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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from killamch89 in In a world without technology, how would your daily routine and interactions change?   
    The most important thing that will happen without technology is that we will embrace our loved ones more or life itself alone. We get so stuck in our toys that we would rather entertain our own self and neglect others in real life. That happens to all of us in the modern world. It takes a loss to realize what you can lose. Wishing you spent more time with them instead of all the stupid technology. But we are all prisoners of technology. 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Heatman in The retro market is getting pricey, are you worried as a collector?   
    Wait, isn’t the point of collecting certain things the whole point that the value goes up?? Collecting something expecting the market to be affordable for all is completely redundant. 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from The Blackangel in Countdown 10 months of American freedom   
    In nazi America, blue states are safe, but LGBTQ are still vulnerable in public because Nazis want to earn their stripes so they beat gays, along with minority old people and women because Nazis are pussies. They are scared to fight one on one against a man that can fight back. It’s the typical abusive cowardly mentality.
    Thing is, republicans have a lot of gay fantasies. The more they hate against gays, the more they fantasize about their closeted thoughts. Look at Moms for Liberty, a far right anti LGBTQ organization that is doing most of the book bans in schools. Bridget Ziegler is the co-founder for moms for liberty and is now in hot water for doing threesome sex acts with another woman and her husband Christian (ironic name) who is the republican chair in Florida, which is top leadership of the Republican Party. He was accused of rape. Think about that. These fucks bring their politics into schools, ban books, sit on school boards, then fuck with a dildo in their ass and an apple of Eden in their mouth. Total hypocrites. 
    Then you got Jessica Watkins who is a trans who belongs to the Oath Keepers and she was sentenced to at least 8 years for her role in the capital attack in 2021. Oath Keepers leaders are now in prison for sedition conspiracy charges. Straight up treason. Jessica admitted that her peers pressured her as a trans growing up to hate herself and others that are like her. She was brainwashed obviously. 

    The Moms for Liberty chapter in Philadelphia was actually run by a male pastor, Phillip Fisher, who plead guilty for raping a boy. What? Moms for Liberty run by a male rapist? They sit on school boards and ban books? 
    So when these republicans cry about gays and trans all day long, make hundreds of bills to take their rights away, they are telling you that they are closeted gays. And they hate the freedom of other gays because they are literally stuck in the closet and they are jealous of your freedom. They want to take your freedom away to make themselves feel better and force you to live as they do hiding everyday. 

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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Heatman in Could we see more popular 80s & 90s media made into games?   
    You are 100% correct and insightful about other classic medium made into a game. It’s hard to pinpoint where they are wired differently. I think they are trying to please the masses so much that they forget about the foundations of simple fun. Just total…fuckin…simple….fun…
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to Heatman in Could we see more popular 80s & 90s media made into games?   
    This is absolutely how I call it and I can sure as hell tell you that they wouldn't care so much about any of those 80's or 90's shows, movies, or even books if they're made into a video game. I would say that they are wired differently from us. 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Heatman in Could we see more popular 80s & 90s media made into games?   
    I’ll tell you, the 2000’s and up generations really fucked up the 80’s-90’s. They have zero respect for the holy grail of classicism. 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Dismal_Bliss in Avatar Video Game Gets Gorgeous Launch Trailer   
    I got the ps5 and Avatar!!! This is the most beautiful game I have ever seen. All the amazing colors and wildlife. I haven't encountered any bugs yet which is good for such a new game. I think I have found a new favorite game. Just started playing so I can't say much more. But it is way beyond what I expected. It will make your jaws drop. 
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to Kane99 in What was it like seeing people play video games for the first time?   
    We all know what went through our minds when we all were introduced to video games, but has there ever been a time where you got to experience someone elses first experience with a video game? Maybe it's your child, or someone you're dating, or maybe a family member who was never into video games finally taking their first stab at it. 
    Anyway, what was it like to experience video games through someone else? For me, seeing my nephew get into video games has been a joy. Mainly because we can game together, but to see from his side how he got into gaming, was cool, because it kinda brings me back to my childhood when I first started gaming. 
    What about you?
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to The Blackangel in What game would you recommend to a new gamer?   
    When was Super Mario on Sega? The rivalry between Nintendo and Sega was so fierce that there's no way Nintendo would have leased their mascot game to their rival.
    Now to answer the thread question, I would have to know what gen and platform they're starting off on. I wouldn't recommend anything that goes too in depth. Meaning I would leave most AAA games out at the time. I would integrate them in slowly with what their interests are and go from there.
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Dismal_Bliss in What are your thoughts on AI? Does it worry you?   
    One of the concerns for AI is that it can be programmed. Programmed? For AI? Oh, but I thought AI was a form of intelligence that can think for itself. Think about that. Seriously think about that. What I'm about to say is critical in what makes AI and what doesn't make AI. Are you guys ready? Ok then, let's put AI to the test. Elon Musk created an AI for his X platform called Grok...
