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  1. This makes me wonder where technology will be 20 years from now. Will society still be using smart phones to primarily check the time? It just shows you how much tech has evolved over the past few decades.
  2. I'm yet to play chapter 2, season 3 but I plan on doing so very shortly. Seeing sharks in Fortnite is something I'm going to have keep wary about. Being eaten by a shark when you're near the Top 10 or close to winning, will not only be frustrating but it may seem embarrassing too. It seems an interesting concept for Epic to introduce enemies and NPC's into the game.
  3. Thank you for confirming this information. I have located the game on Steam and I'm looking into buying this title. I'll do my research first by, reading reviews and then watching some gameplay of the game to see whether I like the look of Saints Row.
  4. I have to many other commitments to attend to. Even if I could, I wouldn't as I feel binge gaming would have a negative impact on my health unless regular breaks were taken throughout the session. Gaming for 24 hours straight is nothing to be proud of, sleep deprivation can lead to serious health issues.
  5. I'll always remember this embarrassing story. My first video game memory was playing Minecraft when I was around 10 years of age. I remember constructing my first house which was made out of Dirt, and having no resources when the night came. As soon as I heard a Zombie outside, I became frightened and scared the living daylights out of me.
  6. Everyone has their own tastes or preferences and unfortunately, you can't please everybody. Generally, when I'm looking to purchase a video game that I'm interested in, I'll read various reliable written and visual reviews across the internet and make my own mind up based on the information. You are right, it's definitely not about the score. Gamers opinions are more important. If there's a trial or demo version, there's no harm in trying it before buying the title. This is far better than your decision being influenced solely on reviews.
  7. Never heard of Saints Row 3 remastered up until reading your post. What's the concept? Tell me your thoughts on the title, would you recommend this amusement to me? I have PC, is the video game available to purchase and download on this platform?
  8. I wouldn't say I'm insanely good at any video games. You'll always happen to find one player's abilities that is better than your own. It's all about practising your skills and having fun at the same time. I would pick Grand Theft Auto Five on a console platform because ever since this title was released, was the day I started playing and skill-set has progressed so far since then.
  9. During the most recent lockdown due to COVID-19, socialising with others has come to a complete stand still. Especially during these times, I find escaping through video games the best technique for forgetting about real life problems, stresses, and worries. However, escapism isn't by any means a reliable, long-lasting replacement for human interaction and real places around the world. Indeed, time does go a lot quicker when I'm having fun, playing computer games.
  10. Retro video games are like my favourite old movies. You watched them a hundred times, you know each scene of by heart, and still enjoy watching them. Yes, in answer to your bonus question, I think it's important that we go back and check out some of the old masterpieces to remind us how far technology has come to this very day.
  11. I believe noise cancelling headphones are all I need along with a separate space in the house, where I'm by myself. The disruptions may be simply avoided much of the time, but sometimes if you question me on this topic, they can become more complicated. Any gamer should try their best to "zone out" and if you want the best concentration, you should consider gaming by yourself, as sad as it seems.
  12. Tell the reader how you would like your screen brightness whilst gaming. The lower the brightness, the energy supply consumed obviously, is lower. My monitor light varies with the time of the day. I normally reduce the screen in the early hours and when I plan on staying up late, so my eyes can adapt to the changes of day light.
  13. Do you wear a watch? Whether yours just tells the time or it's a smart watch, let us know. Do you think that a basic wrist watch that can purely and only read the time has now I become obsolete? Why or why not? As long as I can remember now, I use my smart phone to check the clock. It's the most convenient way for me.
  14. What would be your most ideal, favourite sandwich to purchase from the fast food outlook, subway? What salad would you have? Mine would be a tuna footlong on Heart italian with 12 cucumbers, 4 scoops of sweetcorn and enough lettuce to cover the bread. As for the sauce element, a mountain of may goes down well for me.
  15. It's 17:44 here, in the UK. I've been up since 6AM this morning, I arrived home from Fishing at 14:00. What video games have you been playing recently - anything that you could recommend to a fellow gamer?
  16. It's now May 31st, as you are aware. Am I too late to participate again? Is there any chance for a further extension or has this offer ended now? Kind regards.
  17. I can't believe I have posted 1,000 times on VGR Forums. I have achieved 1,000 forum post count on my profile, this shows how much I enjoy communicating with other gamers across the world. #OnMyWayTo10kPosts
  18. All of us at VGR practise and enjoy games either way, whether it's a Mac, smartphone or console gaming. Are you into to playing during the Night Period or during the Day Hours, and why? Have any obligations such as work, studying, and household duties influenced your decision in any case?
  19. Cheers for the heads-up, I just picked it up from the Epic store upon reading your reply. I can confirm this offer that Epic Games are advertising, expires on June 4, 2020.
  20. Good evening from England. Today, was my day of work and I decided to go Fishing to unwind, down at our local seafront in the South. My only catch was a wrasse throughout the 4 hours I spent on the beach today. The weather in Dorset today was 24 degrees celsius and unfortunately, I forgot to put suncream on and as a result, became sunburnt on my legs, arms and neck! How is everyone doing tonight?
  21. As the title says, What related gaming activities do you do when your not playing? As someone who really likes to interactive with others, I enjoy posting on popular gaming forums and social media platforms in relation to gaming. I've been reading PC Gamer too and I'll go over to IGN from time to time for some non-PC game coverage and ratings. Occasionally, I'll watch gameplay on sites like YouTube and twitch, there are some great content creators out there.
  22. What's your most awaited upcoming game that your excited for this year? Why are you looking forward to it? Have you watched any trailers yet, if so, what are your first thoughts on the title? If your choice is a "new generation video game", please tell me the developments that you are anticipating to see?
  23. I don't have any problems as long as they come up with fresh storylines and exciting games. I'm sick of poor imitation of the same tale with a tweak of visuals. There's desire for a fresh plot - this is the only way gamers like me, will stay interested in the gamer.
  24. Alexander.


    Who here uses a music service known as "spotify" to consumers? Which subscription do you use, free, premium, or family? Do you feel your getting value for money? Quite recently, I signed up for the premium for for £9.99 PCM, the first month is free, as a trial period.
  25. Just before I start writing this post, I would like to clarify I'm no expert in the field of Photoshop however I know some of the basics. YouTube is your best friend, you can teach yourself almost anything from visually watching tutorials online, these days. When I first starting tutoring myself, this is the first video that really helped me learn some essential skills you need. Hope this helps you.
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