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  1. AHAHA, I grew up in places around asia so I'm used to seeing and knowing certain street food are prepared like that. 🤣

    indian food are some of my favorites, though if the place is really really filthy I will avoid it, though if there is a decent crowd and the food is good its fine...


    there's a certain acceptable compromise for me when it comes to street food of various countries. 😉

  2. I don't always lose things, but when I do, oh boy do I wish there was a CTRL-F overlay IRL just so I can spend my time elsewhere instead of hunting around for a few hours for the thing that's gone missing. 🤣



  3. On 8/14/2022 at 8:31 PM, Grungie said:

    It goes up and down.

    it really depends on whether I have money to spend, or if there's something I really really want to put my money towards to warrant my spending. 😁


    there's no certain amount or budget. there are soft limits though against overspending. 😋

  4. I volunteered to be the de facto phone photographer for a group outing once. 😂😅

    also, once I helped distribute and pack a donation drive of groceries as a Christmas gift for the less fortunate.

  5. for me, the recent deer hunter games and similar of the genre fit in the category of simulators.


    and from watching videos and gameplay reviews, as a simulator, I'd say they're getting better at feeding me info of "real" life scenarios of hunting.

    I'd say just off the top of my head the realism inside these recent hunter genre games are somewhere between 60-75% in my opinion.


    If I'd play these kinds of games, I'd say if I met an actual hunter, this could be a conversation starter piece, although I'd say a disclaimer first of how I'd learned stuff from a game, and I'm a IRL noob when it comes to the real stuff. 😉😅

  6. like all tools available to mankind, VR can be good, when used for good with the right goals in mind, likewise it can be also very bad, bad to the level of addicting and could damage your vision, maybe.


    and we haven't even brought in the sci-fi dystopia scenarios fiction authors present to us yet.

    after all, at the rate technology is progressing, it's only a matter of time before sci-fi, becomes sci-fact. 😅

  7. welcome to VGR, and although I didn't find out about the internet in its infancy, at least I still got to witness when ASCII art, and text emotes still was dominant across the internet forums, and also "XD" is my favorite emote of all time, I used to end every damn sentence with them on an online chat XD. 🤣 XD XD XD XD 

  8. I prefer gaming on PC, as in "PC master race" 😋

    though I don't mind playing games on any other console or device.

    3 hours ago, Justin11 said:

    I am looks looking to upgrade one of my Tecno phone to the latest of it's brand, which is Camon 19 Pro. That one will enable me play better mobile games without lagging due to it's higher RAM capacity. 

    hmmm, you like only tecno phones? infinix is also from the same company, just with a different recipe for phone components. 😁

  9. 3 hours ago, Justin11 said:

    Go for quality RAM devices, the higher the RAM the bigger the phone performance in terms of gaming. Prices differs, I'll suggest the following mobile phones suitable for gaming: 

    - Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 

    - Iphone 13 Pro Max 

    - Asus ROG Phone 6 

    - Black Shark 5 Pro 

    - Tecno Camon 19 Pro

    You can check their prices at Amazon store, but bear in mind, you'll spend more funds for this devices due to their high quality and features. 



    hmmm, lot's of people like the Black shark or the ROG phone,

    I recently bought a "gaming" phone according to the marketing, but I just needed a replacement for my old phone, so I bought a budget gaming phone for around $200~ USD, the infinix note 12 G96. but hey, it's AMOLED. 😁

    basically the company who owns tecno also owns infinix, among a few others. 😀

    Infinix Note 12 G96 Specs





  10. On 8/15/2022 at 9:17 PM, Heatman said:

    Even kids that are 5 years and above shouldn't be allowed to have access to such so much hate and toxic communities when it comes to video games. It's definitely a gonna ruin a big thing in them growing up. 

    Parental guidance is very important for kids when it comes to choosing their games. 

    yeah I agree with that very much. "educational" games also are a thing, but non "educational" is fine, as long as it's up to the parent's discreetion.


    which reminds me of an internet cafe in my neighborhood when I was young, GTA san andreas was installed on those PCs and sometimes kids younger than 10 years old would be seen crowding around and playing that. 😅

  11. On 8/16/2022 at 10:50 PM, Clasher said:

    You are welcome 🥴

    I played split gate last weekend on PlayStation 4 but I still haven't tried out the mobile version , so if you are able to get it on mobile do well to give us a few reviews about it.


    soooo, I went looking for splitgate mobile and all I found was "it's in development." 😐😂



    Considering 1047 Games is a smaller studio, a Splitgate mobile port could take quite some time to develop. The team is currently supporting the game with frequent updates and content drops, meaning the staff remains active and busy working on the existing game.

