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  1. 17 hours ago, Heatman said:

    Which games were your favorite on your PS2 back then? 

    I think I've mentioned it earlier before now. Okay, I'll still mention it again, which isn't all that different from what I'm still playing. 

    - GT Series

    - Mortal Kombat

    - GTA III, and SA. 

    - DMC 

    - God of war I, II 

    - PES, from 2010 - 2014. 

    - God hand, etc. 


  2. 3 hours ago, Clasher said:

    It's actually true that games are becoming really expensive nowadays with newer versions ranking at around $1000 to $2000 and it's quite mind-blowing. Gaming is a flourishing industry's but I still like the fact that Xbox still manages to make some of their consoles available to all not doing too many exclusives or limited versions.

    I don't know about any video game console that cost in the region of $2,000. I know the consoles and their games are just expensive nowadays, inflation caused it too, and how hungry the owners needs money. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Heatman said:

    I'm not surprised that you're surprised. Wait what? That sounded like a good line for a poem 😂.. 

    I have just drifted to my poems pick up line space right now. 

    I see, you're a poem type, you can go on and add it up in your list of poems, lol. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Heatman said:

    If you're into flight simulation games, you can get into playing AeroFly Flight Simulator or Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory. You wouldn't know when you'd get carried away with it. 

    I never played any flight simulator game before, I'm hoping to get down with the fly simulator game, let me go check down with the options you made mentioned. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Heatman said:

    It's the weight of the gun that makes me to even hate it in real life. Yes, it can be very destructive but it's one hell of heavy gun to carry. 

    But in video games you isn't see it in that perspective, because the AI can lift anything they feel like lifting without feeling the weight. 

  6. 1 hour ago, The Blackangel said:

    If you want to know who's online, all you have to do is go to the top of the page, hover your mouse pointer over forum, and then click online users. From there I always just click "logged in".

    Is that one not stressful? I want to see the icon blinking with green colour, which shows the user is online with me and not going over to the area you spotted for me. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Boblee said:

    I played it but didn't like it that much. It was very good for what was released at the time compared to other racing games of its time of release. 

    Did you have PS1 or it's compatible gaming device of the game back then? GT 1 enticed me to play when I first watched it's trailer, but couldn't play it because I was not having it's compatible gaming device then. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Heatman said:

    You can say that again my friend. Never judge a book by its cover!!! 


    I get that a lot of most of the time, so you don't have to worry about it. I'm not surprised at all. 

    Lol, no problem but I'm surprised though seeing you say, you're 42 years old. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Boblee said:

    I have mastered using Bluestack software to play the game on my PC and it's been so cool. I have been missing a lot by not playing it on PC long before now. 

    That's encouraging to hear, you've mastered the art of using the BlueStack software while playing the game. I never used it before, I'll be eager to learn how it works with video games that are compatible with it. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, Boblee said:

    I never fancied the first release of Gran Turismo that much. I know they it laid the foundation of all we have in the game today which is something to be proud of. 

    That was the starting of a marvelous racing game series around GT, I didn't get to play the edition one, but starting from edition two and up to date, I've been a regular player of the series. 

  11. 10 minutes ago, Boblee said:

    She loves it more than I expected her to. It was as if she have longed for something like that for a while. She never let go of it. I had to take it from her bed when she slept off. 

    I see, you've made your nephew so happy with the acquisition of the switch lite, such will always make her happy and carrying you always in good mind. 

  12. 7 minutes ago, Head_Hunter said:

    I don't really mind putting that amount in a game, as long as I derive satisfaction and pleasure playing the games. I once spent $250 to get a new gaming chair and wall lights to put in my gaming room just to get the whole place lit and appealing to be in. 

    That's interesting to hear friend, which shows you've been gaming for some time now, and it seems your life depends on gaming, for you to spend in the region of 250$ for a gaming chair and wall lights. 

  13. 26 minutes ago, Heatman said:

    I can't ever forget my experience with playing all of the Winning Eleven game's releases. I played all of them and never skipped one till they decided to kill off the game with their practices. 

    I don't know much about the series, the only edition I can remember in the series is the 99 edition of the game, very impressive back then. Just that I couldn't play it much, since I didn't own a console back then, I only watched through, and paid money in the game villa to play for some cameo. 

  14. 1 minute ago, Heatman said:

    Ever since you started playing Gran Turismo 7, what's your favorite track in the game and what's your favorite racing vehicle? For me, it's the Autopolis International Racing Course that's in Asian region. 

    Their are list of tracks in the game, I love racing around three of them, which is as follows; 

    - Deep forest raceway

    - The trial mountain track 

    - The Iconic Apricot Hill 

    When it comes to my favourite vehicle in the game, then I have to say 'Porsche 911 GT3 (997) '09. Not that their is no other, but this one is the option I can lay my hands onto. 



  15. 2 hours ago, Head_Hunter said:

    An interesting fact about the Nintendo switch handheld games was that it consists of quite a lot of games one could choose from and play. It never gets old to me and I would still love to own one. With the dope release of Nintendo switch lite which could is an on the go gaming console for your maximum Gaming experience and also good for kids.

    With 200$ you can get the Lite version of the switch, such investment is shrewd kind of investment, because you'll reap more than you spent in getting the Nintendo switch lite. 

  16. Persona series is of course my favourite JRPG, I got into it recently after watching my friend take on the game in my presence. Such made me to borrow the game from him to test my hand, and at the moment the game is making my days good. 

  17. 7 hours ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

    Installments I meant was buying a new game, then spending more money on DLC or another edition a year later. So what seems like installments is actually spending MORE money on the same game in two different purchases a year apart. So it seems cheaper when the amount of money you spend is split in two payments instead of all at once. There aren't any cheaper installments. I don't want to buy a $90 game. But $60 now and $30 later for DLC just feels cheaper. Best thing to do is let the game age a couple years and buy the gold edition for $25 or so. But when it's your favorite game, of course we will buy it new, and get caught up spending more on the game a year later. 

    I got exactly what you passed on, and that's a way to save some cost over time. Even me too, I don't enjoy coughing out that amount around $90 -$99 for a single game, and again, installment can be better, because with time you can get the funds to cover up for the DLC. 

    The best option remains, waiting for some time when the game must have aged and getting it, the cost will reduce drastically low. Even if it's my favourite, I can wait, but not too long xD. 

  18. 5 hours ago, Head_Hunter said:

    Really cool gaming chair, I like the color because it got red on them.  But I don't think this chair comes with a retractable foot rest. The one I'm currently using has one.

    Do you need foot rest for you to call it a pleasing chair for gaming? I think you can buy one in the market even if it doesn't come with the foot rest. I just love the design of the chair nothing much. 

  19. Even if my parents doesn't enjoy video games, such doesn't tell for other aging parents. Some who started from their young age still enjoy playing video games till today. I wouldn't stop playing video games even at my old age, unless the original games deviate from the normal scene and not seen as video game anymore, before otherwise can be said for me. 

  20. Just now, kingpotato said:

    You can emulate it on gba or snes it doesnt have to be on ps1

    You know I'm not a SNES user or GBA, I've been a PS user for the past 12 years, unless I'll be changing gaming platform, and at the moment, I'm not thinking about that, not even FF 6 will make me do that. 

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