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  1. Haha
    Peterlight got a reaction from kingpotato in The proper way to end a movie   
    Wait wait!! Hold up hold up!!! What the heck just happened in the movie.
    I mean was that real or part of the movie.
  2. Like
    Peterlight got a reaction from killamch89 in Twisty Towers   
    It is Tetris, maybe a little bit upgraded. I kind of love the concept where you get to control three blocks, it's kind of challenging.
  3. Like
    Peterlight got a reaction from killamch89 in Hardbass music?   
    You can try Nicki Minaj super base or sound the alarm.
    Real base can destroy your deck.
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    Peterlight got a reaction from killamch89 in A Powerful Song   
    The music is cool, it speaks of the American way, believe and thought. Lol, we all think differently.
    Cool rap music.
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    Peterlight got a reaction from killamch89 in Songs You Remember From Your Childhood   
    Chris brown - no air, with you
    Lil Wayne - lollipop
    Toni Braxton - Spanish guitar
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    Peterlight got a reaction from Reality vs Adventure in Movies you just hate.   
    Yeah well said @reality vs adventure.
    Have you watched " like stars in the sky". It's another movie that shows pity, I just wish there could be a movie which was done in a simply and normal environment, take for example, something done in a small apartment like you said and maybe someone who doesn't really have anything to offer falling in love with some girl who is only chasing her dreams, real life story.
    For a change I think the story will be great, no kidnapping, no killing, no death, no get rich by the end, just normal life and nothing more.
    If I was to think the way most movie producers and script writers think, they tend to make the stories more interesting by starting with a tragedy story and ending in something we all know as happy ending and I can't blame them cos it has been working fine for years and it has turn to a tradition in the movie industry.
    May be they are just scared of making an entire new movie that doesn't follow the story line and they feel like it's not going to sell or something cos all these fake stories have sold a lot since the beginning.
  7. Haha
    Peterlight reacted to kingpotato in Judge Dredd or Robocop   
    Robocop but the one from the first movie, the rest are shit.

  8. Haha
    Peterlight reacted to Crazycrab in Name the worst idea for a game   
    It already happened:
  9. Thanks
    Peterlight reacted to DC in Game freak   
    Welcome to VGR! 🙂
  10. Like
    Peterlight got a reaction from DC in Game freak   
    Hi everyone, am Peter.
    Am not a gamer, streamer or into any gaming community. I am based on mobile games and I love watching live streams both on YouTube and Facebook.
  11. Sad
    Peterlight reacted to The Blackangel in Pocket Sniper   
    I found this game recently and it's a blast. No pun intended.
  12. Like
    Peterlight reacted to DudeThatsErin in Ballz   
    Has anyone played this game? It is incredibly addicting. I can play this game for HOURS.
  13. Haha
    Peterlight reacted to The Blackangel in Candy Crush   
  14. Like
    Peterlight reacted to skyfire in Controller addon for mobile phones   
    There is one popular from the saitake that I have seen being recommended a lot. 

  15. Like
    Peterlight reacted to DudeThatsErin in Despicable Me: Minion Rush   
    What do you think about this game?
    I used to play it a lot but I think it is overplayed for me now. Maybe I just played it too much.
  16. Like
    Peterlight reacted to hardcoregamer in Dashero: Sword & Magic - Self-Developed Game   
    I come from a small game studio and we work very hard to develop an Arcade game - Dashero: Sword & Magic
    This is a full 3D action game with lovely cartoon style.
    Now the game is in pre-register stage. I hope everyone can enjoy playing this game. You supports (even just a greeting) will be greatly encouraging. 🙏🙏🙏
    App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1504030024
    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trefle.dashero

    Game Play Video

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    Peterlight reacted to killamch89 in Samsung is set to release a rollable phone next year   
    What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the phone industry should move in this direction instead of foldable phones?
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    Peterlight reacted to Kane99 in Will the PS5 be the last PlayStation?   
    Many times people have speculated that consoles will eventually stop being made, and will just be another PC. Do you ever thing that PlayStation will stop producing consoles? I personally don't think PlayStation will stop. Could they maybe stop at a certain number? 
    I remember back before the PS2 came out, Sony released some commercials for a PlayStation 9. I remember them vividly, and I don't know if anyone else remembers them. It's clear it's meant to be a joke, but it kind of feels like Sony hopes to one day get to a PlayStation 9. Here's the commercial: 
  19. Like
    Peterlight reacted to Kane99 in GTA 6   
    idk GTA 6 discussion is brought up quite often it seems, at least to me. It could feature a mafia like set of characters, but we won't know for a bit. I want them to kind of do something different, maybe a female protagonist, or 3 protagonists like GTA V. But I doubt they will do that same gimmick twice. 
    GTA is usually always about making it rich and taking over, and I suspect that will be the continued trend in GTA 6. But, I would like to see it take place in London again. 
  20. Like
    Peterlight got a reaction from StaceyPowers in Game that feel like “home”   
    I started up with quake 4 but it never felt anything like home, I just keep getting scared everytime I face a different boss.
    I think call of duty warefare is the only game I feel safe with, no alien, no scary looking weirdo, just terrorist with guns and explosives.
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    Peterlight got a reaction from Reality vs Adventure in You are given $100,000 to make a video game. What will you make?   
    I would go for something more different, like a game that has another game in it. For example, I will mix GTA 5 with call of duty then towards the end add a little bit of resident evil.
    The storyline will be massive, it will be a story that started with a peaceful town or city then boom, a war broke up and at the end the scientist will create an advance chemical that will turn everyone to zombie.
    What do you think about that?
  22. Haha
    Peterlight reacted to Joshua Farrell in Favorite Older X-Box Game   
    Who would be your favorite older game on x-box? For me, it would be Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I loved that game to death. I think I wore that game and my x-box controller out, figuring out different ways to play that game.
  23. Haha
    Peterlight reacted to AndreiMirfi in Do you like the design of the Xbox Series X?   
    I'm one of the guys that says it looks like a refrigerator :))
  24. Like
    Peterlight reacted to The Blackangel in What is Wrong with this Picture?   
    16 million TB? If that's not being downloaded by and at NASA, then this picture is Photoshop. No civilian system of any kind has that kind of storage.
  25. Like
    Peterlight got a reaction from DC in Last Game Played   
    I played FIFA 21 just few hours ago with my only friend and scored me 8-1 at first, 5-2 at second and to crown it all, he scored 5-0 in the first half then it in the second he added another 7 making it 12-0.
    Cmon, don't blame me, I know I suck at football, but I did killed him a survivor mode on Halo.lol
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