    Source: https://www.inverse.com/gaming/splitgate-mobile-port-release-date-ios-android-nintendo-switch

    a news article from late 2021.

    and I found one other guide for splitgate "mobile" which was recommending using GeForce Now to stream the game through my phone, which was not an option, as I don't have the fastest of internet speeds. 😐



    maybe I should just try this on my potato GT630 🤣

  12. For me it really depends on what game I'm playing and how much the puzzle factor is.

    sometimes I'll temporarily give up and come back to it later, but sometimes when I've been at it for 30mins-1hour and I'm totally stumped, I'll just go and look for the answer online...

    To be honest, there are some puzzles I've encountered that are so weird, they're basically unsolvable, unless you have a very high IQ relating to spatial logic etc.

    even after knowing the answer I'm like: really? This was the answer? WHY?! 😣

  13. 30 minutes ago, Heatman said:

    Sure thing, I understand exactly that as well. I do click on links but it's mostly links that I know the website they are leading to. Just like you mentioned Reddit, once it's a URL routing me to that site, I know it's a safe link. 

    I'm going to check if it's possible for me to get the game Republique for free once I'm back home. 

    I understand your points as well, I know the site that I linked, it's just probably a matter of personal recognizability then...

    also when it comes to youtube, or reddit, or some of the top 100 websites in the world based on traffic of course people would recognize thouse probably. 


    Also do try out republique, it's a great stealth/story game, I finished it years ago on a friend's PC, though the replayability factor depends on the preference of the one playing, once you're done with the 1st story playthrough.

    And if you don't know the origin of the game, it's actually surprising that this game was 1st born as an iphone or ipad game 10 years ago? I can't recall correctly. 😅

  14. On 8/4/2022 at 7:33 AM, Kane99 said:

    yeah not even close to athletes who play football, basketball, soccer, etc. It takes some skill no doubt, but the most unhealthy of people could still compete in the esports side and still come out as victors. 

    Professional gamers don't need to be fit, or fast, or good at actual sports. All they need, is to be able to do good in their games. And that takes hand eye coordination and mental skills if anything. But I wouldn't pair esports players with actual people who play physically demanding sports. 

    1 hour ago, Clasher said:

    There is always work to be done if not every single video game player would be a professional or be at the top.

    And that's same for athletes they have to keep training to remain relevant or else losses their value to the team and that's another similarity between the two.


    I guess it all comes down to what terminology gets agreed upon then, for me, they are similar because "pro" atheletes and pro esports players are both hired, and need to train for their specific "game"


    But the difference is, physical sport athletes have great bodies, arguably, esport gamers even though they don't have a healthy body or fit body, they can still play, but that will actually hamper them in the long run as a human needs to be healthy to function.


    So for me, there are sports athletes, and pro esport players. Different categories altogether.


    also, "Esports" are now medal games in the 2022 Asian games, a formerly primarily physical sports event.

    Here's the list of games:

    Esports in Asian Games 2022: Medal events list 🏆

    • 1. Arena of Valor, Asian Games version
    • 2. Dota 2
    • 3. Dream Three Kingdoms 2
    • 4. EA Sports FIFA branded soccer games
    • 5. HearthStone
    • 6. League of Legends
    • 7. PUBG Mobile, Asian Games version
    • 8. Street Fighter V

    Source: https://olympics.com/en/news/fifa-pubg-dota-2-esports-medal-events-asian-games-2022

  15. 19 hours ago, Withywarlock said:

    Mechanically, yes. If you want to look at the failings of politics in MMOs one needs only look at two systems: vote-kicking and the game's economy. New World was the latest game to screw up the latter, which Josh Strife Hayes has talked about in enough detail to show the worst MMO economy I've ever seen. In other games, and I'm terribly sorry for derailing this subject, but Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw did a presentation on factions in video games wherein he discusses how if there's only two they're either fascists or nutters; if there's a third option it falls into what I call Roberts' Trident: when a video game presents a third option, the middle one is the best.

    Without having really any experience myself, going exclusively off memes, it just seems to be a game where you're spending a lot of time watching the stock market, auction houses, rather than doing spaceship things and getting swallowed up by player-run trade consortiums.

    Hmmm, I like the trident explanation.


    Also, you learned all that from EVE online memes? while from what I've gathered it is true then, half the time it's basically a text based mmorpg if you're watching numbers go up and down. 😋

    thanks for the insightful explanation.

  16. 18 hours ago, Shagger said:


    This has nothing to do with political correctness, just... correctness.


