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  1. Stein's Gate had some moments that got me riled up. NSFW/trigger warning. Also spoiler warning because they're narrative related.

    - Firstly is there's one moment where you - male protagonist that you're always looking through the eyes of/in the head of - walk in on two of the female characters bathing together. It's not well established how old they're meant to be. They're borderline legal and they're made out to be young and cute. You get full shot nudity and I had this happen without any warning while playing on the train. There was no censor option that I could turn on either. I can only assuming it was all-pervy-straight-dude game dev crew assuming the only people playing were other pervy straight dudes.

    - WORSE STILL was later on you get the ending for the character Suzuha. You - still in the head of this dude-protag - decide you're going to rape her and have to go through a few minutes of reading this guy's inner-thoughts about how he's going to do it. This is the PROTAG. The person you're supposed to TAKE THE ROLE OF. The person you're supposed to SUPPORT.

    I was disgusted and further annoyed because the sci-fi aspects of the story are really good. I just can't imagine the writer showing it to an editor and them being totally cool with it all. I can't imagine an entire developer team being totally cool with it. How the ef?!

  2. So I pulled my Vita out of storage the other day and noticed a port on the top of it. I didn't know what it was for, so I did some Googling.

    Turns out it was an "Accessories" port what is not found on the later PS Vita 2000 models. It seems as though it was originally meant to be a TV-out port, which meant the console could have been a PS Vita TV all on its own.

    What are your thoughts on this? I think a TV-out feature would have been a valuable feature for streamers and normal users. They could have even won over people who wanted portable and home gaming, like what Nintendo has done with the Switch. Unfortunately that they dropped the idea in favour of the expensive PS Vita TV that nobody bought for obvious reasons and imo missed out on a large market share that Nintendo now have.


    Nobody has mentioned anything from The World Ends With You? Oh my goodness. I, your forum goddess Fanta will bless your ears with the heavenly sounds of TWEWY.




    The game is getting ported to Switch later this year so do yourself a favour and pick it up. Or grab the existing game on DS / iOS / Android.

  4. I sunk so many hours in Sims 2, you have no idea. Jumping from Sims 1 to 2 was a huge step up in quality and polish. You could have kids that inherited your genes! And they grew up! I plan to one day stream the 10 Generation Challenge just to see if I can get it done. I played Sims 3 and it was good, but missed the fun that 2 had. I liked being able to visit my neighbours finally but hated how they all grew up with you. Like, no, I am the word of God, I will say when these children become adults.

    Another high contender is Portal. When I first played it, the I found the portal/wormhole mechanic to be some kind of ascended mechanic; it was beyond anything I would have ever thought of at the time. Plus the writing was so witty and well timed. Nothing feels out of place. It's like a perfect box of game.

  5. The only one I've played is Black Ops 1 so I'll put my vote on that. When I played it, I was impressed at how it seamlessly switched from one mechanic to another. I thought it worked really with the 'thrill of war' theme, because you were always on your toes, trying something new. Afaik, this was the only game in the series that did that.

  6. My dream job is to open my own game studio so it that's the one I would pick. If I took over another company I'd have to deal with their IP, culture and whatever else comes with taking over a company.

    That or I'd take over Microsoft so I could get MS bucks and tell them to let Rare make good games again (albeit I haven't played Sea of Thieves so I can't comment on that).

  7. I've been pretty jaded with the game industry since Gamergate. After what happened to those Guild Wars 2 employees it sounds like not much has improved. I don't purchase many AAA games any more outside of Nintendo because I find so many of them are worse versions of games from 10-20yrs ago with some flashier tech. I try to look to the indie space now to see what cool mechanics are coming out from them.

    I also found that nowadays, a lot of videogames seem like work. There's so many little things to do in them. A bunch of action titles require your reflexes to be on point when you play them as well. Coming home from a long day of work, they sometimes feel like more work, so I'd rather chill with a dumb TV show.

  8. They already said they want a laptop. 

    You may be able to get an Asus Ultrabook for around that. They do alright in my experience. However if you want something as beefy as a PC you're looking at $2000-3000. 😕

  9. PC purchases are exclusively digital. I buy from Steam, Humble Bundle and Green Man Gaming. 

    Other consoles it depends what is cheapest or most convenient. Physical I'll usually buy from EB Games or JB HiFi. I've imported before but local prices are better now so I don't have to. If I would prefer to have the game digital then I'll usually bite the bullet and pay the extra $10ish for it (paying extra to not have a physical thing, ridiculous). 

  10. - People that harass over the mic 

    - People that chuck a hissy when they lose

    - In addition to the above, people that can't accept that their poor performance lead to them losing, not 'the lag' or some other excuse

    - People that intentionally lose to tank their rating 

    On 7/20/2018 at 8:48 AM, Alyxx said:

    People who refuse to communicate

    Tbqh I only jump on mic with friends because I don't want to deal with every person I come across saying, "Feeeeeeeeemaaaaaaaaaleeeeee." 

  11. I don't think I ever played Creative. Survival gives you something to lose and is on the whole way more exciting. 

    My friend used to use Creative as a way to design her absurd fortress which she made an effort to rebuild onto every server she could find. So that's one use for it, I guess. XD

  12. I'm keen for Pichu trolling to come back. 😛

    The cereal never came to Australia as far as I'm aware. 😕 Always getting bloody shafted. 

    Did you get Detective Pikachu? I wanted it but it was out of stock and too pricy. 

    I also wanted the Mega Yarn Yoshi but it was like $50 and I couldn't justify dropping that when I bought the three little ones. 

  13. I started playing in Alpha when I was going to University. I got very addicted and would play for hours a day. It was affecting my studies so I stopped playing and haven't gone back in years. Over that time I also learnt about Notch doing some awful things to some marginalised game developers so the idea of going back to it makes me feel gross. 

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