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    StaceyPowers reacted to DylanC in Most Beautiful Spots in Skyrim?   
    Gonna boot up Skyrim later this week and check out all these places to remind myself! Thanks for this 🙂
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Joant73 in Games You Like That Everyone Else Hated?   
    I don't if this completely counts as the game was pretty rough upon initial release, but I thought Mass Effect: Andromeda was better than public perception would have you believe.  I got the benefit of playing it awhile after release so I didn't face any of the game breaking bugs that others did.  But the other complaints against the game I thought were fueled by peoples nostalgia for the original trilogy and wanting more of the same whereas Bioware tried to bring a fresh start to series.  I thought the overall game play was fun and engaging and the overall feel of the game was still solid.  I really enjoyed exploring a new galaxy, meeting aliens, and building relationships with your team.  I had a lot of fun playing that game despite all the negativity surrounding it. 
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Joant73 in Fresh experiences in open world game replays?   
    I definitely recommend changing your overall combat style and build.  I had one friend who built a barehanded character, you focus on those skills and get a couple key items and you can go around punching all your foes to death.  I have built characters focused around stealth and archery or heavy two handed guys who just bust in anywhere and wreck, both can be fun approaches.  Also, try taking different sides or approaches to quest lines.  (Might be some slight spoilers past this point) For example if you joined the dark brotherhood before you can destroy them this time, pick a different side of the war, do the blades quest line if you haven't.  You can try to become a thane and landowner in every town if you haven't before.  I do not know if you have the DLCs (if you don't I suggest adding them they add quite a bit of new content) but if you have been a werewolf before you can try being a vampire this time.  Also, certain quest lines have special things at the end if you push for them, like the thieves guild for instance can move to a new location (similar to dark brotherhood) and regain its glory if you do enough missions for them.  Also, you can focus on collections, all the dragon priest masks for instance (there is something you can do with them as well if you haven't), or all the Daedric artifacts (there is usually one or two ppl have missed).  Also, you can look around for articles about the most missed missions or easter eggs, there are usually a couple I haven't done when I look at those and that gives me something to do. 
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    StaceyPowers got a reaction from DylanC in Most Beautiful Spots in Skyrim?   
    I'm pretty sure I've explored almost all of Skyrim. To me, the most beautiful locations to revisit just to look around now and again are:
    ·         Eldergleam Sanctuary, especially if it’s around 6-7 in the morning, when the light comes through all golden.
    ·         Markarth. I hate the politics of the place (I’m a fan of the Forsworn, wear their armor, and self-identify as one on every playthrough), but the design of the city is absolutely gorgeous. The scenery of the Reach is beautiful as well.
    ·         That area with the geysers that is south of Windhelm.
    ·         That bridge with the towers that’s near Whiterun, with the bandits that want to charge you a “toll.” I love the view from the towers.
    ·         The spot in the marshes where you can build Windstad Manor.
    ·         The Rift. All of it, but especially up by Froki’s Shack.
    ·         There’s a sort of “outdoor dungeon” area not far from Froki’s Shack with amazing view of the Throat of the World. I can’t recall the name, but the view is awesome.
    ·         Once while I was watching someone else play, they found this really cool dungeon which was outdoors and featured a lot of greenery, but you enter through a cave to get there? I have no clue where it was. If anyone can identify it, please let me know. I’ve never found it myself.
    What are your favorite spots in Skyrim?
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    StaceyPowers got a reaction from Katri Marcell in Ban the user above you   
    Banned: DC
    Reason: So I can take over the forum. Muahahaha.
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    StaceyPowers got a reaction from Katri Marcell in Most Beautiful Game World?   
    I want to play that. Do I need to play the other Bioshock games first, or are they all pretty independent of each other?
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    StaceyPowers got a reaction from Alyxx in Most Beautiful Game World?   
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Alyxx in Most Beautiful Game World?   
    You do not need to play Bioshock 1 and 2 before Infinite. Infinite isn't tied to the first two games in any direct way (there are minor nods but the story is independent of them).
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Aimee Hart in Most Beautiful Game World?   
    For me I think it's gotta be The Witcher 3. All the towns and cities you visit have their own culture and way of speaking and I love that about it. It's a vibrant world and so very fascinating. I could get lost overhearing people talk to each other for hours.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Katri Marcell in Most Beautiful Game World?   
    I believe the most beautiful world for me is that of Bioshock Infinite. Its colors, locations and aerial city concept are super cool. After that, I loved the world of Zelda BOTW. It's equally bright and beautiful 😄
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Aimee Hart in Tips for Dragon Age: Origins Combat?   
    No worries at all! I really love talking about Dragon Age, hehe. But yeah, I ran into the same problem when I was building Alistair up. I kept distributing his points far too evenly so that he was pretty much average at everything. Which doesn't help when all the enemies you encounter are FAR from average, lol. Leliana is honestly very hard to understand in my opinion, but that may be because I just suck at building her. 
    Merchants do restock yes, but honestly I get most of my stuff from Bodahn as he usually has everything I need. I THINK you are able to craft injury kits as well, if that helps you in any way? 
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Aimee Hart in Tips for Dragon Age: Origins Combat?   
    Okay, so you've just awoken THE BEAST because I absolutely love Dragon Age and will ramble about it for days on end. Sadly, I'm not 'the best' when it comes to combat tips but I can give you a few that haven't failed me yet. Can I ask what you're playing this on? I don't really think it matters but I've played the game on the PS3 so there may be some differences.
    So I wrote a huuuge piece of writing for this but my laptop decided it was a great idea to delete all of this. Which is super bloody annoying, so I'm going to make this short and sweet. You don't have to follow all of this advice, because it's very much your experience and Dragon Age is great fun when you do things your own way.
