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    Boblee reacted to Dannyjax in What's your favorite Fortnite Skin?   
    He's indeed a good warrior alright, for being ranked 2nd on skin's ranking list, it's more the proof needed. 
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    Boblee reacted to Dannyjax in Holiday gaming traditions   
    It's a good thing that you know well enough about what comes with the game. It's why the game has been a good fit for my Halloween season games. 
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    Boblee reacted to Dannyjax in Rank gaming controllers   
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    Boblee reacted to kingpotato in Which turn based RPG should I play   
    That sounds interesting, thank you, I will be sure to try it out.
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    Boblee got a reaction from Aniekwe in What's your favorite Fortnite Skin?   
    This is Raven right? I guessed because of the feathers on his waist and showed of wing beside it. 
    The Banana Skin as I love to call it. 
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    Boblee got a reaction from Aniekwe in Games for two players   
    I'm going to start copying that from you, so thanks for making me see a light where it never occurred to me. I can only tell that my lady loves board games, now I have to find out more. 
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    Boblee got a reaction from Heatman in Which turn based RPG should I play   
    If you love an RPG's game that's centered on playing the hero, then you should look into playing Terranigma where your quest would be to resurrect your frozen world and save your people. 
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    Boblee got a reaction from Justin11 in [Sponsored] MetaRace.io - breed horses, race & trade - virtually and in real life   
    You don't have to worry about it. I haven't joined any of them but I'm sure that @Heatmanis a big fan. 
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    Boblee reacted to The Blackangel in Ever get bored with your controller?   
    Humans don't actually have a bigger brain capacity. A primate brain does not denote intelligence. The largest brain of any animal belongs to the sperm whale. Yet I don't see them running fortune 500 companies or delivering pizzas. Humans hold themselves above the rest of the animal kingdom, due to their overinflated ego and pure narcissism.
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    Boblee reacted to The Blackangel in Ever get bored with your controller?   
    That's bullshit. Especially to those of us who have no family other than their pets. If they're just an animal, then so are you. We're nothing more the bipedal primates. We're just mammals. We're all part of the genus "Homo". We're not Homo Erectus. We're not Homo Habilus. We're Homo Sapien.  You're nothing but an animal. I'm nothing but an animal. @DC is nothing but an animal. This entire forum is full of beings that are nothing but animals. The only difference is: not a god damn thing. You may think you're superior to other animals, but in truth you're not. Homo Sapien is one of the lowest life forms. We have greater technology, but due to our own corruption, we're not much better than whatever is on the bottom.
    So don't ever say that they're "just an animal". That makes you come of as calling them disposable.
    "Oh it's dead? I guess I'll just get another one, and toss this one in a dumpster on the way."
    That is how animal abusers think.
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    Boblee reacted to Aniekwe in What's your favorite Fortnite Skin?   
    My favorite one is Peely. It looks funny like a banana 🍌 and it's why I like it 😇. 
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    Boblee reacted to Dannyjax in What's your favorite Fortnite Skin?   
    I have the SPIDER MAN No Way Home Skin and the second one as well. I'm a big fan of Spiderman. If another of his skin comes out, I would still get it. 
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    Boblee reacted to Empire in who else can't wait for blood Bourne 2 to be released?   
    Nah, even though I love Dark Souls 2 and 3 I feel like From is at their best creating new worlds and playing with new ideas. Dark Souls was meant to be a one off and Miyazaki himself said he isn't interested in sequels so why force them to milk a game they might not want to continue. If they want to continue Bloodborne I'll be the first in line to buy it, but I'd be more excited to see new things from them.
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    Boblee reacted to Empire in Holiday gaming traditions   
    away on holidays, I end up not gaming at all in my case... People there are more life then just gaming and being on a screen of death 😜 
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    Boblee got a reaction from Aniekwe in Games for two players   
    You have a good point mentioned here. It would even save you the stress of getting games that wouldn't even appeal to your partner. 
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    Boblee got a reaction from Knight Plug in General Gaming Discussion   
    As long as it's all but a rumor, I'm never believing anything that say in there. I have been disappointed long enough by all manner of game's rumors in the past. 
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    Boblee got a reaction from Family sedan in Last Game Played   
    I dabbled into the skateboarding game of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 today. 
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    Boblee reacted to Dannyjax in To old to play?   
    Playing games is a big part of what makes me feel happy being that I'm mostly lonely all the time. When you take away playing video games, my life would be a combination of a boring and dull life. Having said that, it's to show that I can't do without playing games and I don't mind if I get addicted to it or not because it's my happiness that comes first. 
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    Boblee reacted to Justin11 in VGR Member of the Month - May 2022 Nominations   
    I'll nominate @Clasher, he's been one hell of a poster since be signed up here on VGR. He is new, but he has won my heart this month. 
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    Boblee reacted to Shagger in Last Game Played   
    You don't need to say "Fortnite Battle Royal game", just Fortnite will do, we'll know what you're talking about.
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    Boblee reacted to Shagger in Why don't more celebs take jobs in video games?   
    Like I said, Hideo Kojima had wanted to replace David Hayter with a more high profile actor for years. David even had to audition to play Snake in MGS 3 and 4. Hideo claimed he wanted Kiefer to play Snake because he believed the older actor would attune to the motion capture better for the older version of Snake in MGS 5, which I call supreme bullshit on. He also claimed he wanted this version of snake to be a reimagining of the character, and given how story goes in MGS5, and I'll admit that dose make sense, but I still don't understand why he needed a different actor to do that. Hideo also said he wanted "real" actor instead of a mere "voice" actor, which I think is really disrespectful on his part. 
    I found a really good article/opinion piece on the subject from Levelskip if you want to check this out more detail.
    Personally, I believe Hideo wanted a more more high profile actor for promotional reasons, but that's speculation on my part. Whether Hideo's reasons make sense and if thier justifiable is for each individual to decide for themselves, but I personally believe David Haytor was done rotten in this situation and it wasn't fair.
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    Boblee reacted to killamch89 in Do you play online games to keep up with old friends?   
    Sometimes, I do login to Lords Mobile and contact my old guildmates via dm and it's always good to hear from them. I also have some of them on the LineApp so I can contact them outside of the game as well.
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    Boblee reacted to Aniekwe in Games for two players   
    My girlfriend loves Mortal Kombat and she's very good at playing it. You have to figure out what kind of games your partner loves to play, it's going to help you a lot in choosing. 
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    Boblee got a reaction from NightmareFarm in What are some older games that still don’t feel dated to you?   
    I was discussing with my friend at work and that game came up. He never believed it when I told him it was released in 2001. Square Enix was incredible with the game's design. 
  25. Haha
    Boblee reacted to Heatman in Do you like to sometimes stand when gaming?   
    I have even laid down when playing but that's mainly when my sleep is calling me so bad and I still pay deaf ear to it. I would force myself to lay down a bit and most of the time, I sleep off playing in that situation. 
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