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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Steffan in Amazon Prime Gaming   
    Amazon are simply everywhere, amazing addition from the executive to introduce video game feature, offering epic games on mobile, consoles and PC's. I'll go check it out, I didn't pay enough time, so, this one passed me by. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from killamch89 in Give your prediction: which club will win UCL 2021/2022?   
    Such turnaround of those three teams you mentioned were shocker to me. I didn't expect them to walk pass PSG at the first place, I was thinking PSG gonna go through, due to their star players in the guise of 'Leo Messi, Mbappe and Ney. That's a hit in the ass for PSG and a blessing to Real Madrid team, since it was the starting of marvelous achievement for them. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from killamch89 in Are you loving the 5 substitution chances in world football?   
    That's great point you made. Before, it wasn't easy for them during UCL matches. Whenever they want to be their best, injuries is always a hindrance taking them down from achieving their goals, due to their star players sustaining injury caused by jam-packed fixtures without proper rest. With the higher number of substitutes, the manager can rotate the team and bring in more fresh legs when the game needs changes, rest food players too, maybe bring them second half when the game needs some magical moments to scrap any of them  through. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to DC in Celebrating 150,000 Posts at VGR Forum   
    I want to congratulate and thank each of you for contributing to 150,000 posts on VGR forum! This is a huge milestone, and it is hard to believe we accomplished it so soon after we hit 100,000 posts late last year.
    I am so proud not only of how active our community is, but how much quality and consistency we have maintained over the years. While VGR’s membership has grown, we retain a tight-knit core of dedicated members who continue to engage in compelling, thoughtful dialogue, and who support each other as part of an inclusive and welcoming community. Thank you all again for all you have done to make VGR forum a top destination for discussing video games online.
    As always, if you have any questions or suggestions about VGR, please feel free to post here to contact me via private message. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Terry94 in Football Manager   
    It's been a while I played it, not on console, but I did it back then on a mobile phone. I enjoyed the game back then, just that it was on 2D viewer's mode. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Withywarlock in At what stage would you consider it an addiction?   
    Impressive video you posted @Heatman, with lots of positives to take from it. I think the parents neglected their son to become so aggressive. Because, at that age, they should control their child's behavioral pattern around video games and any other things that seems addictive or abnormal. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Yaramaki in Ask Yaramaki   
    Haha damn sounds like something a woman would ask me on a first date.
    I'm 36 years young, what about you, i've always wondered where you are from @Head_Hunter why don't you open up a thread so i can ask it 😉?
    I woulden't mind telling how much i earn in a month but i don't think it would be wise to tell that on a public forum. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Yaramaki in Fast car racing games: F1 2021 and F1 2022   
    pretty sure he is talking about the remastered version of hot pursuit that originally came out in 2010, which was rereleased in 2020.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Yaramaki in Ask Yaramaki   
    How old are you @Yaramaki? And how much do you earn in a week, month working? 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Heatman in Ask Yaramaki   
    How old are you @Yaramaki? And how much do you earn in a week, month working? 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to DC in VGR Member of the Month - May 2022   
    Please cast your vote in the poll above for this month's Member of the Month. The winner will receive 500 VGR Forum Points.
    Member of the Month is generally awarded to the individual who had the biggest impact on the VGR Forum. This is generally in the form of contributing the most amount of posts in terms of quantity and/or quality, but can extend to referrals/promotion and other efforts to benefit the community.
    Voting closes June 5 at 10pm EST. You may vote for yourself and you are encouraged to ask your friends to sign-up to VGR and vote for you!
    PS: I removed some nominations for a variety of reasons and have the consolidated the list of eligible participants in this thread. Thanks.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to The Blackangel in Sony plans to end the PS4 by 2025   
    I've read a few articles that say Sony is planning to end the PS4 by 2025, in an attempt to put all their focus on the PS5. They are apparently slowing games production for the PS4 considerably already. But their plan is to move past the PS4, and go full-steam-ahead with the PS5. While I see this as a logical step from a business perspective, I don't think it will work out the way they want. The PS5 was released 2 years ago, and is still incredibly hard to find. The PS4 didn't suffer the same release issues. I know Covid is a factor here, so I'm forgiving them for that. But the world will still be reeling from the "aftershock" at best by 2025. The retailers are having an almost impossible time getting it. The only current gen system that is widely available is the Xbox Series S. The Series X is in the same boat as the PS5. So like I said, logical from a business perspective, but not a good idea just yet. Until production for the new system is able to go full-steam-ahead again, I don't think plans to discontinue one of their most successful consoles is the way to go. Granted we're talking about the games themselves here, but considering the context of things, they're essentially ending the PS4 all together if they stop releasing games for it.
    Here is one of the articles I read.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shagger in Who do you admire in the gaming industry?   
    I'm not going to question anyone's admiration for George R.R. Martin, if that's how you feel then that's how you feel and I'm not going to disrespect that viewpoint from anyone, gut I genuinely do not get where that is coming from. In his entire life, his resume in the game industry reads he co-wrote one game, and that is literally it. And that was a game that only just released in that last few months. Game of Thrones and the books it's based on have no connection to any video game at all. Honestly, that admiration could be placed at the feet of Andrzej Sapkowski (Author of The Witcher series) and it would as much sense, and that's a man who has publicly disrespected video games as medium. True, Gorge R.R. Martin hasn't done that, but he has himself admitted he has no personal relationship with video games and could count the amount he has played on one hand.
