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  1. I enjoyed this game when I was little. I love the show The Simpsons, and most people thought Hit and Run is better, but I disagree, I think Road Rage was better. I loved the crazy taxi element of it and picking up passengers and destroying things. I thought it was fun, and some of the vehicles was fun! I also loved playing multiplayer with my brother, that was really fun and awesome. What did you think of the game?

  2. What did everyone think of the PS2? I loved the console. I spent many hours on it when I was a kid. The games that was released for it was awesome. I miss playing on it to be honest, if I played it now, I wouldn't get that thrill of playing on it as I used to back then.  For me it's the best console of all time. I also loved the red screen of death on it, when a disk didn't work that was hilarious.

  3. As a ps4 owner, I play a lot of games on the platform. I love it. I have many games from different genres and my favourite is FIFA 18. I love football it's really fun for me and for me to play it in a video game is fantastic. I have fun times with my friends, when I play pro clubs.  We get together and have a laugh. I also like the journey on it, it's fabulous and wonderful! 

  4. I played this game a lot of times.  I love the missions in this, it's really challenging and some of the are hard, which I love, brings excitement and fun into it. I really like the whole thing about the gangs, it makes it really fun and enjoyable to play. The soundtrack was fantastic, and the characters was awesome! I also loved how big the map was. Amazing. Did you play the game?

  5. Does anyone play this series? I do. I love it, because it lets you become manager of any club in the world, and become one of the greats. I love the transfers, that's my favourite bit because you can improve your team and spot any potential wonderkids. I also love the tactics, make the team how you want them to play. I also really the modded databases you can download, and play with the editors to make it a lot more fun. I wish press conferences were better because they're boring.

  6. I love this game. It's one of my favourites! I played this a lot when I was younger. I love the game because of the storyline. It's emotional and interesting, the choices you make is incredible. I also like the characters they are great fun to play with! My favourite is Niko and Roman. I like the city, it's beautiful especially at night. Have you played the game, what do you think of it?

  7. I play this game as I'm a wrestling fan. I love the amount of stuff you can do in the game. I like MyCareer a lot as it offers people to become a superstar and follow the career of it. I really like the creation suite in the game, it's amazing! The amount of things you can do in there is wonderful! Like make arenas as an example. I really like the roster size and the universe mode, that's amazing it's where you control WWE and get to make rivalries, shows ect. 

  8. Hi Guys,

    My name is David. I am from the UK. I like this site a lot. I love video games. My favourites include WWE 2K18, GTA 4 and FIFA 18. I cannot wait to start talking about video games around here.

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