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  1. On 7/25/2022 at 2:41 PM, Clasher said:

    Withywarlock have some really good points, and I am of the opinion that Netflix shouldn't rush into the game industry fully.

    Taking it slow with the mobile phone games and see the level of acceptance it gets in the game industry, then take a a few more years before proceeding to release a triple A game as you said.

    The company is made for profit and any wrong move could jeopardize years of hard work.

    I have the same opinion, because as a company that says they are losing subscriber count, therefore losing profits also, any bad moves will cost them for sure.

    so maybe their best bet is slowly but surely, or buy a decent gamedev studio, but ffs don't scrap their projects. 😅

  2. On 7/27/2022 at 1:58 AM, Kane99 said:

    Naughty Dog will make a third. It's pretty much a given. They originally were only going to do just the first game, but the popularity and the fans wanting a sequel helped make that a reality. So a third is something they'd be crazy not to take advatage of. And hey, that means more remasters they can make. 😄

    yep a 3rd game would hit the mark, and also differentiate Naughty dog from valve, what with no game with "3" in the title being made. 🤣 seriously this half life and co. gag that valve keeps on doing. like how world war Z is essentially left for dead 3. 😅


    21 hours ago, Kane99 said:

    And it's very likely they'll continue the franchise past a part III. There's always a possibility of spin-offs. We also have the new TV show coming out, which could create new spin-offs there. The Uncharted games made it to a 4th game, so there's always a chance we'll see more Last of Us. 

    Yeah I don't agree with the price. Here in the US I hear it's going to be $70. And I don't know if a remaster/little upgrade is worthy of a $70 price tag when there is already two different versions of this game already. I thought it was going to cost like $30. Hell I think $40 would be fair, but $70, for a game we already played, some of who played two different versions already? Yeah I don't agree with that.

    wait, there's a TV show coming out? Why'd I didn't hear about that? XD I must've been living under a rock or something... 🧱

    also maybe the 70$ or 80$ would be a fine price if it was a 2 in 1 remaster of the last of us from 1-2 bundled in one game... maybe... just a thought.


    2 hours ago, Heatman said:

    Yeah, you're right about such pattern already being played out with Uncharted games which is decent enough, so with The Last Of Us, it's highly unlikely they wouldn't work towards taking same advantage because when there's a possibility of making money from it, they will always explore it. 

    This is the only challenge I see that's likely going to deter a lot of gamers to jump into purchasing the game when it's released. A lot of gamers would definitely prefer to wait it out till the price comes down or it's being sold on promo. 

    Of course gamers will wait it out, they'll wait out the prices just like waiting for GPU sales too. 😁

  3. Huh, looks like an interesting game... ʻI have read a book with the title Starless Sea, though. It was a very imagination invoking book, I'll include the image below.
    also in the book, it references another game with a similar title called: Sunless Sea. I'll also include a thumbnail 😁
    this is also a great game that has some rogue-like elements to it. I also love the lore.



  4. 1 minute ago, Heatman said:

    Playing the game on Mobile platform was never an option up for consideration to me because I have always felt odd when it comes to gaming on mobile. Even with your experience expressed now on the game, it's even reinforced my stance to stick to what I have on PS4. 

    I'd say playing a mobile version of most PC or console games are always watered down versions...

    However, that said, people are praising the mobile version of Apex Legends, since they say the optimization was good enough for mobile.

    Although I don't know if a powerful phone is needed for that. 😁📱

  5. 3 minutes ago, Heatman said:

    Well, I didn't see that one coming. I had to look it up on Google Play Store and it was available there too. It's got decent reviews with 4.5 rating as well. It's just 125 MB on Google Play Store, I might just decide to give it a go just for fun sake, not planning on playing it for a long term. 

    DO IT! go on. it's a nice time waster probably. 🤪

  6. On 7/14/2022 at 3:17 AM, Kane99 said:

    I played life is strange, great game, but idk if it's similar enough. I just want a game where I can build a home, family, have a job, just like the sims essentially, but maybe with more options and modding as well. I don't much care for the graphics, they can be sims like or 3D realistic, as long as it's fun, I'll give it a go. 

    hmmm, this isn't exactly sims-like, but it IS a simulator. have you heard of or tried [RimWorld on Steam](https://store.steampowered.com/app/294100/RimWorld/)

    what kind of features are you looking from a sims type game?
    there's lots of games that has some Sims-kind of inspiration, but most I know is sort of centered around farming, like a 3D stardew valley type game, or something with shopkeeping.

  7. On 7/20/2022 at 2:34 AM, Kane99 said:

    Oh goodness, of course there is. Surprised something like this is even allowed on a mobile marketplace.

