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  1. 21 hours ago, ImmersionGaming22 said:

    My question to you guys is, firstly am I alone in feeling this way and getting so invested in certain games that I feel genuine emotions?

    Not at all. 🙂

    Some games that I reacted very emotionally to include all the BioShock games, but especially Infinite, The Last of Us Parts 1 and 2, Stray, Spec Ops: The Line, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and even some moments/quest lines/characters from various open world games.

  2. What are some of the most tragic side quests ever in video games? There are a number of them in the RDR games, I think (especially Birth of the Conservation Movement). Another that springs to mind is the Shepherding Wolves quest in Dragon Age II.

  3. On 9/14/2022 at 8:28 AM, Shagger said:

    No human being will ever say something this awesome. From the video around 9:22:


    "One of the saddest parts of The Last Of Us is that Ellie can't whistle. Whistling can be useful. It can help you communicate when you can't speak, it can help you start a fire or help you ward off pesky bugs. Whistling is a sign of a true adult ,and when you whistle, puberty is not far behind."


    As much as it alarms me to say, I do think AIs will replace most of our jobs eventually. 

    Regardless, one thing an AI can't do is share the inner subjective experience of a human being with me. No AI will ever replace what originally got me to play TLOU, which was reading a draft of your review of the game on another forum years ago, where you shared the ways the game affected you. It wasn't just the beauty of your insights that stuck with me; it was that I felt I could relate to you well enough through your review to know the game would impact me similarly, and it did.

  4. I'm working on the final edits for my second book. I advise you to find your own writing and editing process. Mine is like:

    1-Start writing a batch of chapters. Do some editing as I go.

    2-Go back over that batch. Edit intensely twice, and then one more time more lightly.

    Now the batch will seem relatively "finished." It gives me a solid foundationt to build the next chapter batch on. 

    3-Proceed with next batch, do edits as listed.

    4-When I have a whole book, do the same process of edits I did for each batch, but for the whole thing combined. 

    For every "edit," I have listed, there are actually stages of nested smaller edits. 

    It's a very looping, iterative process for me, because I am autistic, and that's how I work. Something like this might work for you, or something totally different. :)

  5. 13 hours ago, Kane99 said:

    I can answer the question about RDR2. The NPCs will make comments about Arthur's looks/appearance based on many factors. They will comment about how dirty you are if you don't bathe in the game often, to the point where one of them will force Arthur to clean up in camp. I think it was Mrs. Grimshaw, I forget. 

    Other times they will comment on your hair/beard growth. Will comment if your clothes are dirty. Also I think depending on your honor, they will comment differently. 

    Thanks! They were just giving me really generic comments of the "Do you KNOW what you look like?" variety, so I never did figure out what it was.

  6. On 10/23/2022 at 5:42 AM, The Blackangel said:

    I think there’s something where your hands have some kind of memory or something.

    Kind of like how if you expect food to taste like one thing, and it tastes slightly different, it suddenly tastes awful, even if it wouldn't with the right expectations.

    I like the shape of the PS5 controller, but its weight just kills me.

  7. I don't see full immersive VR completely doing away with gaming as we know it, because it won't do away with the desire to just kick back and relax on a couch and play a game. If VR ever gets all sci-fi to the point where it's like Star Trek, that is going to be a form of gaming that is active and appeals to a totally different human need (more like what drives people to play sports or go hiking). I think both will coexist.

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