    Musk wasn't happy about Grok because he thought it was too woke. Yeah, you heard that right, Musk created an AI too woke. So Musk then complains about his own AI creation, and now is reprogramming his AI to promote hate speech. So Musk is indoctrinating his AI????????????????/
    Yeah mother fuckers. You heard that one right. 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Dismal_Bliss in Elon Musk gets mocked for saying violent games are bad   
    I'm glad you appreciate my apology, but I still don't think you understand that Musk puts himself in the spotlight for a reason. If you are Insinuating his actions are only innocent, knowing he has the biggest microphone in the world, is quite shady on your part. 
    I don't think you really do appreciate my apology. Because instead of admitting Musk had a political purpose, you assume that he is just an innocent man, with a big voice on X, and everyone is out to get him on the spotlight. To feel bad for the guy for never being able to express himself...Well, he fucking has expressed himself and is losing advertisers over it for his antisemitism. I really don't think you can ever quite grasp who Musk really is. 
    And we are back to square One. 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Dismal_Bliss in Elon Musk gets mocked for saying violent games are bad   
    I understand. I actually like @Dismal_Bliss and I think he's an intelligent man and has great gaming insight. So I'm sorry @Dismal_Bliss I took it to a personal level which was unfair. As far as the topic goes, I will say it's also unfair for Musk to blame a game for police violence and try to inject a false theme in the game long before any release date, all due for one reason only, and that reason was exactly a political motivation by Musk. 
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to Shagger in Matthew Perry has died at age 54. A new Fallout New Vegas Mod Pays a Touching Tribute   
    For a kick off, I understand how late this is, but at the Matthew died on October 28th 2023, the forum was problems and I was unable to post this topic. I post it now because I figured it's better late than never. There is another reason that I ill get to in a moment, but first, to the main point.

    So, as I assume most of you know, Matthew Perry passed away earlier this year. Most people will know Mathew Perry as Chandler in the famous 90's/2000's sit-com Friends, but he was also one of us. A geek and a gamer who even voiced Benny in Fallout New Vegas not for a pay check, but because he loved the franchise. We have lost one of our mainstream heroes, a gamer in the limelight who was dedicated to making the art we love be taken seriously. RIP, Matthew.
    My second reason for posting this now this is explained by this video:
    A new mod called For Matty - A Tribute to Matthew Perry has been created by modder tunnelsnakesfool. The mod adds Benny's Suit, a grave in the Goodsprings Cemetery, a Friends themed re-skin of Benny's pistol "Maria" named "My Friend" and a note featuring a quote from Mathew Perry himself.
    Very sweet mod and a great tribute.
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to Ravenfreak in Elon Musk gets mocked for saying violent games are bad   
    Honestly he deserves to be mocked, it's a game it's not real. The hateful posts he allows on his platform are real, and do real damage to minorities. He's just jumping on this bandwagon to get more brownie points from the right who oppose violent video games, especially ones like GTA. He's probably a person who puts the blame on violent media for how certain people act when video games do not cause violence.
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Dismal_Bliss in Gaming Awards 2023 - The Results Are In   
    I haven't played the majority of those games. Baldur's Gate 3 looks cool. Is that game worth it to play as single player? If so, I'm gonna have to check it out. 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Dismal_Bliss in Alex Jones' New Video Game Is More Unhinged Than You Could Have Imagined   
    Maybe it’s a puzzle to you, but this is about a conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, proven wrong in the courts who intentionally made a kill all liberals and gays game, as opposed to GTA, which is a game series that has been 10 years since their last game. And the only asshole with the privilege to play the new game is the richest fascist in the world, who gets the privilege to play the game before anyone else and politicize it years before even being released. So who has the agenda? Who is your puzzle? Your man Musk is. He’s the only privileged mother fucker who is trying to politicize a game 2 years before its release. 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Dismal_Bliss in Elon Musk gets mocked for saying violent games are bad   
    Musk is trying to act like he cares because he's in deep doodoo for his role in spreading hate on his platform and engaging in antisemitism. He's looking for a right wing talking point to deflect from himself and his social media and blame some other form of entertainment as the culprit for violence. He's attacking whomever/wherever to rally his peeps, his social media hate speech peeps. Video games are usually the go to in order to deflect from some other violent issues. Musk is that issue now and his promotion of hate on X. 
    Another thing to point out is that Musk has no room to talk about violence while he tortured monkeys in his Neuralink experiments and allows widespread racial discrimination at Tesla, which both of these instances are being investigated. 