    All I want is a 3d like Sims game where I can do more. I'm completely skipping mobile games though. 

    what... bitlife ain't that bad. 🤣
    source: watching youtubers. 📽

  8. huh, this is actually cool. nice marketing move too.


    and I agree that coding will become even more important in the future with AI stuff like GPT-3 and DallE2 becoming more prominent, many software/hardware jobs will become the norm in the future I think.

    also, here's an interesting AI that's available to the public if you haven't heard of it yet... https://craiyon.com

    It's a blast to generate all sorts of fun word prompts from it. since DallE2 has a looooong wait list too. 😁

  9. 6 hours ago, Kane99 said:

    It was his gimmick, he was loud, annoying and screamed a lot. I never understood why people thought he was fun to watch back then, but I suppose a bunch of kids were into that kind of stuff. I like the more reserved version of him that he is today. I still don't like his content, but he's at least bearable to listen to when you see him. He still is quite animated with his act, but he's less loud from what I see. 

    True, probably at the time a lot of kids were on the same wavelength as him somehow, but nowadays, his content has differed a bit in style and is better compared to before...

    Also, he's been through a lot in his career too.

  10. If this is a legit leak, this will probably trend soon, some of these could be hype worthy. 😮

    2 hours ago, kingpotato said:

    I have the screenshot from facebook, they dont provide a source and its in spanish

    Other than I dont have any other info, I think its real and based on the recent events its very likely its is real, but the dates might be off since its not official




    well, if it's a leak, then the source will be unknown until they reveal it?

  11. I'll join the squad and also say LAN parties.

    We would start on Friday afternoon, sometimes after school and lunch, then spent a few hours setting everything up in someones basement of weekend house, after which you would have two to three straight days of snacks, drinks and coffee, mostly playing Unreal Tournament.

    Solo-wise I remember that I also could, without any issues, play UT from 4 PM till 4 AM if I had the time. I'm a sucker for shooters, always have been.

    p.s. I tried Persona 5, the long-ass tutorial of 4 fkn hours killed me, I'll try it again sometimes, but man these devs weren't normal when designing the tutorial stage of the game.  

  12. It has been a year and a half now since the console was introduced, so far we had no Limited Edition versions of the console, and I'm not 100% sure there will be any for this version of the console because of the "plate exchange" option, but I would still like to see some.

    There already was a God of War edition of PS4, as well as a Death Stranding one, so I kinda doubt there will be one for PS5.

    But I would love to see the following:

    - FF16 Limited Edition, maybe one that has a Phoenix themed console in white and orange/red.

    - Alien: Dark Descent Limited Edition, something with a black and green style

    - A Dragon Quest Limited Edition, obviously metal slime themed, similar to the PSP that we had 10 years ago.

    What would be your wish?

  13. The industry changed a lot in the past 4 years, I'm trying to avoid it in general, not because I'm not up for it, but because it's not standardized properly yet.

    I was working as a marketing consultant for a few operators and saw the switch from "We don't know what esports is" to "Ok let's offer esports betting on our site" and most of the larger operators who had an actual license to do it got burned in their first year.

    I'm not gonna name any companies, but the process looked like this basically, the operators thought that

    - they can do the numbers in-house with their own traders, not keeping in mind that their traders are not savvy with esports and don't know the market at all.

    - they can believe the "large brands" within the esports world, and the more noise a team has generated on social media, the better they must be.

    - the IESF organization will be open for partnerships (spoiler: they weren't)

    - (most important) the users who will gamble will be mostly 18+ for Europe and 21+ old for Canada

    In return what they got was an influx of minors with fake ID's and mom and pa's credit cards who wanted to gamble, and those who were old enough were also experienced within the esports world and knew the teams/players good enough to win almost every bet there was.

    I remember that the biggest flop was that match where we had a female team competing in one of the earlier LCL's, I think the name was Vavictus or something along those lines.

    In other words, the first few years were a disaster. Until the pandemic kicked, then all of a sudden the old traders were replaced by experienced esports traders, and the whole industry has somewhat matured. Nevertheless, there's still no historical data on a bunch of teams, and it's hard for the traders to set up the correct numbers.


  14. Just last week I de-installed Apex Legends and unsubscribed from all Apex yt channels, the game is creating to much damage that I just had to get rid of it, and tbh this is the fourth or fifth time that I'm doing it. 

    I love the game, I'm really good at it too. The dopamine rush is extra, but once I start I can go for 5-6 hours in one sitting, with half of the games not even being fun because you get a random team and get killed of quickly.

    I do have an agreement with myself that I only start playing during Christmas breaks, and it usually sticks on my computer for a month or two until I reach Diamond rank, but this time it was half a year and I can't say that I'm thankful for the wasted time.

    Last year when I quit playing it I replaced Apex with RDR2, and that game was a slow and rewarding experience, so I'm looking to get rid of these dopamine rush games and focus on the great titles that are still out there, the ones which you can sit down and relax with it, and not get frustrated too much.

  15. Hey there! With the blessing of Dan I just joined the community 🙂 I think last time I was active on a forum was back in 2010, so I'm def looking forward to exploring the platform and hanging out with you guys. Expect a learning curve and apologies for any mistakes down the road :D


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