to jail now. Hey, why not video games. Start jailing store clerks who sells a game to kids. Jail the guy who sells movie tickets. What is the difference from jailing a librarian? It's already here. 

  12. I don't think it's frightening. I think it's amusing. Now is the chance for republicans if they want a war, they need to either put up or shut up. They need to go through it. They need to feel fear and death. And when they realize that they have become terrorists, they will be shunned for good. And our politicians who provide comfort and aid and abet terrorism will have justice served to them as well.

    We as a country have to go through it. Let the terrorists show their true colors. Most of them are cowards who are only seeking attention hoping to sway the justice system. But the real terrorists will come out and when they show their hate for law and life, they lose public opinion for good. Let us go through it. Put up or shut up. We can't hold their hands for the rest of our lives. They need to learn for themselves. They need the harsh reality of consequences.

    And trump is now openly embracing the cult mentality by holding a rally in Waco Tx. He will be there on Saturday. I thought he was there already, but on Saturday to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a cult standoff with law enforcement, sending a message that he dreams of being like David Koresh. 

    Only 5 protestors showed up at a protest at Trump tower in New York. And the guy dressed as a shaman was accused of wearing a wire to pretend he is a fed and so he undresses himself. Don't be afraid of these wackadoodles. Enjoy the entertainment. Choo choo goes the crazy train and the Circus is here again! Yeehaw! I'm gonna get fat eating all this popcorn. HAHA, even if it was all a show in this video, fuck it. This shit is funny. Just make a mockery of the insane trump world. Fuck it!!!!!! 😂




  13. 17 hours ago, Shagger said:


    I don't agree, but not because you can't reinvent the origin story. James Bond's origin story was originally established from a series of novels written by Ian Fleming back in the 50's. Ian Fleming died way back in 1964, and given that that aren't even as many 007/ James Bond books as there are movies now, James Bond's origin has been altered here and there a lot during the progresses of the movie series as an inevitability. Even Casino Royal, the first book published and the earliest one chronologically in James Bond's story, has been made into a movie twice.


    My issue is that the character can't be reinvented and still be James Bond no matter how flawed and archaic the character may be today. Let's face it, James Bond is a prick.



    An unapologetic misogynist who spends whatever time he has between bedding woman selfishly doing bloody work with little to no regard of the consequences of his actions whilst acting like it not only means nothing to him, but he's having a little too much fun doing it. Yes, more recent portrayals of Bond have seen it him humbled and humanized a little more with stronger, more independent woman at his side, but he's still Bond, so he's still a prick. If he's not a prick, he's not Bond, and that's actually fine with me. Romanticising being a spy with all the exaggeration and leaning into the alfa-male fantasy makes perfect sense.


    The changes a modern world would want to make to Bond to "modernise" the character would take away everything that makes him 007 in the first place. Regulars on the forum will know I'm not exactly a right-leaning traditionalist, but when it come to Bond I think he people should be allowed to appreciate the charm in the somewhat dated character rather than try to change him. Let's not take him too seriously, he sure as hell doesn't.

    When you say it like that, it does make Bond look like a prick. 🤔 Maybe they will make the new Bond spy a nice loving family guy who wouldn't hurt a fly.   Naw, who am I kidding. They will reinvent the egotistical man whore who is always in control and can leap out of planes without a parachute. I actually am curious now to see what kind of Bond they will create. I've never really did give much thought to who Bond really is. When I think of a spy, I'm not thinking of an egotistical maniac. That's for sure. I'm thinking of someone who blends well. Who can act like a commoner and not stick out like a woody in sweat pants. Then again, you also have to be able to blend in high class parties and be prince charming. So I guess Bond symbolizes what men want to be, depending on the situation.

    What about the game Hitman? What's his personality like? He seems more serious to me from previews I've seen. Bond seems like the type who really doesn't carry baggage of life around because he's not human. He's a superhero in blue leotards and a cape that all the women love and all the men want to be. Or maybe not. Maybe he is beloved by the monks. How about Bond play the role of a monk huh? Slip on some bald skin to cover his hair and meditate every 5 minutes. Maybe I'm thinking about this too much now. Like I said, I never really gave much thought who Bond is, but maybe this new generation they could give Bond a role as a spy with a humble backstory. But I don't know, guys like to have their man crush. I'm not the idolizing type. 

  14. Well, we didn't get to see trumpets get they guts sprayed all over the Florida swamps. I was hoping the gators will get nicely fed from all them greasy fleshlings. Not to say it hasn't been entertaining though to see republicans scurry about like roaches. Well, I remember it like it was yesterday, how republicans went on and on about crime and here they are. Being so soft on crime. The Democrat Party has been knighted the party of law and order while republicans continue to protect criminals. Republican senators are calling to jail Manhattan's prosecutor, the one who could possibly indict trump.That is the republican meaning of law and order. Jail prosecutors and protect the criminals? Anyways, this feels like a comedy strip right? Republicans are too funny. Mr. Grifter Trump set up a donation account and said for all his voters to donate money for him to fight his arrest. HAHAHAHAHA Fucking grifter is at it again!!!! Republicans should be all broke by now. You might as well just have an automatic wire transfer from your payroll check to send a portion of it to trump every two weeks. Then Fox news goes on air as usual and promotes crime. They just said that paying hush money is normal in America. Yeah, aint no thang. Everybody does it!!! I don't pay hush money, do you??? I mean seriously? What are they teaching people? To be criminals and pay hush money? 

