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  1. Hi!

    I’m writing this as a member of Brytenwalda Studios. We are a small studio headquartered in Spain that develops independent video games. We started as fans doing mods for Total War, and later we developed the Viking Conquest DLC for Mount & Blade that many of you might have heard of.

    With this post we’re trying to find players that may be interested in our latest game, Beyond Mankind, which we launched a few months ago. We have developed it and published it on our own, and we have just released a very important patch that improves the game in almost every aspect. We are very excited to share with everyone this new version of the game and to find players that want to try it and give us their opinion.

    To put you in context, Beyond Mankind is an action RPG in the fashion of games from the last decades such as Fallout or Mass Effect, but from the perspective of an indie game. What’s more, we’ve also included some survival and exploration mechanics and a unique character creation system. It is very focused on the narrative, and pitches the player in front of existential dilemmas, the same ones actually faced by humanity itself.

    It’s set in the year 2121, a time in which the Earth is in the hands of a new and modified human race. The character you create, with memories from a dead world implanted, will be part of H.O.P.E., an elite military unit at the vanguard of a war to recover Earth.

    Here's the trailer.

    We’re here to answer any questions you might have. If there's any problem with the post or we should post this in another section, plese let us know.

    Thank you everyone for your attention!

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