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  1. Computer all the way. A larger variety of video games are available on the PC market. If your like me, constantly on the move, a laptop comes in handy for portable gaming.
  2. No, I haven't. I'm waiting until I get paid for the start of May to ensure I have enough money to pay for some new gaming equipment. What about you? Have you played any new video games? If you have, would you be inclined to recommend them to me? I'm too looking for suggestions.
  3. Yes. I would say I'm a bargain hunter and have roughly done couponing for at least 3 years now. I'd estimate that I've saved at least 1,000 pounds since I've started. I'm from the UK. I look out for deals and offers, loyalty programs, freebie vouchers in magazines, samples and more!
  4. In the December month, I like to wait until the third Sunday of Advent before I start decorating the tree and house with decorations. Oh the twelth night, January 5th is when I will take them down. That's my tradition. Although, yes I do agree with your statement to some extent.
  5. Why? What do you enjoy most? What's the concept of the video game?
  6. 30 hours?!?! That's more than enough time. I'm going to ask a few questions if you don't mind. 1. Do you remember how fast your WiFi connection was when you were downloading? 2. What was the file size just out of curiosity?
  7. Why didn't I ever think of that? A great idea. May I know who the best retailer is to purchase a canned air spray? Would you recommend Amazon? Thank you.
  8. I would recommend Last Pass if your still looking for one. It's free and extremely secure. Hope my suggestion helps you!
  9. Good point. How else would you remove or reduce Dust from the ventilation though? Do you whether static energy can stil be generated if the power supply is turned off?
  10. I liked how you talked very professionally about the topic above. Subbed to your channel and I'll be sure to tune in to future podcasts. I have to say this is a great addition to VGR!
  11. No. I don't see it as a red flag. It's nothing to be worried about as some employers are keen and effective at their job.
  12. According to the United States Annual report from Mint 2014, a penny's current cost is 1.7 cents per coin. With almost 8 billion pennies minted in 2014, the U.S. spent nearly 132 million dollars producing less than 50 million dollars of circulating currency. In answer to your question, yes the country would benefit from eliminating the penny.
  13. Months have passed since you said that. How much have you lost and what's your ultimate weight loss goal? Hopefully it's going well for you!
  14. I can't what so ever. Love watching people who can Dance professionally and I'm wishing I could. In fact, the only way I could achieve this is practice, practice and more practice. A lot of hard work has to be done!
  15. Would you be able to complete the test again on 10FastFingers? How many words are you able to type per minute? Self learning is a good way to enhance your Typing Skills, too.
  16. My favourite meal of the day is Dinner. I never get a chance to sit down for a proper meal as my day will always will be busy. You can be as creative or as lazy as you like when it comes to cooking in the evening.
  17. Did you stand up for your friends or go inform a professional to bring justice? Is your buddy okay? I've never really understood why bullies bully. Very strange behaviour.
  18. Yes, unfortunately I was. Verbally and physically by the same kids all through high school. I kept informing the teacher and the tutors didn't believe me. I had to secretly film them when they were harassing me for evidence. It ruined my school years and I ended up with depression / anxiety as a result.
  19. I agree. Mine consists of me, my sister and my mum/ dad. Our family is very small in comparison to some of the other people who have posted here.
  20. Tough question to ask. In five years from today, I'd like to see myself working where I am now in Retail. I want to progress my career in the company and work my way up to become a supervisor or manager.
  21. I believe the whole country knows who the PM is now as a result of her negotiations with the EU. Brexit is a debate for another time however I doubt Theresa May will get voted in again. Time will tell!
  22. Is Live Streaming on YouTube or Twitch something you would consider? Why not or why? If so, which platform would you pick?
  23. Neither 🤣 The likelihood of this happening IRL is slim. Although, I would choose to keep my voice. I'm a really chatty person and wouldn't want to lose my voice. Listening could be a problem though so I'd have to find a different way to listen.
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