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    MeowsePad got a reaction from Shagger in The Sims 5   
    I probably won't buy The Sims 5 for a while. I like to wait for them to get the bugs worked out since EA never lets a game get fully finished before releasing it. The release of The Sims 4 was a disaster, and the game itself is still a major cash grab. It has some fun features, though, but I'd still say I like The Sims 3 the best.
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    MeowsePad got a reaction from kingpotato in PS5 might not be fully retro compatible   
    That's why PC is the way to go. Pretty much every game ever released for PC can be played on Windows 10. It might require some workarounds or patches, but it's possible. Console manufacturers, however, can and do arbitrarily restrict games from running on their latest hardware.
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