    Musk is just trying to sound like the good guy now all of a sudden while he is currently on his Apology Tour, where he had to go kiss up to Israel after his remarks. I expect Musk to now go and incite more violence against woke and the LGBTQ community, now that he thinks he is gaining favor from the police, trying to sound like he is morally superior after company ads are ditching his toxic waste dump site. Everything about Musk now is a political calculation, with evil intent. 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Dismal_Bliss in Alex Jones' New Video Game Is More Unhinged Than You Could Have Imagined   
    I don't even know what to say with this. The level of hate someone has to have to make a game entirely anti LGBTQ littered with far right conspiracy theories attacking the media, medicine, and just every lame far right talking point, with superman Trump while you kill a nazi dragon. Which is ironic because the far righties are the actual nazis. And Jones keeps hating on gays while throughout the game he keeps saying 'I'll eat your ass." lol. I mean, it's usually the ones who scream the loudest attacking gays are actually in the closet.
    The link to the article I do agree with this statement, 
    "And of course, his defenders would undoubtedly argue that violent video games are just games—they aren’t going to turn anyone into murderers. Personally, I would agree with that. But considering how much time the right spends trying to ban books because they’re afraid they’re going to turn kids gay, it might be time for them to pick a lane."
    The take home message, it's a hate filled game, but if this game doesn't make you want to go out and kill people, then books won't make you turn gay. And Elon Musk in another topic on VGR where he played the new GTA 6 and complains about violence against police. So which is it here? We're getting mixed signals from the far righties. Does this incite violence against gays or not? Does another game incite violence against police or not? Do books turn you gay or not? If it were gays killing a bunch of republicans, would they then want to ban the game and declare the LGBTQ as terrorists? I bet they sure would try like the cry baby hypocrites they are who believe in rights for me but not for thee. 
    And Alex Jones himself is nothing but a dangerous quack who lost his money in lawsuits for spreading conspiracies that mass shootings in schools were faked. Fucking idiot. And then he goes and spreads this nonsense. 
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to Ravenfreak in Alex Jones' New Video Game Is More Unhinged Than You Could Have Imagined   
    This is so bad it's cringe. It's funny, these people think that the left are snowflakes but then they get upset when they're "freedom of speech" is "taken away" when they post controversial posts about harming other human beings on a platform that has guidelines and rules that everyone needs to follow. I know social media moderation can be a joke at times though... They get so upset that they make a video game that depicts harming minorities because they know they can't do this in real life without getting arrested.
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to Ravenfreak in How fast will GTA V online lose players once VI drops?   
    I think it won't be as quick as when people dropped IV for V, since V has been active for over a decade at this point. Many people have invested in tons of time and money to the game, and probably will stick around a bit longer when VI drops. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if there's still a good dedicated playerbase for years to come until Rockstar decides to pull the plug on V's servers. They know it'll still bring in good money, which is why they waited so long to actually reveal VI.
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to Shagger in What games do you enjoy playing?   
    IMO, Cyberpunk is a style of visuals and setting rather than a genre. The colourful, rebellious, self indentified identity of punk with futuristic, sci-fi elements. It's like not like video games are the only expressions of cyberpunk. For example there are several movies, like Tron and The Running Man that I'd describe as cyerberpunk as well.
    In terms of games, and as you've shown, first person games seem to be a popular choice with this aesthetic in recent years for reasons I can't quite figure out. But still, I have seen RPG's, FPS's, side scrollers and even racing games with that aesthetic theme. There are limits, it's not like all genres suit the aesthetic. Horror is one that strikes me as one that really wouldn't work. 
    But that's not the point. Cyberpunk is an art style. An art style that suits some types of games and stories more others, but an art style none the less.
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to The Blackangel in Assassin's Creed Syndicate For Free on PC Until December 6th   
    I DO play Assassins Creed. AC3 is what initially got me into the series. Just because there’s one that I haven’t gotten to yet doesn’t mean I don’t play the franchise. I haven’t played every Zelda game, but I still play the hell out of the series. I haven’t played every entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology yet, but I still love it.
    So just because I don’t rave about it all the time doesn’t mean I don’t play it.
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to The Blackangel in Assassin's Creed Syndicate For Free on PC Until December 6th   
    I got it downloaded. We'll see how it goes. I'm just waiting to hear what @Reality vs Adventure has to say about this as he's a ginormous AC fan.
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to Dismal_Bliss in How do you feel about video games restrictions for minors?   
    I get what you are saying. And I agree. There are areas where I am more permissive than most parents, and then there are other areas where I am more restrictive than most parents. My kids, my job. Not yours, nor the governments, lol. Your kids, your problem 😛
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Dismal_Bliss in Name a game that deserves a sequel but never got one   
    I'm playing Control right now and it's sci fi at maximum. Definitely an under the radar game. 
    Wow, can't imagine the objects of power they will bring next! your remote control??? 
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