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    Justin11 reacted to Crazycrab in Premier League 2022/2023 discussions   
    Well it's a continuous event so I think you could without any issue.  I think you could include Scottish, International, European and other leagues in the same thread without confusion.  I'm not trying to take a dump on this interest, I'm actually trying to help.  Spreading multiple leagues and tournaments over multiple topics will only result in most (if not all) of them flaming out.  Having one or two threads dedicated to the discussion will keep active for longer if not indefinitely.
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    Justin11 got a reaction from runswithspatulas in Brag about   
    @runswithspatulas said it all. I hate it all when someone is so self acclaim, always citing good about him/herself. I know humans has ego, but we don't have to let that show up to our fellow, it should live privately within us. I don't stay too long with people that brags about themselves, citing about personal belongings, and downgrading someone who doesn't have much in his or her life. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Shagger in RIP Stadia - Closing up January 2023   
    I've got to give Google credit for offering those refunds. I can say with absolute certainty that other companies would not have done the same.
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    Justin11 reacted to killamch89 in Is there any such thing as "overhyped" or "overrated" video games?   
    Honestly, I definitely have to agree with you - even since 2k Games got WWE license from THQ, the series has gone steadily downhill in terms of quality and entertainment. The worst part about it is, some of the bugs that were present in previous releases as far back as 5 years ago, are still not fixed which is ridiculous considering what the game costs.
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Ajibusu in Xbox Is Testing Game Pass Family Sharing   
    Definitely, it's a good addition to Xbox game pass. I have a cousin that uses Xbox one, he runs frequently out of subscription, I'll let him know about this since he isn't regularly online checking new features of Microsoft devices. He can share this information with his Xbox friends whenever he runs out of subscription. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from melanie_marie27 in Do you think money can buy you quality team that can win you everything?   
    My answer is capital NO. If you doubt, go ask PSG, if their blockbuster spending spree made huge impact in their top ambition which to win the champions league since the Qatari owner took over? The answer remains No. 
    Their is no doubt, money can build great team, when injected wisely, you don't just buy big names, because you feel they can transform the team with immediate effect. Such backfires, the best, is building from academy players, nurturing them with the best training facilities/equipments to aid their development faster. 
    Such made Barcelona huge success in the past, their famed 'La Masia Academy really helped them to achieve the greatest benchmark in the history of the game, winning unprecedented sextape of trophies two times, which made them the first to win it in European football, including numerous other honours. Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Liverpool, Ajax etc, don't rely on already made players, they build their stars from the academy setup. 
    Ever since Barcelona shifted their attention away from their famed academy 'La masia' success at the highest level eluded them. Because they went for already made players who aren't acquainted into their Tiki-Taka system of football, which cost them huge amount of money and sending them into bankruptcy with lots of debts to clear. 
    Building your team around potential stars is the best, and you can recruit them from the youth form, which is from the academy. You wouldn't buy every good talent with money that can adjust to the brand of football the team posses. It takes time to build up, success doesn't come immediately in football. I don't believe in spending huge amount of money to buy already made players, instead, use the money to scout for young talents and grow them to become super stars, they can become more successful due to the chemistry/connection within the team.  
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    Justin11 got a reaction from melanie_marie27 in Would you eat fast food every day if it was good for you?   
    You talking about your local restaurants right? here in my locality food is too expensive, unless you're either of Jeff or Elon, before you can comfortably spend money on those restaurants to eat quality food. As a salary earner, I can't continue warning down my earnings on those expensive dishes, unless I want to trek for life. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from melanie_marie27 in Best Bottled Water in your opinion   
    Too bad, that's the kind of water I'm talking about, which isn't good, same occurs here in my country. They call it pure water', but when you look closely to the water, you'll see it being unpurified, not good for drinking. That's why I prefer making a drinking water for myself, by boiling it and removing the hardness in the water and make it a good water for drinking. 
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    Justin11 reacted to melanie_marie27 in Best Bottled Water in your opinion   
    Yeah we did something similar when we first moved here.. put tap water in a glass and watched it overnight. By morning, we saw some little specky-specks floating on top.
    They were brown and orange. 🤢
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    Justin11 reacted to Crazycrab in Best Bottled Water in your opinion   
    I'm curious to know exactly what you mean by "pure water".  I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking that pure, no additives, PH neutral, biotic free H₂O is the best water to drink, but this couldn't be further from the truth.  You can get this type of water through distillation or a condenser, the type of mechanism often found in de-humidifiers.  If you have one of these you might have noticed that there is usually a warning label that sates that the water collected in the reservoir is not suitable for drinking and with good reason, it's DISCUSTING!
