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  1. Would love a lengthy Creative vs. Survival thread! 

    I've never enjoyed creative mode as much as I have survival. If I'm playing Minecraft, I'll always either be on an SMP or PvP server. Never, ever play single-player, neither. I think the challenges and rewards in survival mode outdo creative on Minecraft any day! 


    What's your preferred Minecraft game mode? 

  2. Whether you're playing on console or PC, you've always got audio going. Do you use a headphone with a mic when you play or do you stick with good old speakers? 

     For the longest, I just stuck with my soundbar. But then, I got headphones and that's what made my multiplayer experience so much better! 

  3. When you're playing games on your computer, are you set up to use a monitor or a TV? 

    I have a gaming chair that I built and I have a 42" HDTV attached to it for my optimal experience. I have a separate computer with a regular monitor for all my other computer activities, though. 

  4. Here are my 3 favorites

    • #1 Call of Duty World at War - I loved the gameplay in this one. I must have done the campaign several times and this was my favorite COD for playing zombies.
    • #2 Call of Duty Black Ops - I was addicted to the very first Black Ops when it came out. this was my prime time in gaming.
    • #3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare II - Who didn't love MW2? This at where quickscoping was born! I loved multiplayer on this game the most until everyone started hacking.

    Which COD is your favorite and why? 

  5. 1 minute ago, Alyxx said:

    Fallout 2 is my decided favourite in the franchise. I don't play it as much as Fallout 3 and 4 anymore since those games are more fun in different ways, but I still come back to it regularly.

    Same here. I played a ton of Fallout 2, but when 3 came out I just didn't hop on it. I've never kept up with many series other than COD. 

  6. Dude, San Andreas was really the shit back in the day! I swear, it was that game that ignited the GTA community. I should get my PS2 out of the garage one of these days and buy the disc just for kicks! 

  7. When you've got a sweet flat-screen TV there's nothing better than playing some PS4 or Xbox on a Friday night. I do some PC gaming too, but I probably shouldn't have spent the $900 on my computer. It's a lot more expensive going the PC route when you start adding peripherals and updating hardware.

  8. I absolutely loved the PS2! I remember playing Lego Star Wars on that console all the time. I still have mine in the garage collecting dust 🙂

  9. I don't really think mobile gaming is going to be a popular thing of the future. I'll admit, I do have games for passing time when I'm on the go but I never feel the need to be competitive or take gaming seriously on my phone. These days it also feels like all these strategy games like CoC are all the same and in order to win you've got to take your wallet out. 

    Does anyone here actually play a competitive mobile game or get into something? Does anyone want to make some fun predictions about the future of mobile gaming? 

    • Rainbow Six Vegas - amazing game when I was younger! probably my 1st favorite game when I had the first-gen PS3 
    • Minecraft - been playing for years up to this date
    • Grand Theft Auto - great game to play when you're with friends or just bored
    • Call of Duty World at War - in my opinion, this is the most entertaining COD game of the series. I really enjoyed the campaign and have finished it several times.

    Can't really come up with a 5th game that I really had a love for. 

  10. This is an interesting question. Now that I think about it, I haven't even touched a single-player game that I've enjoyed in several years! I think it's all about multiplayer these days (always has) because people just feel more entertained when talking or working with others. The only single-player games I have are on my phone for when I'm bored OTG. 

  11. On 7/21/2018 at 5:40 PM, Keranov said:

    For myself it's for sure Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Sometimes I get matched with a completely noob team - boosted, doesn't know what communication is, plays selfish and doesn't give a damn about the teammates. Also, when I have to fight versus hackers it's making me very mad too.

    Man, I hate having garbage teammates! That's one thing that gets me hot in shooter games. 

  12. 6 hours ago, Keranov said:

    I really have spent tons of time into Minecraft when I was younger. I was playing it for more than 6 hours each day for years. But recently I don't play it very much. Maybe sometimes once a week or somewhat there. Not much interested into this game anymore.

    Yeah, I was doing the same thing bro! I took a break for about a year when I had new interests, but here I am today, playing again.

    21 hours ago, fantanoice said:

    I started playing in Alpha when I was going to University. I got very addicted and would play for hours a day. It was affecting my studies so I stopped playing and haven't gone back in years. Over that time I also learnt about Notch doing some awful things to some marginalised game developers so the idea of going back to it makes me feel gross. 

    I agree that MC is really addicting sometimes! Sometimes I still get carried away. I haven't heard much about Notch and other company politics. I just stick to being a player 😄 

  13. I'm sort of fascinated by virtual-reality gaming devices. Particularly, the Oculus products. My friend has a rollercoaster simulation and I thought that was really, really neat.

    Would anyone like to recommend fun games for VR? How about feedback for Oculus or any other VR devices? 

  14. I wish they would get all the zombies maps on all of the COD series, including WaW, and put them together on one disc and sell it as an ultimate zombie survival game. It would be cool if 8 players could play online in maps instead of 4, too! 

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