    Most games, especially in the AAA scene, are developed by one company and published by another. The relationship is comparable to a recording artist (the developer) and a record label (the publisher). For example, Battlefield is developed by Dice and published by donkey shit... I mean EA.


    An indie game is a game that has been independantly published by the same company who developed it without a third party publisher. That's whare the term "indie" comes from, it's an abbreviation. That single company can be a company of just one person in a shed or a cooperation employing thousands, the scale is is irrelevant. So you can come up a list indie games and include the aforementioned AC Series, GTA4, Skyrim, Fallout 3, FIFA, The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077 and nobody would be able to argue with you as those games are all published by the same companies that made them.

    Thanks for the insights @Shagger, I'm going to screenshot this and save this in an important folder for reference. 😁

    Well, I guess you are right that it's a "correct" term in the dictionary sense, although the last sentence feels like by that logic you'd be picking a knowing fight with anyone bringing up "indie" terminology. 😅 but that wouldn't be too bad in the end.


    Also I like your avatar, of "avatar" aang and zuko, in the dragon dance scene of the 2 dragons... hehe.
    I'm still hyped, waiting for the Netflix version of avatar aang. 🤩

  17. @Heatman thanks for telling me that, although I'm used to linking to stuff from where I found them because there are some people like me that like to read stuff. 😅

    also I'm used to reddit.

    Uhhh, I think I may have played text based mmorpg's or MUD's, a few years back... so that might explain "some" of my behavior.


    But yeah, other people prefer watching vs reading stuff, so... thanks again. 😁

  18. 28 minutes ago, Shagger said:


    That is a slightly ironic post given that the AC series are both published and developed by Ubisoft, as in there not separate companies doing both things. In other words, the AC series is independently published, so technically they are indie games. I know what you mean by indie games though, don't get me wrong, but I just find it interesting how people through that term around without really understanding what it means

    hmmm, I had to think about your response there for a moment... so what you're saying is that indie dev/game is a politically correct term?
    this feels like semantics to me, although I may be wrong. 😅


    so, what should small independent, non-AAA developers be called? small game studio, one-man team, etc. I'm interested in learning your viewpoint, thanks 😀

  19. 5 minutes ago, Withywarlock said:

    Guild politicking is a fairly big thing. I've been in numerous scenarios, not as dramatic as I'd like to make them sound from robbing guild banks, staging coups, running guilds and moderating merger efforts.

    The thing about most MMO systems is they're not democratic, and do bear with me as most of my experience is with World of Warcraft. Barring vote-kicking (democracy), it's usually meritocracy (rankings/ratings/gear), plutocracies (having the most money), or dictatorships (developers and guild masters) which governs the game's systems.

    It was particularly interesting in guilds: you can't outvote a guild master, the game doesn't recognise anyone but them to be the sole authority. Staging a coup won't work because they don't have to step down, and Game Masters (customer support) can't and won't take any action unless it's in very specific cases, usually regarding the guild bank or abuse. Guild Mergers were a fun time too, but 'merger' puts one-in-a-million of such occurances too professionally. As Preach Gaming once put it: "what I have seen work is a guild 'merge' where under the same title, where five people join thirty people and they fucking... join their guild." He goes on to say quite adequately, "just look at the UK right now: we have a co-Prime Minister... nope. Not really. There's only one guy who got to shake the Queen's hand, right?" Ironically that coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats was (unofficially) shortened down to Con-Dem, which if it needs spelling out sounds a lot like 'condemned'. Let that speak to any prospects of guild mergers.

    Beyond that, I can't think of many examples of politics coming about in MMOs. It's mostly ramblings in Trade Chat that, let's face it, won't go anywhere because it's happening in a video game chat channel, and guilds tend to have a rule about no politics in chat. And then proceed to ignore it.

    Sounds a lot like EVE Online.

    Yep, that's EVE Online, or "Spreadsheet Simulator" as it's affectionately known! 🤑

    This was a very interesting read for me. 😉
    I have to say, IRL-type politics would be hard to introduce in a MMO type game, just like you said, as it would blow up the complexity to the level that gamedevs/companies would not want to set their foot in that soup. 😅


    also, why is EVE online "spreadsheet simulator" as I don't play it, just read other people ramble about it. 😅

  20. On 8/7/2022 at 7:27 PM, Heatman said:

    Yeah, that was the exact same thing I did. I never bother about the Digital Deluxe version or the Firefly Edition. I'm very good with the basic edition. 


    In all honesty, that's how it's supposed to be but these companies greedy wouldn't let them offer any sort of discount and not to talk about giving it for free. 

    speaking of companies, the dev team of this 10 year old game is giving theirs away for free. 😉
    I'm not sure if it's time limited though 🤔




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