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  1. I’ve never made any money from gaming. Heck it wasn’t until recently I even did a talking playthrough. It would be nice to earn money from doing playthroughs but with me not being on any ADD medications and with my OCD grabbing hold of different games for only so long before I just jump to a next one, it is practically impossible for me to do that. Even just finishing a game playthrough is hard enough for me. Just look at my and @The Blackangel’s gaming channel. I have only posted 2 videos so far and have slacked off sense. 

  2. When you are playing in first person and not expecting to counter any enemies when all of a sudden you get attacked and killed from behind. 
    source: playing my very first first person game on pc which was dinosaur hunting. Was hunting herbivores when a raptor attacked me from behind. With the attack the game went into 3rd person mode. Scared me from 1st person gaming sense. I always used a flying and invisible cheat when playing that game. 

  3. One important thing @The Blackangel forgot to mention was you have to get spotted by the law before going back to Bronte’s. I do the glitch for the trapper pelts. It’s perpetually night, same music is always playing (lol), and you cannot pick any plants. You can buy items in New Auston. You MUST stay out of Blackwater or you will get caught. Also if you die before finishing Bronte’s mission you lose everything you got in New Austin. 

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