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  1. As the title suggests, I am searching for examples of games that are corrupted when played today for one cause or another (at least in their original forms) due to disc / cartridge / medium deterioration, manufacturing flaws, bugs that occur even years after the fact, etc.

    Pokemon Gold and Silver are the first examples which come to mind. The save battery from the cart is also used for monitoring the in-game clock. Consequently, the battery runs out surprisingly quickly, perhaps in as soon as five years. My original cart at least can no longer save.

    Another scenario relating to Pokemon and calendar will be the initial run of Ruby and Sapphire. In those games, after one year of playing the game, a flaw in the game 's internal calendar disrupted numerous timing events, most notably the growth of berries. Although one may initially mail to Nintendo for repair in these cartridges, that service is no longer being provided. This might not ruin the game but it definitely makes going back and enjoying the experience more challenging.

    What other examples of ageing games do you talk poorly about?

  2. 10 hours ago, o-o said:

    I meant no offense; its just that usually there are way more males than females on forums and more specifically on gaming forums. At least the ones I'm active on.

    Agreed, this generally is a true statement, at least in my experiences too.

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