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  1. I'm sure that I have choose to visit all of the towns, districts and areas in Skyrim to make an informed decision. My favourite is the path from Riverwood to Whiterun. In my opinion, you can see the valley below and it's the most beautiful area you'll ever experience in any video game. 

  2. Grand Theft Auto 6 is the main one I'm interested in and looking forward too.   When they are released, I'll do some further research to see if any of the ten video games you've listed are worth buying. I'll do by watching some trailers, inclusive gameplay and reading reviews of the games you've chosen to list. Besides this list by @Alyxx, what video games is everyone looking forward too in 2019?

  3. We may already be living in an optical illusion, but that's a discussion for another time. As weird as it sounds, I would love to live in GTA 5(Also known as Grand Theft Auto Five). Why? It's a mirror of the reality we live in so it wouldn''t be much different to the world we live. If I was to live in GTA, I'd love to be an billionaire and be one of the country's leaders. 

  4. As embrassing as it might sound, when I first tried the Minecraft Demo before my teens (11-12 years) I built a dirt house. Then, a zombie approached and I jumped out my skin, I was so scared. So yeah, this childhood-gaming memory has to be one of the funniest moments aswell as being memorable.

  5. Yes, I know how to build a PC however I like buying them from a store. I've never had a problem with any of my systems. This brings us onto the arguement of building or buying a person computer. Reasons behind my preference:


    • Warranty and support
    • Cheaper than building
    • The PARTS will work as they have been tested

  6. The Grand Theft Auto V for my Xbox 360. I purchased the video game in 2014 (a year after it was released). Unfortunately, GTA 5 was still really expensive priced at £50.00, defintely don't regret the decision. Rockstar created one of the best 3D Graphics for the game, probably the best version of Grand Theft Auto they have ever made.

  7. Sounds to good to be true, you get nothing for free in this world as much as I would love to be payed for what I enjoy most. I know friends who have turned there hobby into a career. They set up a YouTube channel and overtime, it had enough followers for them to live passively off ad revenue and donations. 

  8. I agree with @DylanC  too. Generally speaking, sex is a natural part of human nature and aslong as the sexual part of the video games goes with the storyline, there's nothing wrong with it. At the end of the day, it's not another "real" human being so harm should come to anyone. It's a virtual world which no one exists in. 

  9. I'm guessing the new gen console for Sony would be the Playstation 5. I doubt it will be released in 2020 as I'm more thinking 2023 (10 years from the initial released of the PS4). I'd like the company to introduce the following below.

    • Cross-platform
    • Backwards compatbility
    • VR focus (more virtual reality games)
    • Better video games and a bigger selection to choose from.

  10. I'm far behind. I've still got an Nintendo 2DS somewhere along with some other old consoles. Generally speaking, I'll wait 6-12 months before buying a new release as I want time to research the game, read reviews and allow the price to go down. I'm behind on the video games but not on my platform, I've just purchased a brand new Acer Gaming PC. 

  11. Yes, fornite. I was playing a normal match on Fortnite a few weeks ago, when something suprised me. I jumped of a cliff (expecting my glider to re-deploy) however it didn't. Epic Games removed this feature as part of the new season update so I was left to fall and die to my death with some of the greatest weapons I've ever collected. 

  12. Mario Kart. The frantic chase towards the finish line and the immediate threat of weapons keeps every second exciting and packed with unforeseen events. I enjoyed playing this video game as a kid and have some great memories, this is defintely a game I prefer to the other video games you have listed. 

  13. I never purchase anything on Black Friday, why? I'd rather spend or save my money elsewhere. No matter the time of year, there will always be deals and offers so save up and look for the best offer to purchase.

    • It's dangerous and you risk being stood on by a human stampede. 
    • It encourages over-spending of your monthly budget
    • It's a money-making scam. Companys use this as a way to get rid of old stock and still make a small profit margin. 

  14. Most of the time, I too have Twitch TV on in the background with headphones plugged in when I'm forum posting. I can't decide my favourite, but I can defintely say he's one of my favourite streamers.  He's more entertaining than skilled in the games he played but he holds some interesting conversations with chat which is what I'm into.  Ninja mostly streams Fornite with lots of fun giveaways and, but that's what I'm into so I enjoy being one of his fellow followers. 

  15. I've only recently started playing GTA V again on a friends console. My favourite game mode is Multi-Player and my favourite game type is Team Deathmatch where two teams have to battle to be the last standing(.ie, tanks vs jets, parkour etc). Multi-player over single-player for me as it improves social interaction and you get to interactive with real people instead of robots. 

  16. Yes, it is frustrating. Auto-saving can be a pain in the backside because the frequency of saves is left up to the developers of the game. Personally, I prefer manual saving as you have control over the time you spend playing the video game.  Many of the new games only have the option to auto-save which is something I don't like doing. 

  17. I have been playing PC games for the past 10 years now. I have so many favourites, it's hard to pick just one. Here is why I have chosen Fortnite as of 2018 December:

    1. It's free, Its addictive, and the 3D graphics are exceptional. 
    2. Play with friends.
    3. Various cosmetics to choose from
    4. Ability to build
    5. A good range of weapons to select. 
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