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  1. 7 hours ago, Grungie said:

    Honestly, anti-piracy tends to make it more of a pain for legit customers than the pirates. Most DRM gets cracked very quickly, so it only deters it for like… 24 hours.

    I wish I could pirate software at work, and it’s not because I want to save my company money. It’s because it’s less of a pain. Enterprise licenses are jank af.

    yeah enterprise licenses are a bit hard to work with. 😅

    also, according to what I read from how to geek's article below, about Denuvo being cracked in 24 hours, that happens most of the time, but the longest before a game was cracked was 99 days for Assassin's Creed origins. 👇

    🔵 What Is Denuvo, and Why Do Gamers Hate It?

  2. 21 hours ago, Crazycrab said:

    Oh for fucks sake!  Denuvo is useless!  Customers (especially on PC) know it's useless, developers know it's useless, even publishers know it's useless.  the only reason anybody uses it is so say they can claim that they are doing something about the money their not loosing to piracy.  Denuvo is usually cracked within 24 hours and even if it isn't, the customer base that do have a legit copy that they paid for have to suffer.  This is without considering the hypothesis that piracy doesn't actually loose these companies any profit.  Think about it, if you would rather go through the hassle of downloading a cracked version of a game that probably has tonnes of adware bollocks then you obviously weren't willing to buy the game in the first place!  For game publishers piracy is an enemy that doesn't exist.

    Yeah, I swear, I've talked to people who buy the games, but then go and download the crack version, so they just won't have headaches.
    Why do they even bother at this point if it's cracked within 24 hours.

    They're just antagonizing more people. 🤔


    Once it's announce that a game has denuvo on it, the crackers start the countdown on the game, ready to crack once it comes out.

    The more people they annoy, the more people who buy games even start donating some spare change to the crackers, because they do a better job. 🤷‍♂️

  3. A game where a bunch of bald, naked men and women find themselves on a strange island, then the first thing they do and pick up rocks and try to kill each other.

    then even after they are killed, they find themselves waking up, alive on the same damned island, so to end their misery they start cutting down trees, to make more sophisticated tools 🛠, to end each others misery, but no.

    it has no end, so they invent more weapons, crossbows, guns, bombs, maybe if they kill each other enough times, their misery will end. maybe they have a thousand lives each, so they try and try, eventually they start building bases, teaming up into groups, finally researching and gathering enough materials to equip heavy armor, shoot AK's at each other, fly helicopters across the islands to wage great wars with each other, and bomb each other's megabases to oblivion...


    Finally, 1 mega clan rules the island, and then... their wish is granted. All their work is rewarded, pain and suffering, comforted.

    They pass on into the next life, the server is wiped, and a new batch of tortured souls spawn on the islands.


    The story of RUST. 🤣





  4. On 4/17/2022 at 10:23 AM, Crazycrab said:

    You know what, I think we've listed literally all of them at this point. I think we should keep this topic going, but maybe switch to a different letter?

    yeah, maybe this should be a new topic though? 😅

    I can't think of any, off the top off my head.

  5. The main character tries to remember where he is and what he is doing, he finds out he can't even recall his own name.


    he spots a sock on the ground, it has a name embroidered on to it. It says "Ben", he still doesn't recall anything, except that spell he mumbled earlier that apparently summoned a dragon, which just now landed into the clearing a few meters off, scaring away all the yellow eyed creatures lurking in the shadows.

    he starts walking toward the dragon a bit unsure of what to do next.


    What do you do next ? (next comment has to reply with the action he takes)

  6. All of these choices could be quite scary, though I picked the one that would be quite hard for me...
     I just picked #1, it sounds like the walking dead or something like outlast, oh well.
    But one thing's for sure, no matter which situation I might end up in, I'll do my darndest to survive! 🪓😅

  7. 1 hour ago, Empire Of Sight said:

    I Trained a harem of monkeys spanking The Elder Butts NSFW memes

    I Trained a harem of monkeys spanking The Elder Bananas🍌 NSFW memes

    (I wonder if google is going to pick up on these keywords for anything at all lol.🤣)

  8. On 8/13/2022 at 6:13 AM, The Blackangel said:

    I would like to see some things geared towards classic gaming. Maybe an NES cartridge or something.


    As far as I know, these come from 2 places, dirt cheap from a garage sale, or rather pricey, from a dude that salvaged it from a garage sale and put it on eBay. 😉 (just kidding)


    that asides, it would be an interesting prize, although I guess the problem or part of the prize would be shipping I guess? 🤔

  9. 2 hours ago, Justin11 said:

    RE got lots of editions, you can choose from 1-8 depending the one that pokes your interest. I love RE- 2, RE-4 and RE-7. I am yet to play the newest edition, RE-8, since my attention shifted to other action adventure games. 

    yeah, I ended up not buying it as I was really short on extra cash, oh well. capcom and steam can have my money next time when I have plenty to spend down the road. 🤣

  10. 4 hours ago, Shagger said:

    this is same Sony that once sold the PS3 at a $300 loss per unit because they understood how important it was to get the console into peoples homes.

    Well, it seems that valve has now taken up this marketing decision with the steam deck, how come Sony has done the opposite now?

    Does this have anything to do with the global chip shortage? 🤔

    I wonder what the real reason is? Even after they started entering the "PC market pie" and started selling their Console exclusives to the PC platform, its still lacking in sales to make them do a console price increase? Is this a reverse psychology market tactic because the demand is high? 


    On the other hand, the people with steam deck's waiting list from Q4, has now been bumped up to Q3, because of "smooth production increase"


    • Article: I cannot get over Valve's aggressive pricing for the Steam Deck | VentureBeat
    • [Valve went with a ‘painful’ price
    • So, what happened here? Did Valve just discover some secret to lower its price? While I’m sure the engineers at the company did find some key ways to save cash, the reality is that they are almost certainly losing money on this hardware. Valve chief executive officer Gabe Newell confirmed as much in an interview with IGN.]
  11. 32 minutes ago, Clasher said:

    Eating with hands is quite normal in man parts of the world though.

    I have had the opportunity to eat some street food and to honest they test really good, I have eaten the bean cake, massa made from baked rice and eaten with a vegetable sauce really tasty and many too numerous to mention.

    Some are made on the streets but around areas where it is quite clean looking but some are made near the sewers and drainage paths and places like this is where it becomes quite irritating to buy some street food from.

    I've also traveled around to different countries and done that. 😉


    Eating with hands on the street is not an issue to me, but like what you said, the ones that prepare and sell street food near the gutters are the ones I probably stay away from. 😅💦

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