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    Rain Dew reacted to Boblee in Something happened….   
    I wish there was a love 😍 reaction and it's what I would have given here and it's all cos of your character name "Morning Star 🌟". It's my baby girl's name. 
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    Rain Dew got a reaction from Boblee in Something happened….   
    For anyone wondering I’m on Crystal on Goblin server. Rain Dew is my character name and my FC is Morning Star. 
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    Rain Dew reacted to The Blackangel in We got one   
    We got a PS5 today. I bought it as a gift for @Rain Dew. Someone was selling one on Craigslist. The guy said he got it thinking he would play on it, but his heart was in PC gaming. So I pawned one of my guns, and we went and got it. It’s a disc capable version. Obviously. But we finally got one. So we’re caught up with the new gen of games. We just want an Xbox Series X instead of the Series S that we have. The guy included some games since he wasn’t going to need them. Spiderman Miles Morales, Nioh, and Nioh 2. We’re looking forward to playing this thing.
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    Rain Dew reacted to Heatman in Post your unpopular opinions ?   
    I'm very sure that they wouldn't even allow you to sleep in there comfortably as well. They will still drag it out with you. 
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    Rain Dew reacted to killamch89 in Post your unpopular opinions ?   
    I have the same problem - they normally lie down where my feet are but when I start sleeping, those bastards come up the bed and lie on me. The part that gets me is when they're done sleeping they start hitting me with their paw and waking me up. That's why I always let them sleep outside in their kennel at nights. Otherwise, I'd never get any meaningful rest.
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    Rain Dew reacted to The Blackangel in Post your unpopular opinions ?   
    I lose at least half of the bed when my pitbull sleeps with me. Even if @Rain Dew isn't there she still sleeps on me. She won't go to the empty side of the bed. My chihuahua does the same thing. She curls up in the bend of my knees to sleep. Those two pin me down and don't allow me any room on the bed. They have even pushed me out of the bed once. I woke up when I hit the floor, and they looked down at me like "Whatcha doing down there?"
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    Rain Dew reacted to The Blackangel in Why is PC less popular?   
    From what I can see, assuming PC is truly less popular than console gaming, the only reason I could see for it is the cost. A good gaming PC can run you up to $2000 for a basic prebuilt PC. If you're building your own I don't know the actual cost range, but I'm sure it's not cheap either. For example, My PC is a prebuilt gaming PC and it cost $1800. But that was several years ago. A couple years ago I bought @Rain Dew a gaming laptop (again prebuilt) that cost $4000. The faster and more powerful they are, the more they cost. Whereas with a console they tend to run $500 or less for a brand new one. Depending where you get it. But unless you're buying from a scalper (fuck you if you are) you're never going to spend PC money. So I think some console gamers just settle because they can't afford PC gaming. Which in turn, ups the numbers of console gamers, which in turn, skews the numbers to yield an incorrect ratio of popularity.
    I'm a console gamer by preference, but that's not to say I have never, or will never game on PC. One of my favorite games is only available on PC, as no consoles will release it. Hatred.
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    Rain Dew got a reaction from killamch89 in Would You Be Able To Survive a Horror Movie?   
    I made it 🤗. I’ve watched so many horror movies that when I take these kind of quizzes I always make it. 
    Some of it is just common sense. Lime if you are being chased go someplace where there is a ton of people and brightly lit. Get a weapon if you can. If the killer is in the house get out of the house, etc. 

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    Rain Dew got a reaction from DC in [Sponsored] Get 10% off and change your gaming experience forever   
    I have one of these and I love it. When I’m on my laptop and just laying on the couch and playing it I lose not only my phone but the tv remote as well. So the sides of this comes in really handy to hold both. I also like how it elevates my laptop and it makes gaming in a recliner so much easier and more comfortable. If I’m in my recliner I’m not only having to deal with a hot laptop, has to be plugged in to play FF14, but also a cooling fan. This couch Cycon really really helps keep it all together and lets me stay really comfortable. 
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    Rain Dew reacted to Heatman in How many gaming headsets have you gone through?   
    Do you know what makes me very helpless whenever they do that is the look of innocence and pity on their faces 😂.. I'd ask myself what am I gonna do with you right now? 
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    Rain Dew reacted to Boblee in How many gaming headsets have you gone through?   
    I have the perfect meme for this one with your dogs 😂.. Maybe you left them alone when you should 😂.. 

