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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Lamarr the strelok in Far Cry 5 needs a shout out--when cults believe 'come hell or high water'   
    LOLOL...I think Ubisoft predicted the future!!! I feel for you playing this game with similar sentiments where you live. Shoot, the whole country by now has already drawn their line. It was no accident that recently 'trumpy sentiments' was in Waco to celebrate the David Karesh cult which was willing to kill and die like they were zombified in Faith's gardens from the game. But I guess that's as far I can go into it w/o breaking the politics rule. I'm hooked on this game. First time I rode in the mounted gun on the truck while my ally drives just put me in a place....yeah a place where I want a truck with a mounted gun! 😆 I need welding tools for Christmas and a .50. Anyways...Have you played Far Cry New Dawn? It's a nuclear fallout 12 years after Far Cry 5 using the same map. I'm definitely getting that one. 
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to Lamarr the strelok in Far Cry 5 needs a shout out--when cults believe 'come hell or high water'   
    RvA ! Brother- man! We can talk some FC 5 but it's personally an electron away from politics. All I can say is I live a few hundred miles east of Montana and there is plenty of the Trumpy sentiments here.It took some of the enjoyment I had because it was so on the nose ,I think UK folks would say. Post something in Politix and I'll respond.
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Lamarr the strelok in Far Cry 5 needs a shout out--when cults believe 'come hell or high water'   
    This game has really drawn me in. The beautiful Montana landscape is a nice bonus while fighting religious anti government cultists. But the theme itself is what really has pulled me in. I've tried to play this game in the past and stopped for some reason. That was a few years ago. I think in today's fucked up cult like world Americans are dealing with really feels like this theme hits home. Well, if you are in a cult, you may also enjoy playing this game to see how you crazies end up lol. I like how they have this chemical everywhere that puts people in a zombie like craze. And every now and then some ghost appears out of the blue. Weird, but cool. I'm not religious so this backdrop of churches and white picket fences in a beautiful serene place just feels all too.....creepy.
    Basically, a religious militant cult rebels against law enforcement and takes over the whole state going door to door killing everyone who doesn't conform to their cult. Bible and guns! Come Hell or High Water! Yes...yeehaw! Come get some! Kill a cultist! Bring the sanity back!
    I think I had to get that off my chest. Have fun ladies and gents
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from LeoGrun in No to a genre?   
    I think you are spot on about how it's marketing. I guess it would be a mess for sales if they were all over the place not really giving people a 'strong point' to look for as consumers. 🤙
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to LeoGrun in No to a genre?   
    I don't like FNAF-style games. Jumpscares don't really scare me so much as annoy me-- I already live with hypersensitivity to audio so the microwave basically jumpscares me daily lol-- and I don't find animatronics creepy. Actually, they are one of my pet interests and for a while my ambition in life was to be the live manual override actor for one at places where they use them for birthday parties and stuff. Sadly, most places just use a pimpley teenager in a costume now. I digress. I did try the first game, and found Five Nights at Wario's to be sort-of interesting for the short length of it but it isn't something I've ever wanted to go back to.
    I think genres always were very blended-- Resident Evil is just a clunky third-person shooter, isn't it? So that's why they said no, no let's market it as a survival horror game. Go look up Simulation games and you get everything from Animal Crossing which is about collecting furniture, The Sims which is either a domestic economic simulation / resource management game (or, in the case of sims 4 a roguelike glitch simulator where if you can even play the game at all may as well be procedurally generated). Also you have your Civic Planning games like the Sim City entries and Cities Skylines. And of course there's things like Goat Simulator in there, too. It's a huge mess.
    Then you have Pikmin, which is a single-player RTS, but it's marketed as more of an action and time management game-- although I've played enough Starcraft 2 to know you have to manage your time and resources in that, plenty. Why does one game call itself an RTS and another not?
    Marketing. Game genres are all up to marketing. They're helpful because when marketing is in touch with the team and accurate it helps you identify what the strong point of the game is. Peggle actually has a (somewhat silly) but charming story in it-- but if you don't enjoy arcade puzzle games the story won't carry the game for you. I think now marketing people just want to use whatever is popular, meaning they are just useless tag now.
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Lamarr the strelok in Squirrel With a Gun   
    That gave me a good laugh. Actually looks like a fun game. Who would have ever thought to give a squirrel a gun? Especially that uzi...lol
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Knight Plug in Survival horror remake fatique...   