    Always have a mage in your party if you aren't one. Mages in Origins are fantastic because they have access to all the same skills, unlike in the rest of the Dragon Age series. Seriously they are so good, please take a mage with you at all times. They have crowd control spells that stop enemies from overpowering you like Mind Blast and Cone of Cold, and they have healing spells too.  Did you say something about always having injuries? Invest in injury kits for your party. Normally Bodahn sells them, but pretty much any merchant can sell you them too. Alistair can be a meat shield if done right. I usually just put everything into con and strength for him. Give him second best armor (because I DESERVE the best armor) and give him skills that allow him to be offensive and defensive when the time calls for it.  I'll be honest, I've still not figured out Leliana yet even though I've been playing since 2008 lol. Dex and cunning for her can work well, especially if she's an archer, but her skill set as a bard is key too. She can really boost the strength/defence of your party. Look into her skills more. Potions/poisons are so beneficial and really change the battle if done right. Invest in them if you can. Sorry I can't help much more. If you're struggling with it more though let me know and I'd be happy to help!
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Jerlene in Most Beautiful Spots in Skyrim?   
    The northern lights are pretty awesome. I really Ancestor Glade. The light beaming in really adds something. 
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Jerlene in Silly Things You Do in Fallout?   
    Those damn skeletons can really be a pain in the butt. Lol. It would be nice to be able to clean everything up. And I like the idea of the cola bottle border. 
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Alyxx in Is Single Player Gaming Going Away?   
    No. I don't think so. With games like Doom 2016 selling more copies because of its single player campaign than its tacked-on multiplayer and games like Wolfenstein II, The Last Of Us and such still doing well despite having no multiplayer at all, I don't think single player games will die out any time soon. Heck, single player games have been dominating the indie scene for a solid decade now with games like Undertale, Shovel Knight and Five Nights At Freddy's gaining extreme praise for their storytelling and gameplay despite no multiplayer.
    People who say single player games are not doing well are either not doing research or just misinterpreting Call of Duty sales for people who buy the games for multiplayer only.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Jerlene in First Person vs. Third Person   
    I completely agree with you. Games in first person are way more comfortable and easier to control. And I get what u mean by saying that it seems as the world is spinning around u. I hate that sometimes. I feel that games should have a option to choose which point you'd like to play from. 
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    StaceyPowers got a reaction from Katri Marcell in Is Sony Arrogant Over The Crossplay Situation on Consoles?   
    I was heartbroken when I realized I couldn't join my friend in Elder Scrolls Online because of the lack of crossplay 😞
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Aimee Hart in Silly Things You Do in Fallout?   
    I agree with you guys, the skeletons/dirt/rags/etc were so bloody annoying to deal with! Like, my settlement can be looking immaculate but these skeletons just have to go and ruin it, don't they?
    But I spent a ridiculous amount of time making bedrooms for all my companions... Just putting in stuff I think they'd like there. Cait got tons of guns that I wasn't using anymore. Piper got her very own computer, etc, etc. Dogmeat always stuck with me in my room though. We're the best of pals.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Katri Marcell in Silly Things You Do in Fallout?   
    One thing I loved doing in Fallout 4 and everyone made fun of me about is rebuilding all tiny settlements. I remember spending 4 hours reclaiming that old parking lot and I've been frustrated over the fact that there was a single corpse on the ground that just WOULDN'T GET CLEANED.
    Man I miss that game 😄
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    StaceyPowers got a reaction from Aimee Hart in Do You Prefer Open World or Linear Game Formats?   
    I call them 'Get me a bucket" quests =D
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Katri Marcell in Do You Prefer Open World or Linear Game Formats?   
    I believe that linear games are destined for people that just want to finish the story. I prefer open-world games even though I tend to be lost in them. Needlessly big maps with no density are a pain though and I usually drop those. 
    I feel that the silver lining is somewhere between a 10-15 hours of story alone, spread in an open world with side activities, no more than that though. Something like God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn. The only game that can turn the tide is the next Elder Scrolls :D Cant wait!
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    StaceyPowers got a reaction from Katri Marcell in Most Beautiful Spots in Skyrim?   
    That's the appeal of the marshes for me. I like them at night with the northern lights too, and the mist glowing. It's eerie, but also really peaceful. At least when a giant isn't trying to murder my poor chickens.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Katri Marcell in Most Beautiful Spots in Skyrim?   
    For me it's the Sea of Ghosts. But not any version of it. I love being there at night and just stare at the Northern lights when possible. They may be visible from all over the map but there's something about this place that is breathtaking and eerie at the same time.
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    StaceyPowers got a reaction from Aimee Hart in How Current Are You On Games?   
    I have a cheap laptop which doesn’t play newer games (it barely handles old ones), and didn’t even own a PS3 until last year. Prior to that, my most recent console was … an original Nintendo.
    Anyway, as you might expect, I am only now catching up on PS3 games from years ago. The downside is that I know every spoiler in the universe about most of the games I play, but the upshot is that I can buy everything I wanted to try ages ago for like $5 each. That actually works out for me, because I don’t really have the deep pockets I’d need to buy everything when it releases.
    I always wonder how many other people are like me, lagging years behind on games, and how many actually are able to buy new games when they come out. How long do you usually wait (or have to wait) before you buy a new console or game that interests you?
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    StaceyPowers reacted to DC in What Unreleased Game Are You Most Excited About?   
    This is a tough question! I am equally equally excited for the release o Fallout 76, The Last of Us: Part II,  RDR2, and Battlefield V.
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