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    fantanoice got a reaction from Jayson in What Wii U games should be ported to Switch?   
    So there have been a number of Wii U titles ported to the Switch, including Captain Toad, Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors to name a few. What other ones would you like to see? 
    I'd personally like to see Yoshi's Woolly World and Super Mario Maker ported over.
    YWW was a super cute title that I don't think many people got to try. Plus have two controllers avaliable out the gate means it will be a lot easier for people to play it multiplayer.
    SMM has heaps of content already and you could combine the online connectivity of the Wii U version along with the local sharing of the 3DS version. 
    Those are my thoughts, how about you? 
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    fantanoice got a reaction from DC in Wanna Fanta, Don't You Wanna?   
    Hi everyone, I'm fantanoice (fanta-no-ice). I'm a game developer, streamer and collector. I'm a big fan of Nintendo but have been branching out to Sony and PC games lately as well.
    Hope to see you around the forums!
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    fantanoice reacted to ApolloVI in Amiibo   
    I don't have Detective Pikachu, I'm not really a Pokemon fan so he wasn't a big deal to me. I might get him if I can catch him on a sale though.
    I actually lucked out with my Mega Yarn Yoshi. I originally had no intention of getting him ($40 in the States, which is the full price of like 3 regular Amiibo, plus functionally he doesn't really do anything interesting) but Toys R Us ran a promotion one weekend where they were selling ALL single Amiibo in a 2-for-$20 deal. Someone must have screwed up because Mega Yarn Yoshi was included in this promotion. So essentially, I paid $10 for my Mega Yarn Yoshi 😁My only regret was not getting two of them, instead I got a Waddle Dee in the other half of the promotion.
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    fantanoice got a reaction from ApolloVI in Amiibo   
    I'm keen for Pichu trolling to come back. 😛
    The cereal never came to Australia as far as I'm aware. 😕 Always getting bloody shafted. 
    Did you get Detective Pikachu? I wanted it but it was out of stock and too pricy. 
    I also wanted the Mega Yarn Yoshi but it was like $50 and I couldn't justify dropping that when I bought the three little ones. 

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    fantanoice reacted to 9Online in PS4 Doesn't Play CDs   
    That's ridiculous. I bet you're right about them just wanting you to use their music services! 
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    fantanoice reacted to Alyxx in PS4 Doesn't Play CDs   
    Wow, that's some grade a bullshit...
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    fantanoice reacted to Alyxx in Game Development   
    At the moment I am actually developing my own game, a metroidvania run'n'gun platformer called ETHER, which is heavily influenced by games such as Metroid and Duke Nukem. It's style is pretty much intentionally mimicking early 90's DOS games, particurarily those by Apogee Software, using a 16 colour EGA palette and SoundBlaster/AdLib OPL synthesizer sounds and music.

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    fantanoice reacted to Alyxx in Ask Alyxx   
    I've been creating games since around 2002-2004 when I started trying different programming languages. I started out using DarkBASIC, which was better suited for 3D games, but eventually landed on Game Maker. I made a few 2D retro style games around 2004-2006, mostly for my own practice. As for what got me into game design, I think it's just the fact I am a creative person who needs different projects to do, and aside from graphical design and music production, it was another field I could express myself in. I also think I wanted to make my own games because of being a lifelong gamer. I've been playing computer games since as long as I can remember so it feels natural for me to also make my own games.
    Around 2008-2009 I came up with the idea for ETHER, originally as a Wolfenstein 3D mod, an idea that never came to fruition as I ran into problems making custom music for the game.
    Some years later I played MURI on PC and that inspired me to do ETHER as an oldschool EGA platformer instead as it reminded me of the games I grew up playing and I wanted to do the game as a tribute to my childhood.
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    fantanoice got a reaction from ApolloVI in Amiibo   
    Here is a thread for discussing Amiibos. What ones do you have? Which ones do you want? Which ones are you excited for? 
    I've got a heap on my shelf, about 40 of them ranging from Smash, Mario, Splatoon and Yoshi Woolly World collections. I don't care about getting them all, I just want characters that I like. 
    The upcoming Smash Wolf Amiibo looks really cool but that's the only upcoming one that I'm excited for. 
    How about you? 
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    fantanoice got a reaction from DC in Your favorite Star Wars game?   
    Mine is probably "Star Wars: Episode 1:: Racer" on Nintendo 64. I think I made some good time trials times on it, though I didn't spend anywhere near as much time on it as I did Mario Kart. XD
    There was "Star Wars" on the NES that I played as a kid and I couldn't understand it at all. I think it was my most hated game for a long time. It was a similar deal with "Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire" on Nintendo 64.
    As for other Star Wars games, I did try the Kinect one at a friend's house. The hand movements barely worked but it was kinda entertaining. I played another Ep1 Pod Racer game at an arcade once. It was fun but I don't remember the name of it. I think it was 2p co-op iirc? 
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    fantanoice got a reaction from DC in Are you a mobile gamer?   
    I don't 'identify' as a mobile gamer but I do play some. I make an effort to play Pokémon Go and keep up with my daily bonuses and challenges. I understand these things are the typical phone-game-addiction things, but it is ok because it's keeps me going outside which nothing else manages to do. I recently signed up to Ingress - Niantic's other game - and I'm liking learning all of its intricacies as well.
    I think PoGo and Ingress make a lot of sense on the mobile platform because phones are a thing that you carry around you in the real world. Unfortunately I can't think of many other games that also make good use of it.
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