    It's gets even more weird. And when I say weird....I mean it!!!! This shenanigan is obviously trump trying to boost his poll numbers by making an announcement he would be arrested today and inciting his people to 'take the nation back!' But today, the day trump was supposed to be arrested, according to his insider information, trump is holding a rally at Waco, Texas on the 30th anniversary of the David Koresh cult shootout 30 years ago. Is this supposed to be some kind of message trump is sending his people? To be cult like and follow him in a suicide pact? If you aren't familiar what happened in Waco 30 years ago, David Koresh was a religious cult extremist who held his people in a compound and had a standoff with the law for almost 2 months. Many of them died either by gun shot or by a fire that occurred. Out of anywhere in the country, trump chose this cult standoff anniversary. Weird stuff right??? Stay tuned....it's gonna get juicier and juicier!!! Get you some brew, popcorn, nachos, whatever and sit back and enjoy the cult squirm and squeal. 

  15. Now that the tv series has started and the 1st season has ended with news they plan on making another season; Naughty Dog will have to make a Part 3 of the game to keep up with the tv series if that keeps going too. They are intertwined now. But I'm sure they already have all that planned out. If their next game isn't TLOU3, then something new maybe? Uncharted remake? For an Uncharted tv series?????

  16. 14 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

    I highly doubt he's going to be arrested. They've been investigating him for the last 7 years, have mountains of evidence against him, and have done nothing. I will be overjoyed to see him in orange, but nothing is going to happen. Also the moment he truly thinks he's in any possible danger of being arrested, he'll just jump on his private jet and head to Russia. We'll never see him again, which is just fine with the majority of this country. The only danger about that, is that I guarantee he has scans of all the classified documents he stole. He would most likely have them on a thumb drive or SSD card. Not to mention the fact that he's most likely already turned them all over to Russia, China, and North Korea. Not to mention that he's complicit in the deaths that happened on January 6th. He called for a terrorist attack, and people died as a result.

    He'll never face justice. Whether that's with bars and concrete, or a rope and a tree branch is irrelevant. It's just not going to happen.

    Would be funny if Trump and Putin get arrested on the same day because the International Criminal Court just issued a warrant for the arrest of Putin. These dictators have no place in the free world. It was Trump himself that said he will get arrested. It wasn't the DOJ or New York. Trump said he had insider information that he was going to be arrested. You are right though. It would take a mafia strategy or even more than that to charge trump for anything. The guy has judges in his pocket, judges he appointed all over the country including the supreme court. And who knows how deeply compromised he is with those classified documents. Since trump has been a clown show for rejects lately, this seems more like a strategy to incite violence on his behalf to make him more relevant to compensate for his slipping campaign. His new campaign strategist is going for the victimhood campaign. Poor me. The world is after me. Come on diaper gang and get your pacifiers and protect your king. Vote for me, your victim. Trump's campaign will have orange Jesus being crucified. The diaper gang will be in tears, kneeling, sucking thumbs. Hauling around dirty diapers in a tiny wittle red wagon. They get done digging that moat yet? Will be entertaining to see all the crocodile tears protecting the swamp thing. Let this be a reminder every time a republican wants to promote their fascist hard stance on crime, while they keep trying to block law enforcement from performing their duties and provide comfort and protect criminality. 


  17. Trump says he has insider information that he will be arrested Tuesday. This goes back before the 2016 campaign where Trump paid hush money to a porn actress he supposedly had an affair with and violated New York campaign finance laws. Stormy confirmed Trump's small hands. Now Trump is calling for his diaper gang to protest in mass and take the nation back. Yep, just like when he said fight like hell for the capital attack to overthrow the election. Anyways, the diaper gang is now wanting to build a moat around Mar a Lago to block Trump from being arrested. LOL They better start digging then. Get your popcorn ready and anticipate a great show. Expect lots of feces to be thrown with men in diapers crying for their orange God. Hey, what happens if actual gators find their way into the moat? And Trump has a fan base in China. Yep, the communist gang in China fully supports Trump and calls him king and says American should split in two. Communist China and fascist Russia supports Trump? Say it ain't so. This is JUICY!!!

  18. What does cool mean to you? There are a lot of body language and all that stuff for the characters. What defines cool? Final Fantasy 15 is defining cool. Imagine rolling in a hot ride and top down, stand up in the seat for a hoorah going IDK, fast as you want stupid fucks. Hair that never falters. I used to hate this stuff. But this is the final fantasy. As the game I'm referring to 15. The final fantasy. I would kick your ass for flapping your hair and gums around. But this is a whole new thing now.  This is friendship. It brings me back to when I had friends. FF15 with all the fishing and joy rides, this has made me remember a time much more pure. Look at them in the game. They are best friends for life. Going on this journey. Nothing you or any demon can do to take it away. 


    6 hours ago, HowHammerYou said:

    Not only do I regret ever playing the game, it was also one of the major factors that persuaded me to no longer buy Collector's Editions or pre-order games. Getting burned a second time next year by Square Enix's half-finished Final Fantasy XV put the final nail in that coffin.

    Dishonorable Mentions: Final Fantasy XV, Zelda: BoTW, Fallout 4.

    What happened with FF15? You got burned from preordering and got a bunch of bugs? I'm haven't a good ol time playing the game. I just started playing so maybe I'm jumping the gun. What are your expectations? 

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