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    Smokey reacted to killamch89 in Wireless or wired?   
    I agree with the internet connection - it's much better wired and it's not like my Wifi speeds are bad. It's just that the ethernet connection is far more amazing.
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    Smokey reacted to Shortie in Can video games be a good distraction when going through a traumatic time in your life?? :(   
    I went through a really rough mentally abusive relationship for a while which I was scared to get out of at first due to what had been said to me. I found comfort in playing video games which too my mind away from what I was going through and as much as it didn't get me out of the situation it helped me get through the tough times. I am now happy to say I am out of the situation but I suffer a lot of mental health issues now because of that and even now, gaming is a get away for me when I have bad mental health days. 
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    Smokey reacted to ImmersionGaming22 in Can video games be a good distraction when going through a traumatic time in your life?? :(   
    Eyup smokey, I hope your well mate! 🙂
    yes bud, as discussed with Kane99 above, the escape and comfort that video games can provide, especially when we are dealing with difficult situations or occurrences is massive. Don't get me wrong they can't solve our problems or take away any hurt or anxiety we may be feeling, but sometimes in life we let things get on top of us or overthink certain situations, which usually makes things 10 times worse. The escape from reality that games can offer is sometimes that rest we need in order for our us to mentally reset or recharge, so although they don't solve or win our fights, they give us the rest bite that is usually really needed and appreciated, much in the same way as a boxer resets in between each round I suppose! Lol I'm glad they have helped you like they have me mate, as its quite easy in this day and age for things to become too much and overwhelming, so the fact that we found an escape may be more important then even we realise! Keep ur chin up pal, and I hope all is going well with your website! 🙂
    Hey Empire, I hope your well mate! 🙂
    Yes bud you are totally correct in your statement, its not a cure or a solution for stress or anxiety, infact there is no such thing as a one size fits all cure or solution to the stress or anxiety of life, but depending on thr person and of course as you rightly pointed out, the type of game you play, they can be really helpful as in providing a distraction or escape from whatever it is that's effecting you for long enough that you can have a mental rest from it and re-charge your mental coping mechanism, at least that's what I found anyway, as u see the problem I found was not the depression or anxiety i faced, bit the fact that it was constant and always there, that ended up wearing me down over time  which is when I belive bad things happen when people feel like that (no light at the end of the tunnel) whereas when you immerse yourself in something else, to the point that you forget, even just for a short time, your worries, you can reset and be in much better stead to deal with whateva your dealing with! It's not just games that can provide that escape either, we are all different and have our own preference, for some it's going to the gym, reading a book or watching a good film, it's just in my case video games are my go to therapist lol
    As to life is strange, I've played every single one if those games and absolutely love them, they are fantastic and I hope they carry on making them, ibfact they are going to be one of the next games I feature on my YouTube channel, as my channel focuses solely on story based games, so they were one of the reasons I created my channel  to feature games like them! 🙂 so yes mate I can feel you on that front as I feel the same about them 100% and I'm glad they helped you too! Keep ur chin up pal and whateva gets you through lifes bad patches us well worth doing! 🙂
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    Smokey reacted to Progrumz in Should CoD go back to Jetpacks?   
    Part of the reason that I stopped playing Call of Duty is because they got crazy with the amount of things they were adding to the gameplay. I liked the original Modern Warfare where it was a very simple game to play.
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    Smokey reacted to Shortie in Should CoD go back to Jetpacks?   
    Not going to lie I would like to see jetpacks comes back once again, I did enjoy Black Ops 3 a lot with the mechanics they used and how new and different it was. What they did with Black Ops 3 worked and it made it a fun game. Yes you still had campers as you will in ever Call of Duty game but to be honest, it also meant more people were running around the map as well due to the jetpacks. 
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    Smokey reacted to Kane99 in AEW's new game by Yukes Entertainment?   
    Yeah the new WWE game is expected to drop next month. I don't know if the new AEW game has an official release date, all I see is it mentions 2023. So probably sometime this holiday season is my guess. 
    I'm thinking of just re-playing WWE Smackdown Here Comes the Pain instead. :D 
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    Smokey reacted to Kale in AEW's new game by Yukes Entertainment?   
    I will also end up likely getting both games myself too. I played last years WWE game and it was alright. The career mode was repetitive and got boring overtime, though.
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    Smokey got a reaction from Kale in AEW's new game by Yukes Entertainment?   
    Probably. I'm sure my brother will end up getting both games at some point so I'll be able to compare the two eventually. 
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    Smokey reacted to The Blackangel in Would you say Best Buy has the best computer selection and deals?   
    I got @Rain Dew a laptop at best buy a couple years back. It was $4,000, but worth it. It's more powerful than my desktop. Both of them are gaming PC's, but her laptop has me beat. She is happy with it, and I'm happy with the desktop. Actually, I hate laptops. So if you have the money, you can get some great PC's at Best Buy. I don't know jack about building your own, so I can't comment on what is better. I've always had prebuilt computers. I did special order a custom PC about 20-21 years ago, before @Rain Dew and I met. But since then, I just go with ready to go computers. I even have an all-in-one somewhere around here.