    Maybe in the case of RE8 they tried to add too much and branch out a bit. There is some serious scariness in simplicity like in RE7 it scared the holy mackerels out of me when the infected humans pop out and chase me. And that creepy old lady in the chair always having her head follow you. One thing all humans share is fear of other humans or a monster inside a human body. That messes me up. Other types of non human monsters may scare some people but not others. That's why adding an assortment of monsters is a gamble. Diverse monsters is good of course because it adds lore, but it's still a gamble. There is something so natural when we look at a person, we are left to the fear of our imaginations. That simplicity has created some of the best movies ever made as well as games. And that's a big reason why I love survival horror and psychological horror, with Bloober Team being my favorite. They definitely found their niche. If they branch out more mainstream, I still have confidence they would make some great games.  
    Remaking games is gonna happen. It's a win win because we get to relive classics for a new generation and they get to profit using an old blueprint. That will never change. There is a lot of talent out there and I'm honestly impressed by many developers of all types of genres. It's just that they have to listen to where the market is and right now the apocalypse style games owns it. And I believe The Last of Us series has peaked that genre and set the standards so high that it may have intimidated that genre lol. 
    I personally would love to see an Evil Within 3. I can't imagine how awesome that would be. Cool you mentioned Days Gone. I enjoyed that game and it really needs a sequel. There is a petition for Sony to make a Days Gone 2. There is a discussion about it here:
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from ImmersionGaming22 in Im back, I bet you've all really missed me haven't you? and are so glad im back to put the gaming world to rights with you all! hahaha :)   
    20 years is a long time and I can understand how you can lose individuality during that time. I’m not anyone to give advice, but I am supportive and that’s what we all need and what we are all here for is all those fun good things in our heart like gaming. Don’t let your ex take that away from you.
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from killamch89 in Last Game Played   
    I'm downloading Mortal Kombat 11 right now. I'm able to fight matches before it finishes downloading and so far looks pretty good. You only got 2 losses? You are whooping it! 
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to killamch89 in Favorite Games From Summer Game Fest 2023   
    1) Starfield was pretty good in my opinion - It almost seems like 6 games in one. Lots of Customization for ships, characters and outposts on different planets - if executed properly, it'll be game of the year easily. Release Date is September 6, 2023.
    2) Armored Core 6's gameplay video was amazing in terms of the movement, graphical detail and also some of the systems in-game with the ability to call for a supply drop to repair you mech with a kit and restock ammo. Release Date is August 25,2023
    Honestly, I'm looking forward to playing both games. What games were your favorite from Summer Game Fest so far?
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to Shagger in Squirrel With a Gun   
    You know what, I can't even formulate a thought about this, just watch...
    Suffice to say, this trailer makes me feel drunk.
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Shagger in Community Chat #1   
    Don't know what to say. I hope she got to say goodbye to her mother in person. 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Shagger in Community Chat #1   
    That’s just terrible. Did she make it to see her mom yet? My heart goes out to your family. 
    They caught him alive about 15 miles on the opposite direction where I was. Idiot went to a house of someone he knew. Just one week after this one in Texas, there was another mass shooting at a mall in Texas. Fucking Texas schools now have Winnie the Pooh books to train kids in school shootings. They have the bear stick his head in honey and be still. What the serious fuck? 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from Lamarr the strelok in Ubisoft Connect makes me MAD!   
    Oh man, welcome to Ubisoft hell. They have the absolute worst servers for games that I know of. In fact, I blame my AC Valhalla game crash on Ubisoft Connect where every single game save data was corrupted. I went to Connect to get a free gift or something, can’t remember, and it froze everything leading to corrupt save files.   This is a scary insight since Ubisoft is going all out Infinity for all future AC games, meaning their servers at its current state will bring hell to Earth.  I don’t know exactly how they will utilize their online server, or if Connect will be used for Infinity. Connect is super slow and just plain fucked. 
    With that said, I just started a new + game with Odyssey playing as the male version because I love the game so much. I’ve recently finished playing as Kassandra with all DLC. And this is awesome you are playing Odyssey. Look, Ubisoft isn’t known for a hair pulling story. But there is so much in the game to love. Stick with it. And play the DLC. Understand the animus storyline. Oh! Don’t forget about the Discovery Tour as you play along. You will love it even more. 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from NightmareFarm in Kansas republican just tried to ban diversity in their own ranks of the republican party. Yeah, you heard that right.   
    That's the first time I heard that phrase, but I looked it up and it means:
    Wiktionary def: (Internet slang, sarcastic) A notional political party supported by people who ignore or downplay its cruel, unjust, or extreme policies and rhetoric, and are then shocked or displeased when these policies and rhetoric have adverse consequences to themselves.
     "'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party."
    @NightmareFarm nailed this one! 
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to killamch89 in A short film about a serial killer potato?   
    That sounds a bit more terrifying - but what we haven't even questioned is how the Potato even became sentient and what's its reason for killing people? Was he in a Potato patch on the farm and his whole family got harvested and eaten?
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from killamch89 in What is your favorite lore?   
