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  1. Is WoW still a MMORPG?

    Yeah I know its technically a MMO because its multiplayer but what I'm getting at is you can literally Play the game form level 1- lvl cap all by yourself now. No longer needed help from others your toons are already powerful to kill certain bosses... it just doesn't give off the mmo vibe anymore. MMORPG are for meeting up with people, helping each other do a quest or beat a boss... Not leveling you toon all by yourself being way OP to kill almost every boss. Anyone else feel the same way?


  2. Hey guys! New here really excited to see a 3LLL community start.. usually 3LLL communities are very old or people want way to much for them. Excited to be here, hoping to keep up to date on my gaming side, i have been slacking lately...


    Anyone know of any good MMORPG?

  3. Really thinking of getting the new ps5, I dont really care much even though Im a PC gamer and I can careless how the graphics or realistic a game is... If its a fun game, and Their is not glitches im playing it... Goes to show look how bad D2 is and I still play D2.

  4. What OTCG or other card games do you guys play? or do you guys even play them? Could also be RPG card game like Slay the Spire.

    I have been playing a lot of MTG on TTS. Not a fan of MTGO because you have to buy packs..

    However Pokemon Online is fun and when you buy Real life packs, you can use them in the game.

  5. I have always loved hockey, playing it watching it. However I until my late 20s I finally started to really get into hockey and actually watch the whole game. I am not sure if Hockey is just for the grown adults or what. Football has just always been easier to watch. Super excited for this season coming up! Lets go Devils!

  6. Realm Royale really ripped off their community... It was such a great game, amazing in game purchases until the end of 2019 where they really said Fuck you. I probly wasted about $50 on them.


    Diablo 3  was a huge bust and I honestly preorder the battle chest just because I was a huge D2 fan and still play D2... Just shows where the creators stands with the community.

  7. On 12/28/2020 at 7:03 PM, Patrik said:

    Not really :p, being serious about games stop making them games, also that serious competition really kill the fun in games


    I don't think so, it all depends on the game.. You're telling me that you've never got made after losing to a boss you cant beat in a RPG? If so then you have never played a game that you really really loved.


    For me sometimes I can get that rage out.. makes me feel better, and allows me to reset myself and try again.

  8. Honestly I have had better experience with Windows Capture system then I have with OBS.. Now don't get me wrong OBS and other aftermarket recordings have better features however when youre their to grab something quick and small. Windows has provided everything for you with a couple of taps on the keyboard.

  9. Yeah he got so lucky, he was able to be sponsored by Mixer, collect a hugggge! paycheck and end his contract to go back to Twitch. No matter what it seems he made out on top. Plus he made more money on twitch.


    On 12/30/2020 at 8:41 PM, Syntax said:

    I'm honestly shocked that Facebook didn't try to grab him or YouTube for their gaming channel reaches. Makes you wonder how good of a deal Twitch offered him to stay on there again now. 

    Honestly I don't think he would of accepted FB or YT... Specially the way they run there business and ads, I wouldn't accept a contract with them if I was offered a good deal. Sometimes money isn't everything specially if businesses are crooks.

  10. I play MTG, Pokemon, Yugioh and many Otcg. However you can never beat Real life TCG with Otcg. Pokemon online is probly my favorite compare to MTG... I wish Yugioh had a good one out there where the booster packs you buy you can import the code in the game and get your own booster pack.


    On 12/31/2020 at 5:39 PM, Kane99 said:

    When it comes to battle royale games, are they as popular as they once were? I honestly don't think that the genre is growing in fandom. I think people are tiring of the genre and are starting to go for more observational types of games (Among Us for example). 

    Idk, does anyone else notice it? I just feel like the popularity of the genre has kind of dwindled. Yeah we still hear about Fortnite and Warzone, but I feel that's it. I wouldn't count Fall Guys among this, as I kind of put them more in a party game/battle royale. Apex Legends has kind of been forgotten as of late, and PubG is, there I guess. 

    But, I'm willing to be proven wrong. Are battle royale games still popular? Or are they more popular these days? What do you think?

    How can you say BR are no as popular as they once were? You can not compare Among Us to a BR genre... BR are still very popular just look at Fortnite and Warzone. The fandom is still there however their just hasn't been a new BR out yet. Fall guys does not count. You probably just changed your mindset to liking a different type of genre or no longer up  to date on the BR community.


    This is Just like MMORPG... or any other genre. A good game comes out its going to be more popular because of bandwagons but  once they move on to another genre or back to their original genre you see they real community come out.

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