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  1. Welcome to the VGR Forums!
  2. Easy games are extremely boring. Being rewarded in a game to improve your skills makes the experience feel like an achievement. "Easy Breezes" are boring and there would be no challenge for me to overcome.
  3. Understandable. Although, failing is a form of improvement so how do you plan on enhancing your skills in future multi-player games? It depends on the video game specifically but I would suggest watching and reading tutorials on the internet. Lot's of practice can also help you advance your skillset
  4. I never played a Dreamcast. However my friend adores the console and would contend that the support it is his most loved ever. He's continually guiding me to get one and try a couple of games on it, but I have never got around to doing it yet.
  5. I completely agree with what you said there. Spot on. A idea that may explain what you said - Do you think big corporations are in the process of making 8K tech the standard baseline and letting 4K resolution be a part of the past? If not, why do you think companies are doing this?
  6. I can't say because at first when battle royal games started a couple of years ago, most people never really warmed towards them. However, then PUBG came along and shortly after that Fortnite boosted the genre's popularity. No one can predict the future of any aspects of Gaming. Time will tell.
  7. Bid: 500 Notes: Cash equivalence please - sent to my PayPal.
  8. I suggested we added a Archive (sub forum) in The Bid for Rewards section. @DC mentioned in the topic that this would be implemented - later on Friday. It's now Monday and this is yet to be introduced. Just wanted to know a progress update, that's all! Thank you.
  9. Which game-mode did you choose to play (Solo/Multiplayer)? Did you gain any achievements or any wins? Thinking about the last time you played Mortal Kombat, how long did you spend playing? Seems an interesting Fighting game although I've never actually got around to playing it! Would you recommend this amusement to me? Why or why not? Thank you.
  10. Indeed, I'm surprised by the percentage of people who mentioned a disability here. However, it does makes sense. A disability shouldn't stop you overcoming any challenges in your life. Custom gaming setups including modified controllers and special assistive technology, such as devices that allow you to play with your eyes are examples of modern day technology that you can purchase.
  11. No more than £250.00 which is still a fair amount to spend on a telephone. Some phones can be as much as £2,000 which is a bit ridiculous as you'll be paying for the brand name rather than the device specifications, processor and other important factors.
  12. Yeah that's what I was thinking. We as humans must be restricted on how well we can see our surroundings. Surely, right?
  13. What's the price difference? Which Anti Virus is better and offers more features? Thank you.
  14. My favourite or are you looking for recommendations? Either way, My favoured is still Smash Hit. If your interested, please then read my reply in this discussion about the mobile game. Hopefully this post will help you
  15. What checkpoint have you reached up too? I managed to complete the game in a couple tries. It took a lot of practise and patience, though.
  16. I might consider completing some of the unplayed games on the steam list. I can't say for sure as I haven't decided yet. Although, I'll have to wait to see how much free time I have after my commitments are fulfilled
  17. Honestly, I don't know. I think PC's popularity will always be maintained despite consoles and androids and so on. I'm a PC fan boy myself.
  18. A very hard question to answer. I think he's going to be proud and surprised. It's hard to say, to be honest.
  19. I've got a suggestion for the Bid for Rewards section. Most of the Expired, old auctions have been recently locked. Why not create a sub forum in The Big for Rewards area where these topics can be moved into?
  20. Probably Grand Theft Auto Five was the most expensive piece of kit that I've ever paid for. At the time of the release, the game was £50.00. This was many years ago, though.
  21. I've never purchased any Merch and never will. I'm not that bothered about Gaming Merchandise as I just see this as another way of businesses generating profit. Most of the accessories are expensive in price anyway. Do cosmetics really matter?
  22. PC, mostly. Occasionally mobile. My circumstances will determine which of the two platform I'll choose to play.
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