    I want explanations!!! Of why it is your favorite lore. Give us feelings!!! I want to eat your brain! Ok, how about that lore. I love zombie apocalypse or any apocalypse. But why? Because I love seeing human survival, companions you meet, start over, the awe. I also love fantasy games like the lore in Witcher 3. Subtle horror around every corner. The monsters were awesome and I love when monsters are given a personality.  Assassin’s Creed series mixing religion with GMO and AI, too complicated, which makes the lore so special. Valhalla has embraced a fantasy approach and I love it. And I have to mention the new ultimate lore for me today is Skyrim. Blood borne has excellent lore, but the game is too hard to enjoy. 
    What exactly is it I like out of these games? Give me fantasy. My harsh reality says fuck this world. Let’s game 
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from killamch89 in A short film about a serial killer potato?   
    The potato would only come out at night because it would sprout in the light! Would be quite ugly for a potato to have sprouts coming out everywhere. It could be the toxins from the sprouts turning the potato into a serial killer. 
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    Reality vs Adventure reacted to The Blackangel in Fox suddenly TURNS on Adolf and he LOSES IT instantly   
    Don't forget these:
    Greed Over Progress
    Gang Of Perverts
    Guns Over People
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    Reality vs Adventure got a reaction from The Blackangel in Trump is found guilty of sexual assault; he's running for president as a sex offender.   
    I'm not gonna try and sympathize with the fascist cult. They have made their conscious decision to ignore Fox news admittedly lying to them. They are now a threat to our right to life and our right to free and fair elections. I'm not gonna treat them as people that need to come to their senses. They need to be treated as terrorists.
    Look at the mass shooting in Allen Tx, the second mass shooting in one week in Texas (first one was in my neighborhood in Cleveland Tx). This one in Allen, Tx just a few days ago, the guy was a neo nazi and republicans are at it again, making dangerous conspiracies about it. Even Musk on Twitter is throwing out conspiracies going against investigators and going against facts. And his conspiracies, using the microphone of Twitter, goes right along with Tucker Carlson white supremacist saying he will bring his nazi show to Twitter. Musk is buttering Twitter up for Tucker's new job. I was right all along about Musk and his purpose buying twitter. It's cause he supports the fucking far right fascists who dreams of censoring democrats and have a dictatorship. I've mentioned this in another post where convicted felon Dinesh D'Souza, pardoned by Trump, wanted Musk to buy Twitter to censor democrats. And that is what Musk has been trying to do by attacking news like NPR and PBS who no longer use Twitter now. BTW, D'Souza was the guy who made the film 2000 mules election lies as a favor for Trump pardoning him.
    These people are 100% neo nazis. No doubt about it. They are fully consciously aware of what they support. They are aware of their lies and conspiracies. They choose to try and overthrow our democracy. They fucking consciously choose to do so. I have no sympathy for them. They may be in a cult, but it is not at all about them thinking what they are doing is right. They know they are in the wrong. They know they are bad. That is what makes them evil. They are fully aware of the white supremacy they support. They are fully aware of their desire for a dictatorship. They are consciously aware psychotics who try to keep a straight face in public, knowing in their mind they want to genocide Americans.
    Every mass shooting they simply don't even give a fuck about it. They incite the violence, then they deny the shooter has any nazi or white supremacist ties. Even Jack Teixeira, the traitor who stole Pentagon documents is a hero to republican Majorie Taylor Greene, who is on the Homeland Security committee. She even called for a secession on President's Day. She even supports QANON. They are in a cult, but they know exactly how they are morally wrong for what they are doing. They know it! We know it. Republicans have 100% rejected democracy and our rights. In two years since Trump lost the election, republicans have passed hundreds of bills to suppress voters, and now teachers can go to jail, they tried to jail librarians, they want to execute women for having an abortion. I even read in the news today that republicans don't even want to allow exceptions for rape victims as they voted against those exceptions in Louisiana. Their cult is a fascist obsession that will never go away. Imagine two years from now, they gonna jail reporters or make protesting illegal? It's not gonna stop. They are going to drag us all into a war. It's gonna happen. You can't have two complete opposites moving in complete opposing directions. 
    We have a corrupt supreme court who hates our elections. We have the moore v harper case coming up for the supreme court and no doubt they will end our free and fair elections by getting rid of all election oversight from courts and the constitution. Which means republicans will have free will to appoint whoever they want even if they didn't win a vote. Meanwhile, we are scraping by with all the investigations against the corrupt republicans, with multiple investigations against Trump while republicans are abusing power to try and obstruct everything like they have constantly done with both his impeachments, and the Russian collusion investigation. The USA is seriously living with the New Nazi Party formerly known as the GOP or Republican Party. It's here. 
    What I'm trying to say, is they may be a cult, but they are consciously aware psychotics. Hiding behind the mask of christianity, using God's name to commit evil acts. They're going to fucking hell. 
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