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  1. Fame, Money, and power can certainly go to ones head but it seems like most celebrities and rappers like to challenge the law. It's just ashame how talented celebrities who literally have everything in life just throw there lives away by going and getting locked up so much potential waste. Some would argue the fact their stupid for doing this, If I was a celebrity I would cut any ties with any sort of people commiting crime because they can take me down with them, anyway I wanted to ask you guys for your opinions on celebrities going crazy and wasting there lives by commiting several crimes.
  2. I mean there's still time for some improvement.
  3. Smooth gameplay and balanced weapons is an absolute must for me but it's never really that case.
  4. 13 So much more but we can do it.
  5. Playstation 2. Never had the original Playstation.
  6. I rather play unless it's a game that I never heard of and wanna try or I just don't like it.
  7. I wouldn't say it is however I think it's an addiction that can be cured any way whatsoever.
  8. Probably scrap some cars fixing them up into armored vehicles with weapons and roll around crushing zombies. 😛
  9. Honestly the only older movies I could never watch are the ones in black and white. They just irritate me for some reason although I know that's how TV'S used to be back in the non-color television days.
  10. I never really liked it until I played FO4 a few times but 76 seems like something that should of been pushed back
  11. I myself haven't played it yet just seen all the terrible things people are saying about the game.
  12. As of right now god of war. :p.
  13. Welcome to the forum. 🙂
  14. With the recent launch of the new fallout game there's been a lot of discussion as to if you should buy it or not considering the fact they had switched the whole game up and turned it into a survival based game. I only played fallout 4 and I'm gonna be completely honest I was hooked to the story so much I replayed the game multiple times just to get the ending, that's how I became a fan. Anyway, there's alot of minor and major flaws with the game that I'm sure can easily be fixed if time is taken to properly fix it. Do you think it's a flop or a success? I personally don't know yet I do
  15. I rather live with someone else incase something bad happens or just for the company I mean being alone isn't good for your health. 😛
  16. Maybe so alot of people thought Fortnite would die once blackout for Black Ops 4 came out but I guess not.
  17. Depends on the forum. It's the people that decide to keep it up basically. This one is 100% live and active.
  18. Nuketown is an all time classic I'm sure everyone was excited and pumped for it to come out it's a good think they switch up the designs also a new nuketown design every release looks promising.
  19. All of the old COD'S and beyond 2 souls was my absolute favorite of all time even though it was remastered to the PS4. 😛
  20. So as most of you know that there are alot of hosting companies out there claiming to be the best and have all the qualities that other providers don't have. Bluehost, KCHosting and among many others including the ones that are underrated with good prices and discounts with there claims of having 99.9% uptime and server backups though most of them are pricey if your looking to own a website and/or host I can't really recommend anything because I've never used any but if I had a choice it would be bluehost only because they been in business for a long time, though that's not really a reas
  21. So recently the battle royale genre has become a big thing as with fortnite and H1Z1 where as you land in the world and pick up weapons armor and fight to survive. a lot of games like this has been released lately but the real question here is how long this trend will continue to ramp up. How long do you think games like Fortnite will stay popular and not die down? I give it a few more months if not weeks playing the same thing over and over again constantly does tend to make one lose interest in the game.
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