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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Withywarlock in In-game activities you deliberately do slowly to make them feel more realistic   
    In GTA S.A, I love doing some kind of coding stuffs, especially in the PS2 era. I love to code turbo jacket, code aeroplane to fly to the airport within the territory of Miami. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Heatman in Who are your favorite reviewers?   
    xD,  I just hope it stays in-line with the discussion topic,so anyone don't get upset. I love to stay cool, than drawing out issues, 
    Back on topic;
    Videogamedunkey, VanossGaming are YouTube gaming channels specifically on reviewing video games, and also bringing up trending video game news etc. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Withywarlock in What games make the best use of controller vibration?   
    Everyone has choice on this I wouldn't stretch my opinion on this for everyone, mine always feels right when I'm playing football related game, it happened with Rocket league, the vibration was super when the vehicle jumps. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from killamch89 in Community Chat #1   
    I love dogs as pet, just that the ones I had in the past didn't last longer, illness took them away from me. They're two German Shepherd, it was sad to bury those two dogs back then. I wouldn't dare to take rat as pet, due to their pattern here in my demographic, they are trained criminals xD. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to skyfire in Do you pay apps so you can get rid of the ads?   
    Its not whether it catches or not. it's more like looking for free wifi from the range. and it tells you password of those free wifi spots.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to The Blackangel in Taking a brief step back for a little while   
    I'm going to be taking a step back from the internet for a little while. Things are piling up and getting stressful, so I need to take some time to decompress. It shouldn't be too terribly long. But once I get my head in the right place, I will definitely be back. So until I'm back you guys will have to rely on @Shagger and @DC for all your moderation needs.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to The Blackangel in Do we need somewhere for people to "chat" instead of the amount of PM style posts going on in the forum?   
    The last thing we want to do is start deleting posts. And we would never do it just because we "don't like" what the poster says. This forum is about facts and opinions. While we moderate the forum, we have neither the right nor the privilege to moderate anyone's opinions. If we start going that route we will end up with a fascist forum ruled with an iron fist. Within a week, there will be no more members here. I don't want to see that, as I'm sure no one else does. We're about the free exchange of ideas.
    If however we do delete a post, it's because it was in direct defiance of the rules. Or it was overly offensive, or damaging. For example, if someone came here spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories about Covid, we would be on that like a pack of dogs on a 3 legged cat. I'm sure the rest of the forum would too. That person may be instantly banned, if @DC deems it necessary, or be suspended with a heavy warning. We don't want to take any kind of drastic measures like that, but if we have no other choice, we will do it. Also we don't delete posts without a PM to the poster letting them know and telling them why we deleted their post. @Shagger has deleted several of my posts in the past, and he always sent me a PM letting me know and telling me why.
    I'm not sure how I feel about timers or time limits. It seems like moderation beyond the scope to me. What we want, is for people to think before they post. Reply to the discussion if you feel you can make a meaningful contribution, or maybe don't reply until you feel you can. If I don't think a conversation is at some kind of point that I could contribute to the discussion, I leave it be. If it reaches a point that I feel I could offer something of some value, no matter how small, I'll offer it. For me personally, the vast majority of posts here are things that I can't offer anything that holds any value to the discussion. So I don't bother replying.
    We only want what's best for this forum. We're not the emperors of this forum. We're just moderators. We're going to fuck up at times. We're going to make bad calls. But we're human, and humans make mistakes. Well, @Shagger is human. I'm a vampire.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Justin11 in General Gaming Discussion   
    Which shows how time consuming the game developers are, but let's just see how it will go in the future. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Justin11 in Sony vs. Microsoft   
    Sony have already built fame, and have made lots of quality consoles hd video games too, which drove sales and in the present, it is still driving sales. Microsoft is trying on theirs, let's see what the future holds for them. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Justin11 in Do you pay apps so you can get rid of the ads?   
    You aren't the only one paying to get internet subscription services I do get it as well. That's why I'm managing it, because it is limited ajd not unlimited. I acknowledge the kind of mobile games I go to download on order not waste money unnecessarily. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Justin11 in Ikai   
    I saw it, as I watched closely to the trailer displayed at the top. The game isn't much of appealing, but it can be a great game though when you aren't having anything to play for on mobile phone.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Justin11 in I would like to ask the forum an extremely important favor   
    You have your dictionary, you can search for the word, you want me to get it for you? lol..
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Justin11 in Community Chat #1   
    I noticed it @killamch89, you're welcome, your presence is felt here, same too with your absence. I love to interact with everyone, i just want us to be around long time at VGR. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Justin11 in How would you prefer to end a long and hectic day?   
    That's the best way to end it dude, I know I wouldn't watch longer, because I will sleep off before it gets to the climax. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to kingpotato in Do we need somewhere for people to "chat" instead of the amount of PM style posts going on in the forum?   
    Guys I do have to disagree with one of your proposals here, you shouldnt be deleting other people's comments even if the comment itself is consider spam or "low quality" , I strongly agree that the quality of the comments needs to be improved but if you start to arbitrary delete comments just because the mods dont consider a comment of being "quality" its going to make most people here not wanting to post anything for being afraid that their comment might get deleted. I know that for most people here english is not their first language (myself included) and sometimes it can be difficult to translate an idea, but that is not going to change overnight and surely being told that your comment is going to be deleted if its not up to a standard is going to make us think twice before making any comment at all or just to continue visiting the forum. 