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    Rain Dew got a reaction from Heatman in I finally conceded, and have giving up on Resident Evil...   
    Like @The Blackangel said I love most of the old RE games. There are one or two I don’t like mainly because of movement and controls. I just wish RE 7 and 8 were in third person. Here’s hoping any new RE release will be in third person. 
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    Rain Dew got a reaction from Heatman in What in-game food or beverage would you most want to try IRL?   
    The food and drink food in FF14. They look so good. 
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    Rain Dew reacted to The Blackangel in What in-game food or beverage would you most want to try IRL?   
    Been there, done that. Never will again.
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    Rain Dew reacted to Kane99 in What’s the worst thing you ever saw a game admin do in an MMO?   
    I think the only thing I can remember, wasn't in an MMO game, but maybe when I played gamed like Yahoo checkers, pool and other games. And I would encounter people who would forfeit a game or leave it up on their move and never finish the match. That was annoying. 
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    Rain Dew got a reaction from Heatman in Does anyone own any customized consoles or controllers?   
    I absolutely love the controller and loved the fact that I was able to pick the colors for the controller. 
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    Rain Dew reacted to Boblee in Does anyone own any customized consoles or controllers?   
    For approximately $70 for the controller, it seems like a good deal. I think I might be getting that as well. 
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    Rain Dew reacted to The Blackangel in Phil Spencer wants to ban toxic players on all platforms   
    You can try to get away from toxic gamers, but that doesn't always work. @Rain Dew had to switch servers last year on FF XIV due to a toxic guy on there. She rebuilt her FC, and retainers, but the guy recently found her again. And again, his toxicity came through as he harassed her once more.
    She has reported this more than once, but it's obvious to both of us that nothing is being done. And I don't even play FF XIV. Also with all that damn text on the screen, I don't see how you're even able to play a game, but that's another topic.
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    Rain Dew got a reaction from Joshua Canler in [Sponsored] The FFXIV MSQ is still too frustrating for new players, even with Endwalker   
    I haven’t started Endwalker yet but friends have told me it is very short. I just wonder how they will keep players playing. Probably going to roll out an expansion. I like how FF14 is playing out. For new players they can buy  class level ups and scenario skips so they can jump to the newest main quest.
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    Rain Dew got a reaction from DC in It's my 40th today.   
    Happy birthday 
    🎂🎉🎈 🥳
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    Rain Dew reacted to KuntryBudz in Should I pay extra for the PS5?   
    DELETE if not allowed
    i don't have a ps5, but my buddy in CO does. he sent me this: 

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    Rain Dew reacted to Boblee in Do You Think it's Right For People Who Pre-order or Have Connections to Get Early Access Time With Games?   
    If games pre orders doesn't offer you some privileges, then what's the essence of doing that in the first place? They should have the early access in my opinion. 
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    Rain Dew got a reaction from DC in 15,000 Member Milestone + Announcing Our Second Moderator!   
    Congratulations @The Blackangel! You will do great! Cheers🍻 🥂!
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    Rain Dew reacted to Reality vs Adventure in New religion--Biochemical-physicsanity   
    I'm starting a new religion called Biochemical-physicsanity because it is the one true religion unspoken since the dawn of man. Now that man understands the science of biochemistry and physics, we have something true and proven to worship. Gods are elements making up of every physical matter we know of. Worship them. They are within you. They make everything possible in a true reality sense. Physics such as gravity allows for us to exist. Now pray to the physics God. Biochemistry is all life including bacteria. We are composed of multicellular biochemical Gods. The physics of elements with electrons and protons working with the composition of molecules enables all of life. Our biochemical Gods form castles in Heaven called cells. The DNA sequences and gravity Gods enables all of us to move, communicate, and in some instances, think. Worship in the temple of nature, where you can see God's work proven for all to see and believe, instead of only believing. Faith is in the processes of physics and biochemistry that will never be broken. 
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    Rain Dew reacted to The Blackangel in New religion--Biochemical-physicsanity   
    You could always join The Satanic Temple. I'm a card carrying member, and highly proud of it. Check it out. The seven tenets will probably make a lot of sense and/or resonate with you.
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