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  1. Pretty much agree with everything you said though I feel characters should not only be well developed and such but also ACT realistically. In a lot of games (Human Revolution for instance), a lot of characters ONLY talk about ONE issue or like in Half-Life, EVERYONE knows who the protagonist is. This just feels unrealistic and not like how real people act so it can feel extremely unrealistic.
  2. idTech engines are generally extremely forward thinking and run with very few issues on Windows 10. I can run pretty much every id Software game from Quake 1 and onwards in Windows 10 without issues. So I think it'll most likely work to be honest. DOSBox is for DOS games. DOS games aren't designed to run in a Windows environment and due to modern PC's generally not having DOS compatbility, DOSBox is the only way to play DOS games on most modern PC's and have proper hardware support. Quake 3 is a Windows game. So in this case it wouldn't be a solution.
  3. No problem. Armatures are literal tanks and take a while to take down without proper weapon mods, but they shouldn't be that hard on Casual difficulty.
  4. Definitely, if there was no other choice. I've always held on to the Illuminati theory, simply because it's very hard to ignore once you know about it. It just feels like we're being constantly influenced and manipulated every day, but not in that obvious way, more in the general scope of things and how we are progressing. Do I believe every conspiracy theory about the Illuminati? Not really. But do I believe a lot of rich people want the world to work a certain way that serves their interests? It's not unlikely.
  5. Eh, controlling animals feels cruel. I'd rather just lose my allergies to be honest. Controlling electronics with my mind sounds like a cool idea but I have hands so... dunno how useful it'd be for me. But for people who have lost limbs or are otherwise unable to do it, yeah.
  6. Invest in weapon mods that increase damage and use the right ammo type for the right kind of enemy. Geth are highly vulnerable to ammo that damages synthetics.
  7. Alyxx

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    Can't you just dock the Switch on a large TV?
  8. Alyxx

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    Wrath: Aeon of Ruin and before that I played WarpThrough
  9. I feel games dealing with religion can be fun. Like in Shiny's Messiah where you play a cherub with the ability to possess humans, which you have to use to stay hidden and defeat Satan to remove his grip on mankind. It's a fun game.
  10. Play older games with complete VR support.
  11. I bought the Switch because it's a portable console, and because it has a killer library of games.
  12. Not likely. I'm a PC gamer almost exclusively and the reason I own a Nintendo Switch is cause Nintendo does really good exclusives and it's a portable console.
  13. Depends on the case imo. Some cases I can see it being the only solution if the subject is simply beyond rehabilitation. Though usually I believe in people being able to change.
  14. Probably Scott Miller of Apogee Software. The shareware DOS games he helped publish made PC's a more viable gaming platform back in the day.
  15. There is definitely a real social pressure when gaming online and I prefer multiplayer with people I know.
  16. Let both die cause I wouldn't be able to choose lol
  17. Getting my Quake review retweeted by John Romero.
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