    Sorry @Aniekwe and @Heatman, but it doesn't make sense to admire this man for his "contribution" to video games.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shagger in Which tournaments can I join to make money playing Fortnite and other Battle Royale Games?   
    This first thing I have been able to find out is the the Fortnite Dreamhack Tournament appears to have expired, so I'm afraid that's out.
    The second thing is I'd advise caution. Legitimate tournaments do often expect players to pay to be a part of the professional associations to pay for tournaments making it very easy to be scammed. I'd never discourage anyone from perusing esports if they're serious about it, but with all due respect the way you have worded you post tells me that you haven't given this much thought. Sometime game companies might host open competitions like Dreamhack, but most of them are made for professionals with capital to invest into thier career either from themselves or from investors and sponsors, and it takes being the absolute best players with a proven record to get there.
    By all means , keep an eye out for tournaments like Dreamhack in the future and even share them with VGR when you learn about them, but be carful out there.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from kingpotato in Last Game Played   
    Dying Lights 2
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    Head_Hunter reacted to killamch89 in Community Chat #1   
    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G - the last Samsung flagship with a micro SD slot and the last one I'll ever be buying.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shagger in Are certain games better in online play, or story mode?   
    None of that changes the fact that people can and do pay money for an advantage in FUT over other players. Buy buying more packs than you can just naturally earn by playing the game, you increase your chances of getting higher value, rarer and more advantageous player cards to build you ultimate team with. That makes it pay-to-win. This is disgusting in a free-to-play game, but on a franchise that demands at least full AAA price year after year (and you have to buy the game year after year as your FUT progress is re-set each time the new game comes out, another bullshit move from EA), it is despicable. I'm glad you find it amusing, somebody should, but personally it makes me feel sick.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shagger in FIFA 99   
    You don't get to bad mouth other members to me on the open forum, that is not fair and it is not your place to do so. Even if it were, there's no point on you putting what I've already said into your own words then posting it, it's just repeating the same point for no reason. @Head_Hunter has been told, so now we move on. Besides you called him out it yourself already, so doing it again is, if anything, even more pointless and redundant than the very post he made. What you should have done is report the post then be done with it. His mistake is not invite to have a discussion about it. The thread has been derailed quite enough. Drop it.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shagger in Are certain games better in online play, or story mode?   
    FUT stands for "FIFA Ultimate Team". It's the game mode from EA's Official FIFA games that serves as the platform for online multiplayer, or at least that's what EA will tell you. The truth? FUT is the platform from which EA's scams thier own audience though some of the most horrendous, blatantly pay-to-win microtransactions and loot boxes in the entire game's industry.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from killamch89 in Official Cryptocurrency Thread   
    Nice point mate, I thought about that too. Government agencies ought to have looked into it,trace the developers of the coin and question them for causing max loss that touched even the rich so bitterly. Such is Ponzi steps, no difference, because they caused much more losses than profit for investors. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Justin11 in what do you all think about this gaming chair I just ordered?   
    Do you need foot rest for you to call it a pleasing chair for gaming? I think you can buy one in the market even if it doesn't come with the foot rest. I just love the design of the chair nothing much. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Yaramaki in How much longer will Xbox 360 be supported   
    I'll disagree on that, I still play my 360 and ps3 all the time and i'm not the only one who does that, so that doesen't mean microsoft or sony should dich the little support of their old consoles as there is still a community that plays these console often, the good thing is that atleast they keep up their respective stores online for now which is a good thing if only for game preservation. How many digital only titles and dlc for that matter would dissapear forever when they decide to pull the plug on both stores.
    I know most of you don't care about that and just want to play the latest games and you know there is nothing wrong with that but try to see it from the other angle aswell.
    You could pretty much say the ps4 and xbox one is also outdated because it's base models are 9 year old hardware which is in technology terms acient. 
    I just got a 320gb slim ps3 and while the installation was a nightmare and toke almost 8 hours, i played quite a few hours of gran turismo 6 and you know that game looks better then a lot of ps4 games, same with forza 4 it's still the best in the series if you ask me and still looks great, if you ask me  it's still worth keeping these consoles around if you like those games.
    You of all people should know because you've used a ps3 probably longer then most of us, imo there are still plenty of games to discover that are worth playing today. As for myself i missed out on a ton of ps3 exclusives that are imo still worth playing today.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Clasher in Do you usually blackout when playing games?   
    That's true mate, I know we all got passion and deep love for gaming but when it is having some side effects it should be stooped or given a break From. Personally gaming help to relieve my stress but I'm not always in a frenzy to play video games as sometimes my body needs a good rest instead of putting that time into gaming I just go to sleep .
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Clasher in Favorite online games on PS4 console?   
    Over watch is also a really cool multiplayer shooter game I like to play with my folks online. And I think blizzard entertainment has been able to give us some really good games over the years like StarCraft, world of Warcraft and now over watch. Would love to see more games coming from this developer. What are your thoughts on this?
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Empire in Who is your favourite sports player in history?   
    Jamie Dwyer. Field hockey legend. The guy is 43 and still part of the international Australian team. If you've never seen Field Hockey played then have a watch of this. He is certifiably amazing, speed both with the stick and foot speed and is able to create magic from pretty much anywhere on the field.
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