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  1. Hello there, All completed auctions that have been completed, still remain in the Bid for Rewards Section. I can see that there is an Archive sub-section and I'm concerned why this happens to be emtpy. Please can you take a look into this for me. Find the attached images below too. Kind regards
  2. GTA 4, which is also known as GTA IV has to be my favourite. This title brings back so many good memories of my childhood. It's a shame that Microsoft stopped releasing video games for the Xbox 360 which forced me and other gamers to, upgrade their platform. Do any gamers here think that this console version will be worth money in a few decades to come?
  3. 75,000 miles is considered an average. Nothing on this planet will last forever and will need to be replaced as the years move on. Do you have any pictures of the vehicle? I'll try and advise you moving forward.
  4. I completely agree. You could probably get more money from selling your old gaming equipment on eBay or Gumtree however if you choose CeX, your paying for the convenience and a guaranteed trade. It's a shame they closed during the Lockdown.
  5. Achievements mean nothing to me, personally. Let's say I was a game developer, I can see why an Achievement or Medal system is crucial. There are some gamers that will showcase off their medals to fellow players, which is why this could potentially increase your game's publicity and could ultimately lead to an increase in profits.
  6. Before using Google Chrome, my last program that I used was Microsoft Teams. I took part in my Maths Class over the Internet, in which I'm studying for Level 2 Functional Skills. I'm still waiting to see when I can take my exam due to COVID-19. Yes, Microsoft Edge is a type of internet browser. It's a program that come pre-installed on any Windows device.
  7. I would honestly say FPS, which is more commonly known as First Person Shooter. If you look at Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar went from 2D graphics to enhanced 3D in a matter of years. A video of all the versions of GTA shows this visually.
  8. Just to like add, I think that there shouldn't be a competition on how fast one can complete a title. You should take as long as you need and that way you'll have more time to enjoy the video game. We spend a lot our hard, earned money on games so we should be taking our time to get as much value as we can.
  9. I'm more of a Xbox fanboy. Grand Theft Auto Six is a title in which I'm looking forward to when Microsoft finally releases their console. Both platforms offer an enhanced gaming experience and this will blend well once GTA 6 has been launched to the gaming community. It's scary to think how fast technology moves.
  10. It really depends on the title in which I'm playing. Potentially hours, days or even weeks and I feel "invested in a game" once something draws me in. This could range from their storyline, game concept, or how well the games features have been developed.
  11. Alexander.


    Correct. There is no need for a second keyboard for a gaming, one is enough. If you game with your Laptop on your lap, then it's nearly impossible to use a secondary one anyway as there isn't enough room.
  12. Windows 10. I've never had a problem using this operating system for the primary use of Gaming, so why I should change when there is no faults? Windows 10 is compatible with an extensive variety of titles and it's user interface is excellent.
  13. What are your thoughts on 8K though? Do you feel that the prices will drop soon baring in mind this tech has been out for some time already? Human Eye-Sight must have a capacity that we cannot exceed, no matter how advance our technology is.
  14. I not only buy but I sell using WeBuy, which is also known as CeX. Their prices are reasonable and fair for exchanging goods and services. Most of their consoles are second hand but nonetheless, they're in great condition.
  15. My first gaming console was handheld and this was the Nintendo 2DS. I loved playing Mario Kart. I remember having to insert an SD card to play a title. It's scary how fast technology is moving.
  16. That's quick. Roughly, how many hours do you think you've spent completing it? Is the story mode different to the console version on PC? If not, are you not starting to become bored of GTA V walkthrough?
  17. Are you referring to LED Lights? One time, I owned a Lenovo Gaming Laptop where the keys would light up red when a power source was connected. Different colours definitely help us play when it's dark or late in the evening.
  18. I couldn't agree more. What are some of your favourite old video games that you remember playing and which titles do you occasionally still play to this day? Do you own any retro gaming equipment?
  19. I'm anti mac too. I don't think theres any video games that are compatible with Macs. They also don't have the hardware to run most of the good titles so I stick to Windows too for gaming. Why pay for an Apple Mac? You can spend the same amount of money on a top of the range Windows Gaming PC and receive better specifications for the same price tag.
  20. Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to learn where the keys are without constantly looking down? This is known as tough typing and some do it quicker than others. I took professional typing lessons at an early age and this has really helped me enjoy Gaming as a hobby!
  21. Yes and no. A tablet can be a good choice for the sole use of Gaming if you purchase the right one. The device needs to have sufficient memory capacity (128g) along with an excellent processor for a smooth game experience. Any gamer doesn’t want to play a title which lags because of their device specifications.
  22. Always vertical. Positioning upright is better for the ventilation of the console and can, help prevent overheating of components. On the other hand, there is a risk that the console could be knocked over accidentally which can be an expensive mistake.
  23. It's a rip-off, really. I can't even start to think the amount of profit and revenue Epic Games generate from cosmetic skins. Most gamers are obsessed with their character appearance although what I think is that, it's not about your skin, it's how well you play in the match. Being a "default" doesn't make you any less of a player.
  24. Practise makes perfection as an end result. There's no other way to learn when playing computer games, it's all about trial and error. On a side note, what matters isn't how good you want to be, it's whether you have fun playing or not.
  25. What's your first gaming memory and old were you at the time? How did you kick-start your hobby as a gamer? I'm intrigued to know about your story too!
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