    The truth is good drinking water is supposed to be slightly acidic because the saliva in your mouth is slightly alkaline, the "impurities" are sources of nurturance such as minerals and vitamins and many of the bacteria that breed naturally naturally in drinking water are pro-biotec and aid digestion.  Boiling water the allowing to cool is fine but hope for your sake your not drinking condensed "pure" water, it's not doing you any good whatsoever 
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    Justin11 reacted to melanie_marie27 in Would you eat fast food every day if it was good for you?   
    That's a wise choice, plus, you can make something like a casserole and have it last for days. Maybe at least 3-4 days. Healthy and affordable.
    McDonald's is good the first time around. But warming it up for later...not so good.
    Taco Bell, yes. Just don't microwave the nachos (soft).
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    Justin11 reacted to Shagger in You Can Only Save One Person, Who Do You Choose?   
    You can't be serious, right?
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    Justin11 reacted to Techno in You Can Only Save One Person, Who Do You Choose?   
    I think Crazycrab meant the most fertile.
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Ajibusu in 2K Support Hacked   
    2FA is the go to security protocol system at the moment for any user online and one of my best security option is 'Google Authenticator system. With that, no one can access my sensitive information, I think 2k company did well to inform their users to revert to such security protocol to safeguard their account from malicious attack. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Ajibusu in If You Have A PS4.. Do This Right Now   
    Yes, immediately I went through the tutorial video, I got all I needed to know about PS4 when I am having issue of 'lagging. I've already saved the video using screen recording. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Family sedan in Last Game Played   
    GT 7 on PS4
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    Justin11 got a reaction from melanie_marie27 in Do you use your PC to watch movies more than TV?   
    I watch more on TV than using my PC when I was that movie dude. TV feels better and shows on a wider screen than on PC when you're watching on 52" plasma TV or something bigger, lol. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from melanie_marie27 in YouTube, radio, headphones, or Sirius?   
    Most of my audios and videos I am enjoying today comes from YouTube, even in my dreams I'll still choose YouTube. YouTube is very easy to search for any music of your choice or even a movie and watch or play at your convenient time. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from melanie_marie27 in Songs that quickly make you change the channel   
    I don't see any song I don't like at tbe moment, I encourage music, because it isn't easy to bring information to people through melodies. It is rare for me to have negative thoughts over a particular soundtrack, unless the lyrics is so bad, with meaningless sentences. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from melanie_marie27 in Would you eat fast food every day if it was good for you?   
    It will be much on me, the restaurant foods are quite expensive here in my demographic of I go for those quality and tasty ones that meets my need. I rather cook those delicious meals on my own and cut down expenses. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from melanie_marie27 in Best Bottled Water in your opinion   
    Here in my demographic, we call it 'pure water', I don't see much in that pure water bottled water. When you carry out test on the water filled on the bottled water, you'll see contamination in most of them. I prefer boiling water and drinking it later. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from melanie_marie27 in Movies you ALWAYS watch when you see them on TV   
    - Scorpion King - ( The Rock version ) 
    - George of the jungle 
    - Os Titanic 
    - Mr Bone
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    Justin11 reacted to Kane99 in PlayStation Tournaments Beta for PS5 launched today   
    Has anyone tried out the PlayStation Tournaments Beta for PS5 yet? I hear it dropped today. From the looks of things, it sounds like you can join tournaments that are added to their database. I don't see a mention about starting your own tourney, but I think if they include such an option, it would draw a lot more people in. So far I think it's Sony hosting the tourneys. But if we had the option to create our own, that would rock. 
    More on this here - https://compete.playstation.com/en-us/all/articles/222743
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    Justin11 reacted to Reality vs Adventure in Let's create a video game   
    Let's be creative and create a blueprint for a game. It's just for fun and and you can be as creative as you like. Each response can be a short paragraph or or two to get an idea so that a whole page of suggestions doesn't take over the game. But feel free to reply as many times as you want with fresh ideas. Kind of like D&D card game but without the cards or a board. But the idea is that each response is a turn that develops upon the game. It can be absolutely anything, but keep in mind the flow of story, settings, characters, and gameplay. Please reply as many times you want as there is really no turn base. Before we start we should agree on a starting theme or setting. Anyone want to start? And if anything isn't clear then just post and ask here before we get started. We can agree on an idea or just jump in and begin. Wutcha think? 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from runswithspatulas in Favourite Achievements/Trophies in Games?   
    That's tremendous to hear, it's been a while I played Fortnite, but back then it used to be amazing game to play and compete with the very best in the game. My favourite trophe is the one I enjoy winning an online gamer via FIFA, or Motorcycle GP online exhibition race. 
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