    If you're happy with a prebuilt computer, then go for Best Buy. They'll have the best PC's. Expensive, yes. But they have the highest quality.
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    Smokey reacted to Shortie in AEW's new game by Yukes Entertainment?   
    I think to be honest, the reason most are excited for the new WWE game is due to the fact it is for John Cena and his 20 year anniversary which would make sense as he has been a huge star throughout his career. I think that is why my kids are more interested in it at the moment to be honest. 
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    Smokey got a reaction from Shortie in AEW's new game by Yukes Entertainment?   
    I'm more excited to see what Yukes does w/ AEW than what 2K has done with their next WWE2K iteration 😛
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    Smokey reacted to Kale in AEW's new game by Yukes Entertainment?   
    Yes, I plan to get it down the road. I am a fan of pro wrestling and AEW, so know for sure I'd enjoy it. I am curious how the story mode will work in it, and hope it isn't too repetitive or boring. 
    I am quite sure they will then. Happened all the time to me when I was young and wasn't online as much as i am today. 
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    Smokey reacted to Shortie in AEW's new game by Yukes Entertainment?   
    I will admit that I am excited to see what they have done with the game and I am quite surprised that my kids have not asked for this game and instead want the John Cena version of WWE 2K23 instead. Despite them knowing about it, they still haven't asked. I have a funny feeling that when it is released though and many streamers are playing it, they will notice it and will then probably show an interest. 
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    Smokey reacted to Kane99 in AEW's new game by Yukes Entertainment?   
    Some new details on AEW Fight Forever can be found via the link below: 
    https://thegamebutler.com/2023/01/05/aew-fight-forever-preview/ Includes new screenshots and a video you can see below. Honestly this game is shaping up to be something special. I hope it brings me back to my childhood of playing WWF No Mercy. I miss those days. 
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    Smokey reacted to Shortie in Galerians?   
    This is the first time I am hearing of this game. Was it a really popular game? Doesn't seem to be one that was really out there it seems with me not hearing about it. It does sound interesting though with the telekinetic powers & abilities instead of guns, especially since most games now tend to use things like guns. 
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    Smokey reacted to The Blackangel in Galerians?   
    I've never heard of it, but after seeing that trailer, I'm looking for it.
    Going by eBay, most copies are around $75 and up. I saw a couple that were about $60, but the vast majority were $75+.
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    Smokey reacted to Pepperpot in Galerians?   
    Yes. I have it and the little known PS2 sequel in my box of retro horror games. Never really played them. 
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    Smokey reacted to Shortie in Do you use a fitness tracker?   
    I had considered getting a smart watch myself as my mum has one and she loves it and is able to do so much with it but I haven't had the funds to be able to do so. Would love to be able to jump on one though in the future if I am able to. 
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    Smokey reacted to Shortie in Xbox Live 1.0 is back via "Insignia.live"!   
    Yeah that is the only issue when it comes to buying the console now, you would need to be sure it was all in working order and how you needed it to be otherwise you would face spending money and being without. 
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    Smokey got a reaction from Shortie in Do you use a fitness tracker?   
    *Looks down at his beer belly* Uhmmm nope, can't say I do. 😛 I do have a smartwatch though (Galaxy Watch 5 Pro) so it does keep me somewhat active by getting me up and going at times.
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    Smokey reacted to Shortie in Do you use a fitness tracker?   
    I don't have any specific fitness tracker on my phone but it does have a built in fitness tracker with the health app that I have on my phone and one of the features it has is to track how many steps you make each day. I find this useful if I am honest so that I can try and get my 10,000 steps in on the day if I am feeling up to it and I can keep track of that with my phone. Usually most phones have a built in health app that have a lot of good features for fitness. 
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    Smokey reacted to Shortie in Xbox Live 1.0 is back via "Insignia.live"!   
    I'd be okay with the hardwire as how I have my set up I am already hardwired with my Xbox so I would just switch that hard wire out to the OG Xbox and then be able to take it from there. I don't think I still have many games left if at all now though, just the console so I would have to grab some games if I was able to if I wanted to check this out again. 
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    Smokey got a reaction from Shortie in Xbox Live 1.0 is back via "Insignia.live"!   
    Yeah, it would be awesome. Unfortunately no "Wifi" compatibilities on the OG Xbox, so you're stuck to being hardwired, if I was ever to try this, I'd need an OG xbox, the games, and to be able to connect it to my router directly. 😛 It is a great idea though!
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    Smokey got a reaction from killamch89 in Hitman VR   
    I'm a big fan of the Hitman series and recently found a youtube channel that posts clips of them playing Hitman in VR and I gotta say, it's making me wanna get a VR headset. Maybe it's my inner crazy person, but it looks fun taking out your targets in virtual reality, if I'm honest. 😄
    Here's a video showing it off:
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    Smokey reacted to Shortie in Will we see more Switch & Steam Deck competitors?   
    With the success of the Switch and the Steam Deck it is pretty much inevitable now that we will probably see more companies coming out with their own versions of these consoles that can also be handhelds. I have said it for the longest time and even now I would still love to see it and that is for Xbox to jump on the handheld. Something like a console that is also a handheld I feel would be amazing and very popular from Xbox. 
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