    Also there shouldnt be a problem with visiting or reviving old threads, as far as I know that is not against the forum policies.

    I do agree some threads are getting out of control and I do agree that sometimes the thread needs to be locked all toguether, or some comments do need to be deleted depending on the situation.

    But if a comment or reply or thread or whatever is going to be deleted there should be a more detailed process, like a report, a review talk between the mod and the offender, a chance to edit the comment if necessary or if possible or just simply a warning.  I dont want to find out that my comment was deleted without me knowing about it before first (if that ever happens) and I think everybody else here thinks the same.

    I do encourage some members to try to put a little more effort into your comments , since honestly the quality of the replies is very dissapointing, But we should try and change the habits on the forum.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from egghead in Your favourite game series?   
    That particular edition of FF, can't be erased easily on my memory, one of the best I love from the series so far. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shole in Ronaldo vs Messi, who is the best ?   
    You living under a rock lol
    I prefer Rolandinho to both of them to be honest.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to killamch89 in Death of maradona, can it affect Argentina football ?   
    While he was a brilliant player and a passionate fan, the footballing world will cope just fine. We all miss Maradona and his antics but life must go on.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from egghead in Who uses a video game system to watch movies?   
    You're right too. Most of my weekends is used for entertainment, their is no time I'll be around gaming and internet with all my time, I need some refreshment too and around movies and watching soccer matches. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from egghead in Does Anyone Play Play2Earn Games?   
    I was there before, trying to get my own fair share of NFTs, and sell at opensea NFT marketplace, or another NFT marketplace, and earn monetary value. But it seems that, earning is very slim there. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Reality vs Adventure in New Year Gaming Resolutions   
    I had a pretty good gaming year for 2020. I got a ps4 the summer of 2019, but I have played the best games and had the best immersion in adventures this year. Those top games being AC Odyssey, AC Origins, Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and others. I tried VR Oculus for the first time. Never before have I been this much into gaming and it continues to grow on me in a good way.
    For 2021 I'm looking forward to finishing those large games I have and beginning new ones. I know AC Valhalla is going to be a big one for me this coming year. I have Cyberpunk 2077, but I'll wait for a couple more updates before I get into it. Sure that will be a big one too. There are quite a few ps3 games I want to finish including the Dead Space series and Mass Effect. 
    I wonder what new games I will decide to get in 2021. I'm excited for all the new adventures.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Family sedan in 10 years, with no new Silent Hill game...   
    I still have Dead Space 3 running on my PS3 up to this day, even if the series is dead, killed by EA. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from kingpotato in Last movie watched?   
    Good one buddy, 
    I forgot to add a rating to it. I will verify it 7.5/10 rating, for the Bollywood movie. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from egghead in Your favourite game series?   
    At least the three you played is enough, their is no need trying to force yourself playing them, unless you want to. For me, I am satisfied with the options I played. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to killamch89 in Ikai   
    I was just pointing that out because gaming developers tend to stick with one predominant theme throughout an entire game. Ikai in Japanese means admonish, warn or prohibit so it's a very suitable name for a Japanese-themed horror game.
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